THE QUEEN ON HOLIDAY. You voters couldn't photoshop your way out of a wet paper bag. I tried to come back and play so you would have something worth voting on, but the absolutely unjustified lo ball votes I get in every contest leave me no choice. So now you can vote on this instead.
Member reactions:
Brilliant. Esp love the foot tether and the teapot.
Gosh... I think if you give this a chance it will finish real well. Regardless I have to agree with LunaC it was and is "Brilliant Work"
I liked the original better, but I know what you mean, people who don't chop have all the Karma and their favorites, but sometimes we get lucky. Come join me at the bottom of the barrel, it's a long way to the top.
And nobody has to like it, or see it again but you and the peeps on the internet. I enjoy seeing other peeps work, some are amazing and all are good clean fun.
Not sure who you are yet, hidden, but I hate to see you flare out and leave. I know where you’re coming from though. Lately it feels like “strategic voters” have taken over. (People who vote with the objective of giving their own work a better shot at winning). It’s even more of a problem when fewer people are voting—-because then the karma system gets skewed and the inferior entries actually win. When there are about 15 or more voters, the strategic voters get booted to the bottom by the karma system—and the results are relatively fair. I’d encourage all FN lovers to vote more often and to vote fairly based on quality of concept and execution-not on desire to win. And I challenge voters with low karma to learn to vote fairly.
Thank you LunaC , I totally agree that no less than 15 voters are needed to balance things out and encourage all supporters of FN to vote fairly and as often as available to do so. Also thanks to all that have joined in on the voting due to earlier calls for voters.
This was brilliant before edit and certainly didn’t deserve to be lo-balled.
Really liked your original expertly done chop.should have been among the top in this contest.I agree with you about early votes coming in and strategically voting to down vote certain entries..It can be soul crushing to put in all that work and rank so low in the final result..As LunaC said this is very obvious in contests with low voter turnout..The karma system doesnt really work in these circumstances but definitely the more voters the fairer the result seems. Obviously art is subjective and one mans/womans work of art is a can of paint chucked on to a canvas to another.I hope Deaddog as an OG freakingnews chopper for years you will come back to amaze us with more of your creations..I have learned so much watching the amazing stuff people do here and the techniques they use and feel I have improved so much with each contest.practice really is a great teacher .and any wins are a bonus
I wish I could quit, but then all I'd have is Fark, just to do sometime all day.
DD, you are one of the best choppers here. Low Balls are the acidic gift to those that fear those better skilled. I gave this a low score AFTER the image was altered because I got a little ... ed off. Then I recall my past tantrums and felt like a hypocrite. Sometimes A55hole moves like loballing drive us nuts. Prolly okay to flip out once in a while if you are one that has paid your dues... which you are. So, lick your wounds unless it was an assault to your backside and get back on the bull You are an inspiration and quitting isn't an option. Cyber bro hug
So, Just an observation about two of this contest's low-ball voters. One of them gave me a 2 and LunaC a 1. How would an admin punish them. They only have a karma of 1 anyway. And when outcomes of contests can be decided by hundredths of a point they really can have an effect on every contest.

Funny Mona Lisa for the Holidays

Mona Lisa for the Holidays

Funny Mr. Bean's Holiday 2 (Rescue the Best Friend)

Mr. Bean's Holiday 2 (Rescue the Best Friend)
Member reactions:
Very nice picture. The dust works perfectly
Mass destruction weapon in action. Congrats Wanderer, excellent work
Grats Wanderer, nice pic, pulled it together quite well.

Funny Home for the Holiday's

Home for the Holiday's

Funny Holidays in Syria

Holidays in Syria



Funny Queen Elizabeth on Holiday with Mr Bean

Queen Elizabeth on Holiday with Mr Bean
Member reactions:
I never thought queen was so ... y. Great chop. Maybe you should get rid of the thadow on the left side of the boat.
Thank you, CraftyOne, Luciano, Elegary and andwhat.
Very nice, congrats on the Silver, Wanderer.
Lovely British couple - silver congrats, Andrew.
Thank you, Hitspinner, UncleChamp and NewsMaster.

Funny Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece

Funny Holiday Bird Wearing a Santa Hat

Holiday Bird Wearing a Santa Hat
Member reactions:
It's a wonderful chop, but no winter clothes here.
Apologies and Fixed. It looks pretty wintery and festive now
This is beautiful -- love all the details and the outstanding filter work. The colors could keep me warm through a long winter. And the eye. The expression. Just marvelous.
So warm there.. Super detail and catchy color attracts me toward Chicken soup
I thought this would win. Congratulations on the Silver..
My MY MY the apple of my Eye, wonderful work, congrads on the cup.
Congrats on win, another wonderful chop.
Very creative and colorful composition Tim...Maybe a simpler less busy background would've complemented the busy but very interesting foreground images. Congrats on the silver.
Thanks Dan, maybe so. Thanks PJ, NM.Wanderer, Hobbit, Pat, Bob, Pree, Gummy, HH, Icy,Doc, eric, Luciano, LC, and sai.

Funny Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on Holiday

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson on Holiday

Funny Holiday TV Shows

Holiday TV Shows
Thanksgiving is over... the holiday season is upon us. Create images of famous TV shows (past or present) with a holiday flair (i.e., Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc.).

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