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Funny Holland Pictures

Willa HollandFunny Willa Holland
Member reactions:

She looks hot in Black dress... good bottleheaded girl
Looks like my first love... errrrr minus the big head Frame it. You smoked a 9 hour chop that lies misserably below you hahahahah. Honestly, you do beautiful work, man. Clean as it comes. Congrads
Bronze congrats, berdu. Looks photo-realistic.

New Holland (Van Gogh 2013)Funny New Holland (Van Gogh 2013)
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good one... the land rower atleast clean the land .. good include of modern object in his painting

Alien Windmiss Abduction in HollandFunny Alien Windmiss Abduction in Holland
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McDonalds by a Windmill in HollandFunny McDonalds by a Windmill in Holland
Member reactions:

Thanks, everybody. crusader...I think you're the only one who noticed that.
Hmmm...dramatic & different. Congratulations.
Congrats pcrdds. Another classic modernization.
Thanks, Miss pree. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, dd.
I think Monet would totally paint something similar nowadays. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Congrats Monsieur pcrdds . Regret not to have time to participate . Good job .
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Lady sunshin3.

Holland Tourism PosterFunny Holland Tourism Poster
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Nice , I did one of Holland too . We were thinking on the same idea .....
Chili, Great minds think alike. I really liked yours. I was born in Holland then moved to Canada when I was a kid.

Amsterdam , Holland Tourism PosterFunny Amsterdam , Holland Tourism Poster
Member reactions:

It should read 0.5 & 8.2; no comma. Good job on pic-good luck.

Santa in Holland with a Deer by J KoekkoekFunny Santa in Holland with a Deer by J Koekkoek
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Santa stops to feed the critters in the Dutch countryside. Source Painting by J Koekkoek" -->
Excellent work, gives the good old times feeling.

Pelosi's visit to HollandFunny Pelosi's visit to Holland
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