Socialist President Francois Hollande
Socialist President Francois Hollande
Socialist President Francois Hollande . TAX

Funny Francois Hollande's Private Life

Francois Hollande's Private Life
..... and the winner takes it all. Member reactions:
I agree with you mate and live socialism. strength for the work force.
Politicians seem to, always, have their face in someone's crotch. Have to agree with your image & is humorous.
.. geriatric... Great work,,....i bet he stole that gf. )))
Is she making noise... might had something wrong in dinner
Its a perfect position to make an important decisions see how Nichols watching the entire scene
My fave
Love this salis … congrats on the theme post.

Funny Francois Hollande Shopping at Victoria's Secret

Francois Hollande Shopping at Victoria's Secret
. Member reactions:
Too funny......I eeeeee . Socialist red bra. will already entered the Masonic Lodge.
Tough day at the Mall-eh Franky. Hilarious.
This is too Hilarious, and very good work the ladies stuff placed over him old lady really needs a help
And pcrdds of course . Hahaha . Congrats Paul .
hi my friend, congrats for this funnnnnnnnnnny bronze i like much really
Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Grazie mille, Riccardo.
Congrats Doc...he should of bought pants. .
Ain't Photoshop great. You can put politicians in the most compromising situations. Nice work pcr.
congratulationsss.. pcrdds..
Thanks, Man of Rain...thanks, LunaC...thanks, Miss pree...thanks, G-Man.
Funny stuff Paul, great details as always … Bronze Congrats.

Funny Francois Hollande - Drag Queen President with Poodle

Francois Hollande - Drag Queen President with Poodle
. Member reactions:
Ooo-la-la...Carla Bruni has competition too, .
yes true,but without the Botox
Great work in every chop of this entry, like the poster on the wall
Excellent job done the dog is beautiful and what about the kiss .. is it of dog .. very well done
Tough contest...I was thinking top 4 for this one
Great chop, pree-ee … close, but have a cigar anyway

