My favorite Hippie
My favorite Hippie
My favorite Hippie .

Funny Hippies see world in pink glasses

Hippies see world in pink glasses
Modern hippies
Member reactions:
Like man, 1st they hijacked the Democratic party and now they want to Hijack wood stock.
The modern hippie from free love to free college...

Funny Bill Turns Hippie

Bill Turns Hippie
Member reactions:
Great pshycolelic colors, nice composition
Congrads, but I still think it's the background haha
Agree with Hobbit, one of the best in the contest.
It started out doing well in first place, then dropped to fourth, then in the 11th hour got bumped out. It was a strong pool this time. Thanks DD, Andrew, Champ, House (hope you liked the little homage) Hobbit and Luciano

Funny Hippy Horse

Hippy Horse
Member reactions:
Strong showing, John.... Congrats on the silver cup

Funny Hippie Snail in the Sunset

Hippie Snail in the Sunset
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Member reactions:
I'm glad you like it,NewsMaster. Thank you .
Awesome choice of making the snail in a holiday mood Lovely entry
Love it, so colorful and mysterious expression
Thank you Xaos54,Wanderer,geriatric ... ...

Funny Hippie Man Avoids Woman Giving Him an Apple

Hippie Man Avoids Woman Giving Him an Apple
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Member reactions:
Creative Concept Nice Greeanry Nice Caricature goodjob
U r Genius hidden Very cool Adam and Eve with apple concept for this ancient game of handball is shown, and snake is the clever work in here. Very nice background environment as well. Thunder is rocking. Good luck
Total brilliance of the composition. Congrats on the silver, gugulanul.

Funny Ron Paul Back The Hippie

Ron Paul Back The Hippie
Member reactions:
Yikes.... Love the dog with a freaky hair style and dashing goggles Good to see both were back to work
As soon as I saw this my whole face lit up. LOVE the concept. Can you paint my old bug like that. .. that would be fantastic.
O la la la la Long.... master piece, So refreshing work, lovely car with freaky tags and amazing looks to both of sweet full marks
Ha, the good old days, god I miss them. Love your pic, congrats on the win.
Thanks, AWESOME. Thanks, were a hippie.
Congrats on the gold. You shoudn't use a drop shadow for the dog, it makes him look flat.
It's back to the 70s for Ron Paul. Love how you did his dog too. To both Pauls, congrats on the gold.

Funny Hippie Mona Lisa

Hippie Mona Lisa
* POP Gioconda Flower Power Star
Member reactions:
Very beautifully decorated her like her nails with polish coated and the chain with her name is amazing really different aspect Mona
Love your scoofy of Bob marley and killing kissing mood Very creative..good luck
Superb makeover to the monalisa Excellent
Monalisa upgradata Buna lucrare, felicitari.
One of the best chops of Mona Lisa I've ever seen. Congrats on the wood, Lucido.

Funny Hippie Volkswagon Tank

Hippie Volkswagon Tank
Tiger tank manufacturers met with Volkswagen manufacturers.
Member reactions:
I love what you did with the old van. To bad all of the protests in the 60's didn't work out. Maybe we should get out there again and fight for peace. Well done.
Challenging work with the vintage photo source. I think it turned out great

Funny Hippies in a Flower Power Van

Hippies in a Flower Power Van
Member reactions:
Like the way the Van is being colored Its looks like a tattoo van nice colorful treat with weed
Colorful as the psychedelic age deserves. Nice job, congrats
Well, in my point of view this job could be side by side on your 3rd place. Congrats by that nice job (again).

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