Honest Abe
Honest Abe
Honest Abe. Member reactions:
I love how you gave Picasso a today interpretation.

Funny Honest Abe Tells All.

Honest Abe Tells All.

Funny Honest Bill for Congress

Honest Bill for Congress

Funny `The most honest CHANNEL`

`The most honest CHANNEL`
Hollande, Tsipras, Mogherini et al: European lefties sit down for cozy chit-chat at Elysee

Funny Honest Abe Lincoln Car Dealer

Honest Abe Lincoln Car Dealer
Member reactions:
Nice. Looks like the sign is in front of his hair. You could fix that. And maybe sharpen the mask around his hair. Otherwise fab.

Funny Honest Bob McDonald

Honest Bob McDonald
Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell Convicted On 11 Counts Of Corruption
Member reactions:
He's such a loser that he's wearing a shirt with loser misspelled.
Just like Blagojevich - he went from hero to zero in no time

Funny McDonald's Honest Job Advert

McDonald's Honest Job Advert
Member reactions:
Good one, but need to correct "holydays" for holidays, and change a colon for a full stop in ".com"
In Reality McDonald's pays twice as much as Wal-mart.

Funny An Honest Pepperoni Pizza

An Honest Pepperoni Pizza
Sorry but pepperonis are a lot extra.
Member reactions:
I thought this would win. It is so basic, perfect . Oh well not the first or last time I called it wrong.

Funny Budweiser Honest Advert

Budweiser Honest Advert
Member reactions:
, a feast of color and activity. Well done

Funny Honest Xbox Surveillance Ad

Honest Xbox Surveillance Ad
Member reactions:
Super clean industrial style.. Really snaps too. congrats.

Funny Honest Job Ads

Honest Job Ads
The Labor Day weekend is just three days away. Even though some of us will be working on Labor Day, we should still be thankful for our jobs. Labor Day is meant to honor labor and jobs of American people who work hard and contribute to well-being and prosperity of the nation. Sadly, average standard annual leave in the US is just 12 days which is one of the lowest in the world. In most European countries annual leave is more than twice as long (e.g. 33 days in Sweden, 32 days in the Netherlands, 29 days in Germany). In this contest you are asked to create a satirical "honest" advertisement for any job in the world (good, bad, or absolutely worst). Advertisement can be in any printed format - newspaper, magazine, billboard, or even a printed sheet of paper glued to a street pole. The job advertisement can include what normal job adverts include - job title, description, hours, pay, benefits, requirements, and contact information. Advertised job positions can be real, or made up, but your advert has to include a satire in it, and should be more than just a text advert. Please note that you may need to pause any ad-blockers in order to view all entries in this contest (because most ad blockers will block any images which have variations of the word "advertisement" in their titles). Many thanks to lucianomorelli for the themepost.

Funny Honest Ads

Honest Ads
Tomorrow is Black Friday, and online and offline retailers will bombard us with "deal" ads, while manufacturers will make their best pitches why their brand is special and beats other brands. Let's stop and think for a second, what if some ads were honest for a change? Photoshop "honest ads" for any brand or product, as in the examples above. Please note that if you have any ad-blocking plugins in your browser, some or all entry images in this contest may not be visible to you, simply because the entry titles will likely contain the word "advertisement" which will make the ad blocking plugin think that such images are ads and thus block them. To rectify this, either temporarily disable the plugin, or use some other browser without this plugin installed.

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