Funny Francois Hollande Commander-In-Chief

Francois Hollande Commander-In-Chief
May 2013, Francois Hollande and was just elected, and a few minutes Paraggi and was attacked by immigrants from various countries,Francois decides to wear his uniform national socialist, and go on the attack, two minutes later......Panic. And the yield............................................."The uniforms are always dangerous, especially when you wear in children, because it means that they are preparing for a war.Aphorism of Alcide De Gasperi"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and their purposes. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing order of things. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution of. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains: they have a world to win. Workers of all countries, unite.Aphorism by Karl Marx. Member reactions:
Great chop, but please remove the skull & the crossbones, as it's still a Nazi symbol
Thanks Newsy. "so sorry", I had not noticed, I deleted everything .... ... I had not noticed the skull, now replaced it with the star.sorry again.and thank you very much. to mean a lot, she likes it.
German iron cross and Gestapo white lapel feathers isn't Russian either.Soviet uniform:
una bellissima caricatura... ed è molto difficile caricaturare un personaggio che ancora non si conosce bene, credo che tu abbia capito benissimo il carattere di questo uomo politico.... un'altro fascista arrivista... un'altro piccolo uomo che crede di essere un dio... ma di solito tutti cadono dall'alto e sovente si fanno molto male.un lavoro magnifico, non so più che complimenti usare, ogni lavoro è meglio del precedente questo è il mio complimento mandrake. ciaooooo..................................a wonderful caricature ... and it is very difficult to caricature a character that still do not know well, i think you understand very well the character of this politician .... fascist another careerist ... another little man who thinks he's a god ... but usually all fall down and often get very sick. a great job, i no longer use that compliments, every job is better than the previous mandrake this is my compliment. ciaooooo
Thank you very much friend richard. very glad you like it.bro. I hope that my message is understood, and was very complex and realizare realized this work, it is clearly my "black humor"but it's true. many of the relatives, grandparents, uncles, have lost their lives, for what.the color of a uniform. skin color. the color of the god of personally fought for the gold something wrong, and today is a special day as mentioned, the "liberation" often in the cemetery ........My uncle found in Russia a year late, my grandmother, a grandmother, a concentration camp,and other relatives ...... I can admit that not all "luck" had deaths in the war, but deep in my soul I know. for sure that my language is a simple and common to all.--------------------------------------------------------------AZ Master, I removed any reference. I left or to something else.I ask for you not familiar with all the military uniforms ..... ..
RICKYTREK1 Exactly bro. I read about him, and reminds me, "Benito Mussolini"That and remembered as a great statesman. But I remember it differently, my parents died in that horrible war.For this I made a mixture of uniforms, new, and I thought of the night of the long knives,And the National Socialist Party, founded by the mad villain, so many thanks for having understood my message.
WTF is this shi11.what's this got to do with François Hollande.
Thanks very general. Simple uniforms are all the same. or you shoot a Communist or a Nazi, and we shoot the same thing, muriamo.we are mere pawns of the capitalist world, and believe manovrarci, but fortunately, we take questions between us, and things change, the people controlling the government obeys, the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.
This today over what it means fascist dictatorship on the web. but this is good because I know how to relate.
and many thanks for the first vote, 3 I'm wrong.but no problem "I retire" and then everyone voted down. celebrate.
GeneralPepper,,I think hidden is running for political office )
You're perhaps correct, Preeniememe. The "speech" is incomprehenible, which is typically a political cant.I wonder what FN jurors are waiting for to pull this entry... nazi uniform (recognizable even without insignias) and explicit nazi reference in the creator's comments.They're usually quick on the draw when it comes to a showing nipple
Prejudice pree I try not vote because i do not think any more voice to Present Them,Generally, there are many jobs here at fn, Nazi uniforms, or coats, for exampleassad of salis, has a Nazi uniform ..........
However, I repeat. do not worry about this and the last work I presented.sorry if I went disorder.
I forgot if anyone wants to follow my work knows where to find me, thanks and goodbye
Excellent work done smoky background with a Eiffel tower and war planes hovering around its really a master's job, well executed with a nice caricatured head looks terrific love this chop....
Rajeshstar. thank you very much my friend. as usual I love your criticism. increasingly detailed look at my work, and with his always the sense of my message, and this is an honor for me.belonging because being a good critic, you're a true friend. thank you.....
...Balodiya sincerely thank you very much my friend.Many are glad you like my work. and that you understood my message..... ☮
Thank you very much Mr. Paul.Many thanks to the fantastic artist BOULPIX.I am happy with his position.I say thanks to those who supported this "voice" that gives me the strength to live, and continue to communicate with my art, you have clearly not given weight to a suit ..... any party is .......... I obviously eliminated integers symbols ..... compared because the "rules" but for someone, nothing has changed,I'm glad though, because the freedom and "this" if you feel a vote ..... go ahead ...... if it is your freedom.Best regards, and see .....
a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat wood my little brother, deserve much more, dont cry... the greats are greats... and the greats win ever.....
Many thanks bro. Count I agree.and remembering that, if freedom means anything, then it means the right to tell people things they do not want to hear."George Orwell"
Congrats PSMandrake...The lesson for today is to look up the differences between socialism and communism Then see how Marxism turned into Marxist-Leninism which became Stalinism.
congrats Mandrake ,,, even if i have no idea what your saying,,,
Thanks a lot teacher AZ. I am very happy he That Understood my message, I care a lot. You are among my favorite artists, often look at your work, and I can not deny That more than ounces and I was inspired by Them, Such asMuammar Gaddafi caricature of work, I still have the video tutorialImpressive and wonderful concept. I am honored to talk with you ............................ When I Received your comment, after five minutes I had a panic attack ihihihhi unfortunately my disease Also Involves Those .................So I sincerely apologize.Unfortunately for me and was important to explain, because i think every day, 'which will be the last of my life, and who will die ....... but I was living my .......................... disease never leaves me ....... and the most absurd thing That doctors do not Understand what kind of disease is so please ............ They can not even determinates and where I live ......... sorry for the outburst, but you are my only friends, I have only my wife .... has no friends outside ....... and I can not even get raised easily out in the outside world except That It Is Accompanied ......... ........ I just know That everything starts with meningitis One That Caused me in a coma for a month as a child ...... and since then ......... and was a miracle, Because I'm still alive ..........Yours sincerely M.Garofalo.
pree thank you very much. and how to master AZR said.
Congrats on the wood PSM … beautiful tones.
I agree with GeneralPepper, The self-pity is getting really old.
dd . thanks friend after many months That I did not speak, the first thing I say and ....... six great. Exactly. I pity laughs alternative to hypocrisy. I love you.

