Holy Cow, wasn't there yesterday
Holy Cow, wasn't there yesterday
Holy Cow, wasn't there yesterday. Member reactions:
Lol got the cows attention. Very nice chop, HH.

Funny Holy terror

Holy terror

Funny Holy MaryJane

Holy MaryJane
Happy 420 peeps
Member reactions:
L.M.A.O. Willie. Luv It. moo...
Lil Hummer getting blazed too. Great scenery.
Congrats on top 5, Andwhat. Great job done.
Almost a cup Top 5 kudos on a great looking chop.

Funny Holy Trinity Pope Mandela and Snowden Time Persons of the Year

Holy Trinity Pope Mandela and Snowden Time Persons of the Year
Member reactions:
Nelson is the only choice i have to put him as Person of the Year

Funny Holy Indian Pilgrim

Holy Indian Pilgrim
Member reactions:
I was thinling of doing a religious theme chop and then had a brain fart and zoned it out. Nicely done Ariel

Funny Holy Rugby Player

Holy Rugby Player
Member reactions:
good effects used in the medieval art work good job done

Funny Harrison Ford Finds The Holy Grail

Harrison Ford Finds The Holy Grail
He finally found it
Member reactions:
this is cool ad nice view to see him in holding bottle nice title and background used...
Great work on the Grail Ale branding and the concept of advertising a product.
Clean work nice background and good bottle work

Funny Holy Wool Hollywood Sign

Holy Wool Hollywood Sign
Member reactions:
Ha, very good. My son (an I must admit: me too) loves Shawn the sheep. The sign looks great, nice play with words. Missing a shadow of the "Y" on the ground...
But it's not the themepost... or is the sign part of it and went into your work.
Thanks Tom. Ewe are right, Fixed shadow best I could in two shakes of a lambs tail. As for the theme, well i did throw the D in the bushes, but not to RAM the point home, I did use only the letters in the sign, any way enough Bleating. Thanks again.
love it too..Shawn the Sheep get a laugh out of me of a morning..well done mate..
LoL. Nice to see hidden author isn't sheepish about having a bit of fun, in both the chop and comments...
HeHe. Black Sheep of the Family, I Am.
Congrats on the bronze crusader, great concept.

Funny Mr Bean's Holy Day

Mr Bean's Holy Day
I see there already is someone with the same idea. Apparently we were both thinking of the same thing at the same time.
Member reactions:
Congrats Jeremix Bean is always instant classic
This is just brilliant. The whole thing tells a story that hangs together. This would make a great slapstick movie--but then again, the director would prolly get killed by terrorists at the gala opening.
LoooLss Contgats on the Gold Yo . this is jokess
What Doxie said. 'grats, man. Glad to have you back.

Funny Indian Holy Man Searches Moon Site

Indian Holy Man Searches Moon Site
Member reactions:
Another reason why the Onion is the best news source there is
jhonx , that was great work , keep going friend

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