Good Bye Hollywood
Good Bye Hollywood
Good Bye Hollywood. Member reactions:
Looks like HollyWood, after volcano.. And Beautifully Done..

Funny Sad Clown of Hollywood

Sad Clown of Hollywood

Funny Hollywood smile from Anne Hathaway

Hollywood smile from Anne Hathaway

Funny Hollywood Homeless Actors

Hollywood Homeless Actors

Funny Hollywood Eggheads

Hollywood Eggheads

Funny Fifty Cent Broke in Hollywood

Fifty Cent Broke in Hollywood

Funny Aliens Visit Hollywood

Aliens Visit Hollywood

Funny Hollywood Movie Directors Wearing Diapers

Hollywood Movie Directors Wearing Diapers
Member reactions:
Awesome collection of movie makers. What do rhino and pig mean .. The red car on the left is on a poster or in some way hanged .
Always funny and near the top, Congrads what new.
This director is the coolest of them all I like how you did them all in diapers
Hahahahaah captures the spirit of the contest. Very fun chop. Top 5...

Funny Angelina Jolie in Hollywood

Angelina Jolie in Hollywood

Funny Conchita Wurst in Hollywood

Conchita Wurst in Hollywood

Funny Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign
Photoshop this Hollywood sign image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing this Hollywood sign, putting the Hollywood sign into some new environment, using this Hollywood sign image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Mana Media and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Save Hollywood Sign

Save Hollywood Sign
One of the icons of California - the famous Hollywood sign - is in trouble: unless enough public and private donations are raised ($12.5 mln), the company that owns the land around the Hollywood sign will sell the land for building houses, and the iconic sign will be demolished. Photoshop Hollywood sign any way you wish - e.g. show how the sign can be installed elsewhere if the land is sold, how other signs can be installed in its place, put it in paintings and merchandise, etc. Here's a good example by katiekate.

Funny Hollywood Time Travel

Hollywood Time Travel
March 8 at 2am the USA and Canada sprung forward by an hour and stepped into Daylight Saving Time. The EU and Russia will begin Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 29. Although it's not exactly time travel, adjusting the clocks by an hour forward does have a direct effect on people - they lose an hour of sleep and feel grouchy all day. Photoshop time travel of Hollywood actors by putting the actors from the older movies into more recent movies, OR putting the actors from the recent movies into old movies. TV shows are acceptable too. Some examples are: making Steve McQueen act in "Harry Potter", or making Brad Pitt act in "Some Like it Hot", etc. Either movie stills or movie posters are acceptable.

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