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Funny Holiday Pictures

Die Holiday HardFunny Die Holiday Hard
Member reactions:

Fantastic work.... well designed and great work in the title as well
Silver for Jim to - you ruled this contest. Congrats again.
That's one gritty lookin` Santa. Nice work jimshorts
A twosome. Great work, you are on a roll. Congrats

Holiday BouguereauFunny Holiday Bouguereau
Member reactions:

Great fit of the clothes. I like how you decorated the tree too
Congratulations on the Wood Cup Hidreley... Cool Idea.

HolidayFunny Holiday
Member reactions:

Amazingly placed the Pot and that too DO NOT Disturb

Holiday RoadFunny Holiday Road
Member reactions:

Holiday on the Road.... Nice chop with the source image... Like the News quote... and all the wild animals especially the Bear and the Monkeys were really freaky
Very nice use of source and good placement of those 3 monkeys, I likely

Mr. Bean's holidayFunny Mr. Bean's holiday
Member reactions:

just a note, there is some outlining around the leg, and the text has a faint box around it. Cute idea.
A small step for Bean but a gaint leap for mankind Lovely Bean in a new holiday destination

Polar Bear On HolidayFunny Polar Bear On Holiday
Member reactions:

Excellent holiday scene created using the source.... Where it going for a holiday . A desert

veep holidayFunny veep holiday
Member reactions:

Kinda reminds me of the colorforms I use to play with when I was a kid

Jessica Biel's HolidayFunny Jessica Biel's Holiday
Member reactions:

Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman: Albrecht Dürer, 1505
This is Awesome job done, really a great job using the source, totally changed the background to a Sea and the lighting effects were very well used to give a mist-ful look to the image good one
Yea , i wanted to do something different with the original painting. I added the beach scene ,then thought of putting the little flowers & the Bucket ,plus the fish in . Topped it off with some shadows ,a texture & used Nic software filters to bring out the colors more & soften it up a bit.

Obama`s Winter Holiday VacationFunny Obama`s Winter Holiday Vacation
Member reactions:

A higher resolution Biden and some shadows would really do wonders for has lots of potential.

Mr Bean`s Christmas HolidayFunny Mr Bean`s Christmas Holiday
Member reactions:

Holiday TV ShowsFunny Holiday TV Shows - Thanksgiving is over... the holiday season is upon us. Create images of famous TV shows (past or present) with a holiday flair (i.e., Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, etc.).

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