Hollande: `Angela, we lost him! Sanctions were too strong`.
Hollande: `Angela, we lost him! Sanctions were too strong`.
Hollande: "Angela, we lost him! Sanctions were too strong".. Hollande: "Angela, we lost him, but Russian always has the same backup ready."
Member reactions:
What does this have to do with the news story.
Russia's economic squeeze keeps getting tighter and tighter.
Bronze congrats, Andrew. The backups are a nice touch

Funny Pregnant Francois Hollande

Pregnant Francois Hollande
Member reactions:
Looks authentic. Excellent poster blending. Congrats on top 5, Lu.

Funny Angela Merkel Calls Francois Hollande

Angela Merkel Calls Francois Hollande
Angela Merkel talking out of her ass again.
Member reactions:
This was my highest vote : 9 if i remenber well weird it has only 6,8, great one .

Funny Brave Hollande and Merkel meet Mr. Evil.

Brave Hollande and Merkel meet Mr. Evil.
Member reactions:
Looks original and his Bat wings are freaking brilliant
Love the look on Putin's face. Looks like Billy Idol's sneer.

Funny Selfie Merkel, Poroshenko, Hollande, Putin

Selfie Merkel, Poroshenko, Hollande, Putin
News Link
Member reactions:
Love it. Made the link clickable for you too
Pro job all the way.. Nicely done, Loth. I love the traditional style
Чудесен колаж, приятелю .

Funny Hollande Burlesque

Hollande Burlesque
Everyone has a secret
Member reactions:
Awesome, how did you done with eye mascara since there is glass too
Should be higher place. Excellent picture.
The head is fine if you take into account the perspective. I see too many heads that are too big.

Funny Socialist President Francois Hollande

Socialist President Francois Hollande

Funny Francois Hollande's Private Life

Francois Hollande's Private Life
..... and the winner takes it all
Member reactions:
Politicians seem to, always, have their face in someone's crotch. Have to agree with your image & is humorous.
.. geriatric... Great work,,....i bet he stole that gf. )))
Is she making noise... might had something wrong in dinner
Its a perfect position to make an important decisions see how Nichols watching the entire scene
My fave
Love this salis congrats on the theme post.

Funny Francois Hollande Shopping at Victoria's Secret

Francois Hollande Shopping at Victoria's Secret
Member reactions:
Tough day at the Mall-eh Franky. Hilarious.
This is too Hilarious, and very good work the ladies stuff placed over him old lady really needs a help
And pcrdds of course . Hahaha . Congrats Paul .
Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Grazie mille, Riccardo.
Congrats Doc...he should of bought pants. .
Ain't Photoshop great. You can put politicians in the most compromising situations. Nice work pcr.
congratulationsss.. pcrdds..
Thanks, Man of Rain...thanks, LunaC...thanks, Miss pree...thanks, G-Man.
Funny stuff Paul, great details as always Bronze Congrats.

Funny Francois Hollande - Drag Queen President with Poodle

Francois Hollande - Drag Queen President with Poodle
Member reactions:
Ooo-la-la...Carla Bruni has competition too, .
yes true,but without the Botox
Great work in every chop of this entry, like the poster on the wall
Excellent job done the dog is beautiful and what about the kiss .. is it of dog .. very well done
Tough contest...I was thinking top 4 for this one
Great chop, pree-ee close, but have a cigar anyway

Funny Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande
Past Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande met at the Chancellery in Berlin to discuss the Greek bailout, and held a press conference, as seen on today's stock photo. "The Greek bailout is needed by the end of May", Hollande said , "or Greece will have no other choice but to go into default." Photoshop this photo of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande any way you wish.

Funny Putin, Hollande, and Merkel

Putin, Hollande, and Merkel
Germany's Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande sat down with Russia's Vladimir Putin this Friday to try and craft a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis. Not only the situation over Ukraine is hurting Russia-West relationship, it also splits Europe from the US, since Europe is taking a soft stand while America is pressing for firmer actions against Russia to force Putin to stop supporting Ukrainian rebels and return Crimea to Ukraine. The result of the talks so far? Merkel and Hollande returned back Saturday empty-handed. We don't have decent photos from this meeting, so instead we ask you to photoshop this photo (any way you wish) taken in 2013, on G20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, when they were still on good terms, and the war in Ukraine was not yet in the cards. Image credit: Agence France-Presse.

Funny Who is Francois Hollande?

Who is Francois Hollande?
Socialist challenger Francois Hollande beat Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of France's presidential election Sunday. As expected, Hollande and the wounded right-wing incumbent will now face off in the May 6 second-round. The first opinion poll after the first round said that Hollande would beat Sarkozy by 54 percent to 46 in the second round. Despite Sakrozy still hoping to turn the tide in this election, Francois Hollande will likely become the next French president. While Hollande is well known in France, he's relatively unknown to the rest of the world. In this contest, let's tell the world a bit more about Francois Hollande - e.g. show his little known hobbies, and show some little known facts from his past, what skeletons he may have in his closet, or what he may (or may not) do once he becomes the next French president.

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