Hogwarts Holiday
Hogwarts Holiday
Hogwarts Holiday. Have a magical Christmas.

Funny Home For The Holidays

Home For The Holidays
Be Careful There Possum.
Member reactions:
Funny. Prince Harry's right hand seems to be in the wrong place.
Nice edit What's the creature under the sofa leg, near the "blue boy".
A mouse, with a box of matches.
Funny Image. I see you were able to slip that megastar celebrity TT into this one. He's a Hoot.~
Thanks Splats, But it seems that his celebrity status is in question these days.

Funny Happy Lair Holidays

Happy Lair Holidays
Member reactions:
Hillary the elf. Congrats on top 5, hobbit.
Clean...... Well done, deserves a cup but Top 5 kudos, Hobbit
Awesome card Hobbit. Great Obama, Moore stare down.
Congrats on top 5.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Funny Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece

Funny Holiday Bird Wearing a Santa Hat

Holiday Bird Wearing a Santa Hat
Member reactions:
It's a wonderful chop, but no winter clothes here.
Apologies and Fixed. It looks pretty wintery and festive now
This is beautiful -- love all the details and the outstanding filter work. The colors could keep me warm through a long winter. And the eye. The expression. Just marvelous.
So warm there.. Super detail and catchy color attracts me toward Chicken soup
I thought this would win. Congratulations on the Silver..
My MY MY the apple of my Eye, wonderful work, congrads on the cup.
Congrats on win, another wonderful chop.
Very creative and colorful composition Tim...Maybe a simpler less busy background would've complemented the busy but very interesting foreground images. Congrats on the silver.
Thanks Dan, maybe so. Thanks PJ, NM.Wanderer, Hobbit, Pat, Bob, Pree, Gummy, HH, Icy,Doc, eric, Luciano, LC, and sai.

Funny Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on Holiday

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on Holiday

Funny Bill and Hillary Clinton on Holiday

Bill and Hillary Clinton on Holiday
Member reactions:
Nope., Sorry I'm not buying this one. Their to broke to take a cruise. Remember, They can't even get a loan to buy a Lizard on a Stick.
Nice couple here and the Ibis strikes again.

Funny Couple on Holiday with a Monster

Couple on Holiday with a Monster
Member reactions:

Funny The Obama's on Holidays Waiting at a Bus Stop

The Obama's on Holidays Waiting at a Bus Stop
Member reactions:
Obama on a holiday crazy stuff really awesome chop

Funny Teapot Genie on Holiday

Teapot Genie on Holiday
Member reactions:
Amazingly placed the Pot and that too DO NOT Disturb

Funny Holiday TV Shows

Holiday TV Shows
Thanksgiving is over... the holiday season is upon us. Create images of famous TV shows (past or present) with a holiday flair (i.e., Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc.).

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