Funny Francois Hollande & Famous French Things

Francois Hollande & Famous French Things
Francois is running for all that is France. How many distinctly french things can you spot in this picture.Here's a list:1. Francois Hollande2. French Flag painted on his face3. French beret4. Fleur de Lis on beret5. French Horn6. Michelin Man Body7. French Wine in hand8. The Eiffel Tower9. The Arc de Triomphe10. The Concorde SST Airplane11. Surrender Flag Sterotype12. Crepes/French Toast Stand13. Citroen automobile14. French perfume15. Escargot (Snails delicacy)16. French poodle (pink, of course)17. The Tour de France Bicycle Race18. French Bread-baguettes19. French Cheeses20. Pommes Frites aka French fries21. Statue of Liberty-Gift from France to USA22. Cobblestone streets23. Legendary disdain for the British--Union Jack on sole of boot. Member reactions:
What no kitchen sink. That's a lot of chopping
"Back up the truck, Mac. We got more Frog-junk for Frenchy chop." Just kidding... a busy compilation for sure;good luck.
List doesn't matter, things matter and you have done both, Cheers..Every chop is unique and perfect at all. Love the way you put together, lots of effort. Good luck
Lot of work done in this chop, really appreciate to collect all the 23 items and put it together in one frame, like your chop hidden
Excellent Stuff The list seems to be very Big Great job done
Maybe I shouldn't have included the list.
Truly, a French feast for the eyes. Luv it.
Congrats LunaC . My favorite in this contest .
congrats for this fantastic gold cup lunac
Whoa...this musta made a last minute surge. It was in 2nd place last time I checked. Thanks for the votes and comments.
Great chop LunaC … lots of sources with lots of great details, Gold Congrats.

Funny Francois Hollande as Yoda

Francois Hollande as Yoda
* FRANCE WARS 2012_Darth Holla' "May The Force Be With Us.". Member reactions:
Fun chop.His ennemies are Nic Skykozy and Princess Carla.
really a hilarious image like the big ears gives a wicked witch look and the lazer guns and fiery storms all over good job
*...THK to ALL for ALL my dear friends...^v^

Funny Francois Hollande Riding a Donkey

Francois Hollande Riding a Donkey
. Member reactions:
France seems to have a great choice there..,much like the u.s.a...funny.
Radical leftist or right wing hard liner...middle ground seems to be non-existant, but jackasses and chimps are a plenty.
Sweet & simple: Love it. TOP marks HIDDEN.
This is hilarious.. interesting and so funny
ha ha ha very funny to see Nikolos in a Ape and excellent work on the face of Francois, his expression is really cool sitting reverse on the donkey too good
This is too awesome. Napoleons of today and yesterday
congrats for this fantastic silver, great silver
Great political commentary--beautifully rendered
I'm liking that ass backwards effect … Great chop AZR, Silver Congrats.

Funny Francois Hollande and Shakira

Francois Hollande and Shakira
Shakira is now officially French Approved.. Member reactions:
Good one, nice background and clean job done

Funny Pirate Francois Hollande

Pirate Francois Hollande
. Member reactions:
Nice title and great poster look and like the smile of Francois
This was one of the best ones. Well blended and I love the style. Nice work.

Funny Who is Francois Hollande?

Who is Francois Hollande?
Socialist challenger Francois Hollande beat Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of France's presidential election Sunday. As expected, Hollande and the wounded right-wing incumbent will now face off in the May 6 second-round. The first opinion poll after the first round said that Hollande would beat Sarkozy by 54 percent to 46 in the second round. Despite Sakrozy still hoping to turn the tide in this election, Francois Hollande will likely become the next French president. While Hollande is well known in France, he's relatively unknown to the rest of the world. In this contest, let's tell the world a bit more about Francois Hollande - e.g. show his little known hobbies, and show some little known facts from his past, what skeletons he may have in his closet, or what he may (or may not) do once he becomes the next French president.

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