Russian superman in Chinese nursing home care
Russian superman in Chinese nursing home care
Russian superman in Chinese nursing home care. Putin in Chinese nursing home care. It is end of his East way destination. No free Botox injection in People's Republic of China for retired people. He doesn't sleep with rhythmic gymnasts and he can't kiss to belly boys anymore. Without that his life black and white.
Member reactions:
The slight color of eyes and lips is perfect. Silver Congrats, Wanderer.
He has a haunted look on his face..great job wanderer
Nice Work. Putin looks so harmless here. As though he wouldn't hurt a fly. Congrats on winning the Silver, Andrew.


Member reactions:
Great choice of subject and execution..he is lovely
Thanks fugit bit rushed to meet the deadline.

Funny Edgar Degas `Unexpectedly return home earlier`

Edgar Degas `Unexpectedly return home earlier`
Classic situation "Suddenly husband was back home earlier".
Member reactions:
Clever idea but the pasted parts need some blending and there is a line (artifact) running down the middle of your image.

Funny Finally Home!

Finally Home!
Member reactions:
Another whopper. Great photographic effects
A unique and wonderful snail abode. Great choice of background as well.

Funny Mama Waters Home School Maxine

Mama Waters Home School Maxine
Yep, that's little Maxine, she learned her lessons well.
Member reactions:
Hilarious and so true. Hair clips are awesome. Congrats on the cup Hobbit.
I thought this might Win. Great Job, Hobbit. Congrats on the Wood.

Funny Bunny's New Home

Bunny's New Home

Funny Van Gogh at home

Van Gogh at home
Member reactions:
At least he's not sleeping with Nancy Pelosi
This is an amazing composite superbly done. Especially van Gogh and friend as real and surrounded by everything decorated in Van Gogh.. Ear a nice touch.. Congrats on the Bronze, MrAssad.
Congratulation mrassad,this composition I really LIKE ...

Funny Welcome Home

Welcome Home
Member reactions:
Nice composition. Can you comment on the message/meaning.
Thank you. Just an Apocalyptic/Fantasy mashup.
Like this alot. Super clean, striking image, Matthew. The red really pops.

Funny Flying Home

Flying Home
Bringing home the bacon.
Member reactions:
He must be scared. His eyes are closed. Ye tones and contrast work'n well here matey.
Congrats, Love the face on the Pig, good pic...

Funny It's Time, Come Home Dems

It's Time, Come Home Dems
Alien Source
Member reactions:
Lol, Hilarious, if only that easy to clean the House. That's one wicked source for the alien, Love it.

Funny Home-Made Spaceships

Home-Made Spaceships
With the number of private organizations trying to design home-made spaceship, let us add satire to this by showing what these home-made spacecrafts may look like (e.g. rocket made out of cheese with astronaut mouse, etc.) Designing a goofy name for this spaceship is encouraged.

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