The Hippo Dancer
The Hippo Dancer
The Hippo Dancer. Member reactions:
I see we had similar ideas. nice work. Crit: the bottom of the rock looks foggy. And the shoulder looks like there is a wound.

Funny Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo

Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo
This is a play on the Edgar Degas sculpture "Little Dancer".
Member reactions:
Clever. and totally love what you did with a painting in the background
Thanks NM, Boulpix. I planned on adding other hippos in the gallery, but scrapped it. Thanks for the comments.
The dress is perfectly fit to hippo good work of making the background little blurry to make the image more clearer great to the photos behind all are from hippo family haha

Funny Dentist Cleaning a Hippos Teeth

Dentist Cleaning a Hippos Teeth
Member reactions:
Excellent, clean and funny job. What a fine looking Hippo dentist we have here.
Thanks........... man in the hippo's mouth.
I like the fact that he is barefoot. Haha.
Haha Cool idea & no better Dentist ya could find
Thanks tiggerxty, Don't know why I gave him bare feet.
Hahahahha, this is Awesome, all the best. 1000000. Good Luck.
Thanks everyone. Didn't even realize this was in vote.

Funny Hippo Lizard

Hippo Lizard
Member reactions:
Really nice. Can't decide between this one and the parafrog. Prolly this one because it has more interesting bits of contrast and color. Both are equally cool morphs

Funny Hippo Ballerina

Hippo Ballerina
news source source pics
Member reactions:
It's one of those weird Hitspinner animal chops... but hey, no it isn't because I am here commenting on this most excellent work of art hahahaha Fine job... High points
Lol. Had a feeling this was yours. Freaky stuff. Grats.
Congrats on the wood, Pree. Very Pree-ty chop.
hey preem ..that's fantastic work .. great use of sources , congrats on the woody and keep going for sure
Very cool concept and colors pree, grats on the wood.
congrats preemiememe it's a great it

Funny Elephant Balancing on a Hippo

Elephant Balancing on a Hippo
Member reactions:
That's very good. I like the composition, colors...whole picture. Good luck.
Haha Thx.
no way, i downloaded that elephant yesty...
Sometimes you don't get a second chance; Funny & inventive.
gratz mate, wonderful peice and imagination.
Thanks All Note: No people or animals where injured in this 2d photo assembly of electrons.
Congrats on the gold Rainman, great concept.
Exceptional remake of the composition. Well deserved gold. Congrats Rain.

Funny African Smoking Pot on a Hippo Having Butterfly Dreams

African Smoking Pot on a Hippo Having Butterfly Dreams
Member reactions:
Excellent idea and craftsmanship. And a chop supported on skill rather than effects gives you twice the ommmpa whampa juju vote from me. Deserves a 10 just because it is in a class all of it's own.
Someone is striving for perfection here. Superb chop.
very nice chop, well done and congrats on the bronze.
Wicked Pree, you took the next step up. This really has a fresh and distinctly new style to it.
thanks hits..i was playing with the image trying different things,,i found it difficult,, so i thought.. zap comics and made those feet.,, thanks guys,, ty oldman ty geriatric .. ty newsy.
Bronze congrats, Pree. You are on a roll.

Funny Petunia Hippo and Friends

Petunia Hippo and Friends
Member reactions:
Thankx. The theme was supposed to be something in the lines of making lemonade out of lemons... and once you accept the fact a hippo wears a swimming cap, then you can accept the fact that a tree would support her.
The tree issue appears to be the application of Funkwood Dynamics. Cute
Thanks, Geriatric. Petunia's ready to do a swan....hippo dive from it. More or less. ha.

Funny Father and Son Being Eaten By a Hippo

Father and Son Being Eaten By a Hippo
... for security ...
Member reactions:
Another underrated chop in my book, excellent.
Just look at these Hippo-crats. Excellent work

Funny Hippo Lizard

Hippo Lizard
Hippo or lizard.

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