Neckless Baby Hippo
Neckless Baby Hippo
Neckless Baby Hippo.

Funny Neckless Hippo

Neckless Hippo

Funny Michelle Obama Eaten by a Hippo

Michelle Obama Eaten by a Hippo
Member reactions:
Hilarious... Hippo giving birth through mouth
Lol, this looks like a scary scene from a fairy tale

Funny Nemo and Dory Hiding in a Hippos Bottom

Nemo and Dory Hiding in a Hippos Bottom
Member reactions:
What are they hiding from. Is that a Hippo's Butt.
They were hiding from YOU.... Butt you found them.
Ah I see..they should know better. The Rectal Area of a Hippo would be the first place I would look.
Hahahaha brilliant. Funny as... well.. you know

Funny Hippo Baboon

Hippo Baboon
Member reactions:
Makes baboons a little more likeable. Great Job.

Funny Barack Obama Gets Swallowed By A Hippo

Barack Obama Gets Swallowed By A Hippo
Man gets swallowed by a Hippo and lives
Member reactions:
Great job, hidden nicely composed and good choice of stocks, including his expression and thumbs up. Nice job on the reflections as well my only nitpick is that Obama is a little sharper than the rest, and I think if you used a slight bit of Gaussian blur on him, the image as a whole would blend even more realistically.
Good point, Qtrmoonshop...done. The head, body and thumbs up were separate layers. The background posterior to the hippo is two separate images taken from shots of the Disney "Jungle Cruise" ride.
FreakingLand special services . Awesome chop of Obama inside big Mouth . Interesting work
Another good one, a twofer, congrads on the cups
Congratulations. Your follow-up pic should be the Hippo spitting him out.
What MsgtBob said.. Congrats on the woody Dr.
Well, when he finishes his Prez term, he could always work at Disneyland. Congrats on the wood too, Paul.
Work at Disneyland as regurgitated hippo meat. Haha Nice one
Thanks, Newsy...but he's at "Freakingland." Thanks, Tim.

Funny Hippo Eating Donuts

Hippo Eating Donuts
Thanx to Morgue free files for the source pictures The Hippo is being very helpful with the game of hoopla
Member reactions:
Danger game but very interesting to hippo... beautiful work

Funny Pelican Riding a Hippo in the Water

Pelican Riding a Hippo in the Water
Source Images Large Size Stock Sources: Deviant Artist Showcase Galleries Darkrose42 , JinxMim , Mossi889 , Pathfinder , Bean , Sikaris , Sacmaluk , Dollieflesh
Member reactions:
Excellent work good to see Hippo inside the water... that too very clear.... good make over of an small Island and the Swan over is it is too beautiful good job done
Thank you all very much. *~~* A Big Thanks to NewsMaster. *~~*
Thanks One Million. Paul, D-Man, Chili-Man, Robinbobin, Rajeshstar, Preemiememe, Ricketish, Gummy, Ericnorthend, and The NewsMaster. *~}{~*

Funny George Bush Catches a Giant Hippo Sish

George Bush Catches a Giant Hippo Sish
Now he's got MANY free time for fishing... PLEASE VIEW... FOOL
Member reactions:
Hip-fish. . A little distracted by yellow splotching above pelvic fins - need blend. And IMO would blend in white above where top of hip-fish body meets GWB's chest.
FOOL. Did you mean FULL as in FULL VIEW, please. Better change that word-quick.
Like the way the hippo is blended with that big fish the texture of its skin and of hippo perfectly matches good job

Funny Baby Hippo Egg

Baby Hippo Egg
Member reactions:
An alternate title could have been 'There's a hippo in my soup'.
Agreed to Bob... well thought to put hippo inside the egg yolk good thinking

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