Hip Hop Abe Lincoln Dancing
Hip Hop Abe Lincoln Dancing
Hip Hop Abe Lincoln Dancing.

Funny Hip Ben Franklin

Hip Ben Franklin
aka BF or "Bif," The 21st Century Ben Franklin is tragically hip. Ironically, he doesn't care. Tres Hip. (Source: http://tinyurl.com/qajpmv5)
Member reactions:
420. It isn't blurry, thank you. Perhaps it's the THC. See original view.
IcyAllEyeCan Thanks. If only attaboys equaled cups.

Funny Hip Hop Nelson Mandela

Hip Hop Nelson Mandela
Member reactions:
good job but hands cutting is not accurate, moreover objects need to be shadowed otherwise thy seem far from hands and flying
Wish the masking on the hands was more accurate
Great job.... Hip Hop work on Mandela makes him Hot and talk of the town good caricature seen here

Funny Napolean Inspired HIP-HOP

Napolean Inspired HIP-HOP

Funny Hip Hop Statue of David by Michelangelo

Hip Hop Statue of David by Michelangelo
Modern times bring modern ideas. Michelangelo would have loved to chisel away on the idols of today's world. Please view in HiRes. Michelangelo caught some cool details.
Member reactions:
Great idea and chop but I dunno if he would have loved anything about today's youth. In his day, elders were respected for their knowledge and wisdom. Today , many youth seem disrespectful of older values that I know he held dear. Maybe it's just LA
Hitspinner, I see him as a type who would have gone the Andy Warhol way. Our society would have influenced his personality as much as his choice of themes. The fact that he was liking same gender partners would have fit right into our time. I don't think he would have respected our elders as he did back then. It would have been hard for him to go along with corrupt politicians, child abusing priests and such. He would have been in the opposition, the youth, the generation which wanted to change things.
5th sucks as much as 4th prior the introduction of the wood trophy. Maybe we need to invent a paper trophy for 5th. Then the 6th will feel how it is to miss the trophy by a hair. Thanks for the great votes, all of you.

Funny Golden Hip Hop Chihuahua

Golden Hip Hop Chihuahua
Member reactions:
, brilliant. Nice work on the reflections as well.
hahaha that's really FANTASTIC .. I like the little details it's really shows alot off things , good luck too
His last hit "Who Let the Dogs Out" made him a fortune. Pro work.
Should have guessed it was an AZR original:Congratulations.
I especially like the consistent look of the gold across all of the different items. The shoes are extra cool.
Thanks all Due to weight of gold, all he can do is sit...
congrats rainman. The gold contrasting with the black and the limited color palette create a stunning effect.
Fantastic work. I like the black background and reflections. Sometimes less is more
Gold for gold, no subliminal message here Hahaha. It's a reak beauty, AZ, Congrads

Funny Hip Hop Doggie

Hip Hop Doggie
Member reactions:
Thankyou Kell, and thanks everyone, been a long time since I've seen gold. Hope it doesn't tarnish before I see another one...
Congrats Mundo. Beautiful job there mate. Raise a glass and celebrate... ... x
hahah that's really cool ... congrats on the gold mundo ... always great works
Felicitaciones mundo, de verdad que te kedó espectacular.... Congrats mundo, you really done an spectacular job
It's beautificent. Congrats on the gold Mundo. Great to see you at #1 again.

Funny Hip Hop Bush

Hip Hop Bush
Member reactions:
Nice work, but Ben Franklin was not a president.
Thanks, for letting me know, I've changed it. Now I know why I failed my history class..
Here's a Hip Hop Video I made to set up the Theme.
News, I could only listen to that for 10 seconds, more time wasted in my Life.
One of my favorites in the contest. Suits Bush well
Congrats x3 Mundo. Funky hip-hop Bush. Great work.

Funny Hip Hop George Bush

Hip Hop George Bush
Member reactions:
Cool. I'd add the shadow from Bush's face

Funny Hip Hop Radio

Hip Hop Radio
Here's a real Hip-hop Radio, old School.

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