Homeless Mrs. Jim Comey
Homeless Mrs. Jim Comey
Homeless Mrs. Jim Comey.

Funny Matt Lauer Homeless

Matt Lauer Homeless
Matt Lauer Homeless Hits rock bottom.

Funny Homeless John Conyers

Homeless John Conyers

Funny Bill Gates Homeless

Bill Gates Homeless
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We're all just one "Blue Screen" away homelessness.

Funny Latest Styles for homeless and broke

Latest Styles for homeless and broke

Funny Homeless


Funny Homeless Barack Obama

Homeless Barack Obama

Funny Homeless Mark Zuckerberg

Homeless Mark Zuckerberg
I use this references in my work .. http://i.imgur.com/wF08c5b.jpg
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Awesome work - this is probably what happens after he donates almost all of his wealth to charity. I would correct English on his sign though: "Please donate a share" sounds better
NewsMaster .. Yeah but if the news in buzzfeed is right, he won't need any donate, who knows. and thanks for the correction ..Can I edit entry now or what. This is the correction http://i.imgur.com/6W22W4E.jpg
Congrats on the silver, mrassad. I will load the edited version for you by tomorrow. You can edit before the voting ends any time too.
hobbit90 : Thank you for the nice comment
NewsMaster : thanks NewsMaster

Funny Homeless Rahm Emanuel in Chicago's Trash

Homeless Rahm Emanuel in Chicago's Trash
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I think mouse doesn't like the invasion of its reign.

Funny Homeless Ben Bernanke

Homeless Ben Bernanke

Funny Homeless Celebrities

Homeless Celebrities
With busy Christmas shopping quickly approaching, let us stop for a second and imagine what if some of the filthy-rich celebs would lose their fame and money, and ended up on the streets? Bankruptcy is not an uncommon guest among big spenders. Remember MC-Hammer, the highest paid hip-hop artist at the time? He used to cell phones to make ends meet, after he filed for bankruptcy in 1996. Turn any celebrities into homeless people living on the streets. Many thanks to turko for the themepost.

Funny Mail for Homeless

Mail for Homeless
What mail or packages would a bum, homeless person be expecting? What would the US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, Fedex and other delivery companies try to bring to a bum living on a street.

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