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Funny Holiday Pictures

Captain Sully On HolidayFunny Captain Sully On Holiday
Member reactions:

very funny, the caricature of the man is perfect but the island and the plane should be more realistic and there isn't the reflection of the object on the waters.....(at the top of the pic) did a great work good luck ciao ps. sorry for my bad english
Funny thing Bob, I was already changing it, thanks.
Congrats on the gold, nice work. . . . glad to see Sully spotlighted again in any way . . . I'm not getting the "United Airlines" reference though . . . He flew for US Airways . . .
congrats on the gold dude good job keep going...
Double congrats DD, creative and funny works.
Awesome work DD...congrats on the GOLD....
Awesome work DD...congrats on the GOLD....
A very well done and clever tribute to a True American Hero.

IT on HolidaysFunny IT on Holidays
Member reactions:

Still Winter time in Europe.. A shoped image is still a shoped one though, so here it is.

Wonder Woman on HolidayFunny Wonder Woman on Holiday
Member reactions:

Barack Obama`s Japanese HolidayFunny Barack Obama`s Japanese Holiday
Member reactions:

source hope you like it ^^
Freaking hilarious. Lots of work to put this together for our entertainment - thanks. Nice FN promotion too
Glad you like it newsy and thanks for your Comment
.. luv this chop . great style of merging here .

Drunken HolidayFunny Drunken Holiday
Member reactions:

,the best part is that little yorkie humping that cat.
Thanks tried to make people smile and laugh for the holidays
Drunken people crossing sign is freaking hilarious.
Thanks Newsmaster my goal with this was to make every one laugh and smile for the holidays thanks for the comments

German Mexican Combo HolidayFunny German Mexican Combo Holiday
Member reactions:

Slingshot HolidaysFunny Slingshot Holidays
Member reactions:

Simpsons on HolidayFunny Simpsons on Holiday
Member reactions:

this is cute,but i cant see that it has been looks like the original image to me.

Barack Obama`s HolidayFunny Barack Obama`s Holiday
Member reactions:

is good. I like. His face expression of wannabe kid is perfect.

Mr. Beans Pirate HolidayFunny Mr. Beans Pirate Holiday
Member reactions:

at the whole chop, but the peg-leg is the cherry on top.
How lame..... JOKING... (influenced by Hipsters video - posted in discussion area). Luv Bean as a pirate.
Please post links to fun stuff i'm missing out on.
Great job... This one really made me laugh... Hipsters Video
The edited peg-leg is even better.
.............. Congrats congrats congrats........ WOOHOO...
I beat Keepitreal and Slixter. Now anything is possible.
Gold for pirate jeremix. Congratulations on the magnificent win, matey.
I didn't think the Bean sources could be used anymore to win a cup but you've proved that theory wrong. Great word play and an excellent chop, congrats.
Apparently so. Thought not much of it really. And the ones i'm stoked about don't make it half way. Go figure...
Congrats on a perfect concept and execution. That's how it works sometimes jeremix. Sometimes the most well planned chops end up being flops and maybe too deep for some. I've got lots of those in my collection. Other's that just seem so-so end up appealing to a larger audiance. Take your gold and be proud.

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