The Hitspinner
The Hitspinner
The Hitspinner . A Hat Dedication to Hitspinner
Member reactions:
That good looking guy, looks very familiar, looks "GREAT".
And you used one of my favorite celestial sources. Brilliant TY..
Thanx hobbit and Thank you Hitspinner YW.
Freaking genius. Outstanding job done with wonderful colors and really nailing Tim's style. Thought it was his before seeing it's a dedication to Him.
Thanks Reggie high praise indeed 👍🏼 Appreciated fugit 😎
PShaveyouseenthis, Congrats on a Wonderful Picture, BEAUTIFUL WORK.
Great work PS. With wonderful colours too.Congrats on the gold.
Thanks Hobbit, Manos and Bob 👍🏼

Funny Hitspinner Portrait

Hitspinner Portrait
Resubmitting my Deleted-chop"i completely replaced the illigal stuff" i make the leather uniform and the belt from a textures......and many thanks to Inadesign-Stock\for the nice spaceship Inadesign-Stock Enjoy it My Friend Tim..
Member reactions:
Absolutelty love this chop.
Hahahahahah .... Better than the first... Awesome. Thanks mate....
Cool stuff. The beer bottle doesn't fit in the hand though.
Please edit and change the background with a scarecrow which is a non-stock DeviantArt image. We already sent you a message about it hours ago.
One trick every chopper needs to know. Alter source images by more than 50%. This can be done by changing color, reversing the image or adding/combining other images in a seamless merge.I think the trick is to alter it past the point where the photographer will readily recognize it as his/her own and certainly past where the admins can feed it into the photo recognition app. and identify it as CGS or Deviant. Aside from that it is best to avoid CGS or Diviant stuff where possible although there are zillions of images out there with no authorship reference.
Well done my friend. You would have taken first but SS got the FUNNY vote and that trumps most chops.
Congratulations on the Silver Cup My Friend.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Nice job.

Funny Hitspinner's Birthday Party

Hitspinner's Birthday Party
Happy Late Birthday, Hitspinner. Didn't have the time to do what I really wanted to do with this. Some glitches, yada yada. Main thing - I hope it was a happy day for you. It's not every day you can turn 39.
Member reactions:
Haha love the Dino on Funk's balloon
Great composition. Funkwood dino on his personal red FN balloon is priceless.
. Ok, promise me no more chops of me. I can't handle being famous.
Nope. No promise. hehehe. I know you wanted a picture of me and I haven't forgotten about it. Will try to get one done soon and THAT I can promise.
Hah. So this was your's, Doxi. I was wondering. You spun some great humor heheh

Funny Hitspinner with Dragons

Hitspinner with Dragons
Member reactions:
This is really beautiful. Love the illustration technique and colors that seem both vibrant and muted at the same time.
Very nice work, Hitspinner always makes a good subject for a pic.
Once aggain I find myself without words. Man what a beauty. The chop.. not the guy You honor me way beyond reason with this fantastic work. Hobbit, that was a nice thing to say about an old man, long considering himself departed from the attractiveness of youth. But if these sun- baked, craggy features serve a chopper I am honored to sit for a good lampooning or to be the punchline preceeding a good laugh.. And again... fantastic work.
Great tribute. He reminds me Gandalf here
I don't see 11 on this voting chart...beautiful rendition.
Bravo . I didn't see a 12 on the voting chart.
Amazing work Bro .. Veryyy Verry Inspiring...plzz link to tutorial to work like that ....
YOU REALLY ROCK.Another well done pic.CONGRATS.........
I reckon there was never a doubt. You have been working in a very interesting style lately, Kratos. It's uniquely your own. I have not seen it before. Congradulations on the gold and thanks for including me in your most excellent chop.
THanx for alll my work is simple but hitspinner who make that great thanx for you hitspinner you are really Great teacher of Designs glad you like this simple gift from your student ...... thanx for allll my friends for great comments
congrats, kratos on gold and bronze, very nice work
Congrats kratos.... This was absolutely great...
... KeepitReal here .. welcome back my Great friend .. happy to see you here again
OMG... Not sure how I missed this one.... Very cooool Kratos. BIG Congrats..

