London Holocaust Painting
London Holocaust Painting
London Holocaust Painting.

Funny Zombie Holocaust On the Beach

Zombie Holocaust On the Beach
Member reactions:
Great edit.. very fallout feeling.
Thanks jman. I totally changed the look of the thing, cloud and all. Cheers for the feedback.
I see your thinking for changing this with the skull face but personally I don't think it makes it better. Plus there seems to be a bit of another face or something to the right of the skull (other side of the smoke) It may be part of the skull but it looks like it is behind and not part of the face... I thought your last image was much more in tone with your theme. Great image though..
I think you're right. I made the decision late on and now regret it. As for the other face. There is none. It's the same skull as used on the ground, only with part of the jaw cut away to see the background. Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry RKay. Didn't even realise this comp was over.. Was trying to critique. Well done though on a great image and a great 6th place in a comp with some cracking entries. Really loved the Fallout feel of this (as had been mentioned).. the helicopter in the water was a great touch...
Fantastic work, but I liked the previous version better.
The previous version was better. I have a bad habit of changing my mind for the worst. Thanks for the feedback. I'll try and resrain myself from over altering next time...well, I'll try to try.

Funny Turkey Holocaust at Thanksgiving

Turkey Holocaust at Thanksgiving
I personally LOVE tasty animals.

Funny Holocaust


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