Home Alone Again
Home Alone Again
Home Alone Again. Member reactions:
Great except for the text work which isn't up to the rest of the image for me. But otherwise great.
Another sad Xmas.
Top 5 congrats. I thought it might be a winner but this contest had a lot of surprises.
Congrats on top 5, Marian. Excellent job, but why it looks like summer outside (the green tree without snow)

Funny A Quiet eve at home

A Quiet eve at home
Its not much, but its dry, quiet, and cozy and his/hers
Member reactions:
I like it,rich colors,but the doggie needs to be bigger,considering its a Bullmastiff 🐩
thanks andwhat, I made the pup bigger. Gummy your right I think of it as spooky-cute-cuddly-warm.
Nice edit hidden,pup looks good 👍
much better bigger, now you can see those sleepy eyes.
I thought this would have done a lot better.

Funny Husband came back home earlier

Husband came back home earlier
Member reactions:
Whom is she really doing...him or the dog...
Nice though some shadows are needed on the snow from the man, dog and the bottle

Funny Down Home Texas Birthday

Down Home Texas Birthday
Happy 45th Matt.
Member reactions:
Classic old country house. Blue lights look a bit strange here.
An Oscar with the frames photos on the fireplace is a great touch. His face is done cleanly too, though he lost some resemblance in the process
Top 5 UC. Some hard competition in this one and you are right in the mix.

Funny Come back home with us grandpa !

Come back home with us grandpa !

Funny CDC Finally Cleans Ebola Home

CDC Finally Cleans Ebola Home
Ebola Clean up
Member reactions:
You should let us know who wore it . For our safety.
Rosie Macdonald TY Luciano, NM, eric, balodiya, elegary
Nicely done. Has the "ooh yuck" factor going for it.

Funny Black widow suddenly was back home earlier!

Black widow suddenly was back home earlier!
Member reactions:
I can see effort with lots of layers and work, good work all together
Not a painting, just a mirror on real life.
Me likey, though the masking on the left guy's head is quite rouigh
Fine chop and congrats on the wood. Who are the no-neck guys.
Congrats on the Wood, Wanderer, Hilarious Issue.

Funny Bill is furnishing home

Bill is furnishing home
Member reactions:
Bill is in big trouble when Hillary sees this.

Funny Jabba Is Not Home

Jabba Is Not Home

Funny Bo, bring me back home !

Bo, bring me back home !

Funny Home-Made Spaceships

Home-Made Spaceships
With the number of private organizations trying to design home-made spaceship, let us add satire to this by showing what these home-made spacecrafts may look like (e.g. rocket made out of cheese with astronaut mouse, etc.) Designing a goofy name for this spaceship is encouraged.

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