The most lethal gardener is history
The most lethal gardener is history
The most lethal gardener is history . Coming to a lawn near you
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Could gain points changing sniper with gardener.

Funny The Federation Council of Russia revises the history!

The Federation Council of Russia revises the history!
The Federation Council Russia shall revoke the law of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in 1954 about finding the Crimea as part of Ukraine Source:
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Congrats on the wood. You have been getting into the top spots pretty frequently it seems Nice looking chop
good job, wanderer. i wish you many golden thropies in the new year, except when i participate of course.

Funny Most Watched Super Bowl in History

Most Watched Super Bowl in History
Super Bowl XLVIII was the most watched TV show in U.S. history
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Way cool
The way her hold of Television is cool focus to the News object, and the Subjects on background is original idea. I like it. And summary of all is Money floating all around
Congrats on your first silver trophy with us, Elegary. Here's to many more.
Excellent. Congrats for the silver Elegary.
congrats on silver
congrats your 1st Silver trophy... ((( Elegary ))))

Funny History of the Whitehouse Book

History of the Whitehouse Book
YOU are being watched ALL the time by the U.S. Government.

Funny Obama Best Leader in World History

Obama Best Leader in World History
Some of this comes from anarchist news sources. Some of the main story is true some isnt can you tell the difference.
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This is the best April fools joke ever. Good one.
Good job in designing a near to real newspaper story
Obama must have mantelpiece of awards by now.


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'In Hope We Trust' seems to be the operative reality. Good work.
Heart touching quote... make people think twice before they vote Vote history or Vote future good work
Fantastic work you really lightening the life of the People living in US by providing the Historical data putting Signs of Obama and Romeney
Brilliant idea. It should be higher score.

Funny Michelle Bachmann's History Lesson

Michelle Bachmann's History Lesson This one's kind of a twofer: Michele B's slew of history gaffes and Miss America on evolution in Schools.
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Possible caption: "Of course I believe American History should be taught in schools...but only as one theory."
Maybe Miss America's right. With all this B.S., how can we possibly be evolving.. Nice chop
Correction: John Wayne parents lived in Waterloo before he was born. Gacy lived in Waterloo for 6 month. Let's spin everything Obama says for a change.
Links are not as prescribed-check procedure. Cute chop-good luck.

Funny American History 101

American History 101
Coming soon to a school near you.
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Dems always living in alternate reality. Want to change history to meet their needs.
im not sure id want to know about my countries history. im pretty sure this calls for ignorent bliss

Funny History's Most Evil Criminals by RIAA

History's Most Evil Criminals by RIAA
RIAA’s Latest PR-Approved Ad Campaign

Funny American History X Parody

American History X Parody
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Bills head needs some noise and monica is a bit too pixely
LoL - Bill makes a Quick performance . haha

Funny Brian Williams through History

Brian Williams through History
"NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams is under fire for making false claims that he was in a helicopter in Iraq that was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade. NBC is temporarily taking him off the air, while launching an internal investigation about Williams' Iraq story and his other claims in the last years. NBC's credibility is at stake when the news network can't afford another big setback. To show other events where Brian Williams was present, photoshop him in any famous photos (old or recent).

Funny Ice Bucket Challenge through History

Ice Bucket Challenge through History
The ice bucket challenge (IBC) has gotten so big, that most of us even have friends who took it (and some of us were even challenged too). The reason why the IBC grows so fast is that it was designed to grow in a geometric progression - each person taking it challenges THREE more people who have to take the challenge withing 24 hours and donate $10, or donate $100 if they refuse the challenge. The ALS Association reported over $100 million in donations pouring in since the IBC got viral in July. We could only wonder how popular the IBC it could be if it started years, decades, or centuries ago. Show how the ice bucket challenge could be taken in the past - by historical figures and celebrities (old paintings characters are also accepted).

Funny Selfies in History

Selfies in History
With the introduction of smart phones selfies became increasingly popular. Sometimes, they are even annoyingly popular if you look at the "duckface selfies" trashing the net. The first selfie ever taken was actually long before the invention of the smartphone. In 1839, Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, made a photo of himself with a primitive camera box. Because the photo process was slow, he was able to uncover the lens, run into shot for about a minute, and then replace the lense cap. The resulting selfie was also one of the first photos of a human ever produced. In the beginning on the 20th century, as photography advanced and the photo process got faster, it became possible for photographers to take selfies placing the box cameras in front of a mirror. Photoshop how selfies would look through history if modern smartphones were available back then. You are welcome to use any celebrities in any historic times, up to the year 2000. The themepost provides a good example as well as this chop. Many thanks to hidreley for both of them.

Funny Clocks of History

Clocks of History
Past weekend was the time to reset the clocks again as Daylight Saving Time begins. Each year we lose an hour of sleep as we "Spring Forward" and turn the hands ahead one hour. Daylight Saving Time was instituted in the United States during World War I in order to save energy for war production by taking advantage of the later hours of daylight between April and October. Daylight Savings Time (DST) begins each year at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March in most of the United States and its territories. However there are some places that have not bought into this campaign - it is not observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands nor the state of Arizona except for the Navajo Indian Reservation, which does observe DST. Since the Daylight Savings Time campaign has its roots in history, let's design some unusual historic clocks - take any clocks (or watches) and change hours for years in the history of any country or celebrity. You are welcome to use any range of years (and the items of the clock face don't have to add up to 12 either) and preferably show some pictures next to the years that signify some important (or not so important) events in the history of any country or celebrity. Many thanks to TheNutter for the themepost.

Funny US Presidents in History

US Presidents in History
This Monday is Presidents Day in the U.S. We have so many past presidents that were great men and contributed much to the world we now live in. Although Monday was actually the anniversary of George Washington's birth, many businesses choose to honor four past presidents. Those highly revered presidents can be found on the $1, $5, $20 and $50 bills. Let's mix the US History and US Presidents - take any US President and show how he could have served in the office in different times. Obama Crossing the Delaware river, Nixon invading Iraq - these are just some examples. You can also show private lives and hobbies of the "presidents out of their times".

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