Funny Statue in Surreal Desert - Hitspinner

Statue in Surreal Desert - Hitspinner
Member reactions:
Yay, somebody treating self to Much Funn. EXCELlent work.
A great tribute. Love the muted colors. Great entry.
this has pretty awesome depth of field almost looks 3D
, , ... Hitspinner must be really loving this... Great work ...
I am blown away. This is magnificent. The alabaster tones are something I have never seen used so beautifully in any art anywhere. This is done by a master. Thank you for the tribute that far exceeds the man.
Absolutely stunning. I want it for my wall. Congrats.
So, when does the movie come out. Very nice-high marks.
Wonderful. Congrats on the win. Congrats Hit for the honor of being honored like this.
I would have to say this is one the best works I have seen from you so far, and that's saying a lot. perfect gold
Congratulations Master FunkWood. I knew it was you all along.
Congrats, Funkster. Great honor to Hitman.
Yes it is. I am floored, flattered, flustered and flippen. Congradulatiions Maestro.. You have made my year. Thank you Perfect gold is well said.
Excellent job turning photos into art Congrats Funkster
Congrats Funkwood... This was absolutely amazing...
Thanks all. I had so much fun creating this one. Hitman really deserves it too. Unless you guys haven't noticed, he's a very cool dude. I had a very tough time trying to restrain myself from adding more color to this chop. But I was somewhat pleased with the outcome of my monochromatic color scheme. Cheers everyone...

Funny Hitspinner Man in a Robot

Hitspinner Man in a Robot
More than just another FrEAKINGNeWS hero SOURCE
Member reactions:
He is da machine with wicked chopping skills. Great work. Love the FN medal.
Holy COW. Awesome chop. I knew they'd figure out how to shut me up some day but never thought they'd reinvent the "Get Smart" cone of silence thing to do it I appreciate this more than you know, thanks. It is soooo thoughtful.
I made it a little more bloody.
I am interested in the blood.... is Hit being splashed by his own 'chops'..
Hahahahaha Doxi, must be the witness marks of doing battle with all you chopping warriors here. I see I must have scampered up a monolith to escape the melee bwhahaha
Proportions are about right. Got that Irish gene from me grandfadder... Looked like a beachball on stilts
Please be aware that Hidden Author can be sly. Even though Hidden Author gave me that smiley face, Hidden Author may not be John. Thus, the serach for the creator still continues.
Nonsense, i'm right here.. *pinches Doxie in the cheeck*
John: The source does give it away - just like you said.
Jere Jere Jere. (like on Jerry Springer Show) Congrats on the gold, mate.
Thanks mates. You see, that's the power of chopping in the gold right away. I'll bet they have a chapter about things like that at NLP. Hop you like it ,Spinner. Gave it my best.
Great freaking chop Jeremix and well deserved gold.. You beat some of the FN big guns here. . Hitsters comment "cone of silence". Apparently you're a writer as well as an artist. You sure you're not a DJ too. Great use of source pics Jmix.
Congrats Jeremix HS tribute begats gold, nice job. The cyborgs are coming
CONGRATS JEREMI ... ... X GOLD))) very very nice.
jere Congrats my friend . you beat me again it's really amazing design and also I like it coz my friend (hitspinner) here
You totally rock..... Big congrads. Man you sure stirred up some mystery. I thought Doxi was going to have a kiniption trying to figure out who did this one. Hahahahahahahahahaha Hey, fun is what this chopping stuff is about. Thanks for the tribute and laughs
Belated congratulations Jerimix. Exceptional work here.
This sure was fun. Glad you liked it HS.
Yeah.... I didn't look at the source to discover the identify of the creator.... I wanted to figure it out without that step.... and I actually DID figure it out... despite the obvious obvious clue left with the source info (that I did not look at until Jere/Jere/Jere confirmed he had done it by email).

Funny Hitspinner the Bartender

Hitspinner the Bartender

Funny Hitspinner the Healer

Hitspinner the Healer

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