Do you need a coffee, hon?
Do you need a coffee, hon?
Do you need a coffee, hon?. Member reactions:
Clever chop, and well done hidden The word "hun" in the title would be "hon", if in fact you mean it as an abbreviation for honey Hon, a term of endearment, a contraction of the word 'honey'
Thank you Qtrmoonshop, edited. Very glad you like it
Nice caricatured and well finished job done, good to see Clinton asking for her honey. The Coffee
Very very nice, big boy here with THE LADY
Great work Sunshin3, Mistress of Photoshop. Congratulations on gold
Congratulations. I have been using tghis pic for my screensaver since I, first, spotted it. Great work.
Woo-Hoo. Gold congrats, Lady Sunshin3. Welcome back.
, I am very honored to be on the first place. Thank you very much Newsy, Ericnorthennd, Salis,Pegleg, Awesome69, Azuresky, Dnunciate, Geriatric use it with pleasure , Pcr.

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