Mr. Bean's Holiday on the Moon
Mr. Bean's Holiday on the Moon
Mr. Bean's Holiday on the Moon. Member reactions:
just a note, there is some outlining around the leg, and the text has a faint box around it. Cute idea.
A small step for Bean but a gaint leap for mankind Lovely Bean in a new holiday destination

Funny Polar Bear Surfing On Holiday in Hawaii

Polar Bear Surfing On Holiday in Hawaii
Member reactions:
Excellent holiday scene created using the source.... Where it going for a holiday . A desert

Funny Mr Paul Ryan's Holiday

Mr Paul Ryan's Holiday
Member reactions:
Great face merge over Mr.Beans face... Love that nose effect...

Funny Jessica Biel's Holiday Portrait by Durer

Jessica Biel's Holiday Portrait by Durer
Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman: Albrecht Dürer, 1505
Member reactions:
This is Awesome job done, really a great job using the source, totally changed the background to a Sea and the lighting effects were very well used to give a mist-ful look to the image good one
Yea , i wanted to do something different with the original painting. I added the beach scene ,then thought of putting the little flowers & the Bucket ,plus the fish in . Topped it off with some shadows ,a texture & used Nic software filters to bring out the colors more & soften it up a bit.
Thank you very much ericnorthend

Funny Obama's Winter Holiday Vacation

Obama's Winter Holiday Vacation
Member reactions:
A higher resolution Biden and some shadows would really do wonders for has lots of potential.

Funny Mr Bean's Christmas Holiday

Mr Bean's Christmas Holiday

Funny Captain Sully On Holiday

Captain Sully On Holiday
Member reactions:
very funny, the caricature of the man is perfect but the island and the plane should be more realistic and there isn't the reflection of the object on the waters.....(at the top of the pic) did a great work good luck ciao ps. sorry for my bad english
Funny thing Bob, I was already changing it, thanks.
Congrats on the gold, nice work. . . . glad to see Sully spotlighted again in any way . . . I'm not getting the "United Airlines" reference though . . . He flew for US Airways . . .
congrats on the gold dude good job keep going...
Double congrats DD, creative and funny works.
Awesome work DD...congrats on the GOLD....
Awesome work DD...congrats on the GOLD....
A very well done and clever tribute to a True American Hero.

Funny IT on Holidays

IT on Holidays
Still Winter time in Europe.. A shoped image is still a shoped one though, so here it is.

Funny Wonder Woman on Holiday

Wonder Woman on Holiday

Funny Barack Obama's Japanese Holiday

Barack Obama's Japanese Holiday
source hope you like it ^^
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. Lots of work to put this together for our entertainment - thanks. Nice FN promotion too
Glad you like it newsy and thanks for your Comment
.. luv this chop . great style of merging here .

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