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Funny Hollande Pictures

Socialist President Francois Hollande Funny Socialist President Francois Hollande
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Francois HollandeFunny Francois Hollande
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..... and the winner takes it all
I agree with you mate and live socialism. strength for the work force.
Politicians seem to, always, have their face in someone's crotch. Have to agree with your image & is humorous.
.. geriatric... Great work,,....i bet he stole that gf. )))
Is she making noise... might had something wrong in dinner
Its a perfect position to make an important decisions see how Nichols watching the entire scene
Love this salis congrats on the theme post.

Francois Hollande in pajamasFunny Francois Hollande in pajamas
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Francois Hollande in silk pajamas
Looks like an old classical art work displayed well done

Francois HollandeFunny Francois Hollande
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Awwww...someone bwoke his wittle bear...

Who is Francois Hollande?Funny Who is Francois Hollande? - Socialist challenger Francois Hollande beat Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of France's presidential election Sunday. As expected, Hollande and the wounded right-wing incumbent will now face off in the May 6 second-round. The first opinion poll after the first round said that Hollande would beat Sarkozy by 54 percent to 46 in the second round. Despite Sakrozy still hoping to turn the tide in this election, Francois Hollande will likely become the next French president. While Hollande is well known in France, he's relatively unknown to the rest of the world. In this contest, let's tell the world a bit more about Francois Hollande - e.g. show his little known hobbies, and show some little known facts from his past, what skeletons he may have in his closet, or what he may (or may not) do once he becomes the next French president.

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