Patrick Swayze Hitman
Patrick Swayze Hitman
Patrick Swayze Hitman. 18 August 1952 - 14 September 2009, RIP to one of the most graceful men in Hollywood. Check out full.
Member reactions:
I was going to do the sin city effect, im glad i didn't it wouldn't have turned out as nice as this.
Sweet. He looks cooler in these chops than he did in any of his movies... personal thought. Great work though.
This really captures the gritty, tough, cool side of Patrick... Awesome tribute.
So well done you'd never know it is a chop. That's the Holy Grail, mate.

Funny Hillary Clinton Hitman

Hillary Clinton Hitman
Hillary Clinton vows to ‘banish ... ual violence’
Member reactions:
congrats man ... Great and amazing work as always
Most excellent, this style of realism is in a ballpark of its own.
Vampires meet hit-men type of entry - and very well done too.
Thanks all. I found a new website with a lot of leather, & thought I'd try one of the sources.
I swear I saw her lips move...congrats Master FunkWood.
thanx rain, haven't seen your stuff in a've got realism down to the Nth degree...
Congrats funkwood, this is just superb and was always going to be gold
Congrats FunkGold that was amazing work as always , keep up top chops teacher
Love it. Looks authentic and so well done. Congrats FW.

Funny Hitman Kevin Spacey

Hitman Kevin Spacey
Member reactions:
Nice job. He kinda looks like a young Jonathon Winters.
Nice work 'cept is that black box (masking) s'posed to be round the head.
Thanks for the comments if you are talking about the little specks around his head the look red to me,i will fix them soon if thats not what you mean please let me know
On my laptop monitor now I see a square box around his head - a masking error that might not show up on your monitor.
ok thanks i will get right on that Update:I think i might have fixed it let me know
I see a little corner on the masking on the bottom right side of his jaw on the suit. Look at the top of the tie knot and go straight over to the right. I use the "INVERT" option sometimes to see if anything is out of place.
Thanks,i have yet to play it but ill take ur word for it
Most of box is gone, but DDB comment is still applicable, try doing the invert as he suggested. This is a well done piece of work & worth the extra moment to "fix"
Thanks kellie i will try its just hard to figure out exactly where it is even with invert i cant quite place where it is but i will go back and look even harder to see if i can fix it Update:is it fixed now
next time you have masking issues, try adjusting the brightness of your monitor, it helps me to see what i missed
Thanks for all the feedback i really appreciate it i would have never found that out if it wasnt for all your comments and thanks burntaery for that suggestion
There is a similarity to Johnathan Winters hahahahaha Nice one
Good job overall. I think he might need more neck though

Funny Gorilla Hitman

Gorilla Hitman
Member reactions:
I think it is a gorilla in a business suit. Nice image too.

Funny Hitman with Cigarette Head

Hitman with Cigarette Head

Funny Hitman In Reverse

Hitman In Reverse
Member reactions:
Way cool work, I like this much better than the orig.
this wan iz sick xcept 4 the dark shadow in the neck and tie area. Other than that, u killed it.
Thanks Slick. I guess that's a compliment in your language, . Is this better.
So simple in concept, yet so strikingly done. Another funkwood classic. Top notch as always. With that stitching work have you considered being a surgeon.
The hitman shot two trophies with two guns. Congratulations on the silver, funkster.
you did this one,, very cool. congratulations funkwood )))))...
Thanx all. Pree, I don't want to be too predictable, so I try to change it up sometimes and keep y'all guessing.
Yeah, you did a change up all right Hehe, thought this one could have been AZ but the formatting and contrast tripped me up. I thought AZ was pulling a fast one hahahahahahah, Congrads again.

Funny Hitman Lego Gun

Hitman Lego Gun
Should have got money up front

Funny American Gothic Hitman Movie

American Gothic Hitman Movie
Member reactions:
Good job, but perhaps the distortion is a tad overdone

Funny Hitman Hillary Clinton

Hitman Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:
Nice work. Hillary's expression is priceless. Only critique on this would be a slight adjustment to your layers so as to place the left gun at the forefront of the target of Obama so that the red target line and the jacket lapel are behind the barrel and the hitman. As it is right now, you can follow Obama's jacket shoulder out to the tie of the hitman.
Pretty good. You made the light and hues agree
Great Job.. I can't stand Hillary but in all honesty I think her statements were not interpruted correctly. But that's OK too.
Thanks Coops. I got sloppy on that one. Well, 1 out of 641 ain't bad. Just don't let it happen again, . Very nice work, again.
One other thing. Is that a Zodiac killer reference on the hitman.
Coops, I knew if I replied, I would spill my cards and give myself away. As always, I appreciate your eyeballs. Nannygoatman, it's a pentagram with the devil. I figured she must be praying for the dark side, if she is using an assassination excuse to stay in the race and even used it twice. The irony is Ted Kennedy now has fatal brain tumor, so her timing could not be worse.
Trust me, I knew it was your work before you replied. Nicely done, as always.
I like mine better. Good work though, I love Hildogs expression. But Agent 47 is a devout Catholic so the pentagram is misleading. Yes I'm a fanboy.
Congrats AZ, another masterpiece by "the Rainman", it's interesting that cooper spotted those blips, I didn't see them at all, but very good critique, and very good work.
Thanks all for the compliments Comics verses reality: Agent 47 rejected the church, never reformed, isn't baptized and never took catechism, so he being a catholic is an impossibility. As for why a murdering clone wears the Sigil of Baphomet, it is because he is an assassin and it symbolizes his disaffirmation of the Holy Trinity.
Timely news-related chop, Rain - Congratulations on the gold.

Funny Fred Thompson the Hitman

Fred Thompson the Hitman
Fred Thompson's simple three point platform is: Kill the terrorists, secure the borders, and punch the hippies.
Member reactions:
nice concept though his head is grainy compared to his body and gun source.
Congratulations on the 3 places hope that it is the first of many
The punch the hippies idea is all over the net Katie, not my idea. Thanks for the comments folks
Congrats on the SWEEP. Well deserved. (Glad I didn't enter this contest).

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