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Funny Hilton Pictures

Perez Hilton Funny Perez Hilton
Member reactions:
Lady Gaga on Perez Hilton feud: I asked him to leave me alone.
Entertaining story, and even more entertaining chop - love it.
Preeeeeeeeemememe cutie. Fun stuff. Nice to see you post again. Congrats on the cup
nice one here. congrats on the bronze Pre.
Congratulations pree.. Really tough contest..i like ur chop and i thought ur chop gotta won.

Paris Hilton hemotionsFunny Paris Hilton hemotions
Member reactions:

Paris Hilton Funny Paris Hilton
Member reactions:

Intellectual Paris HiltonFunny Intellectual Paris Hilton
Member reactions:

Paris is tired of being called a dumb she's taking steps to improve her image.
Very clever reading a women-stuff magazine but giving impression like reading seriously "Theoretical Mathematics"

Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple AdFunny Paris Hilton and Michelangelo in Apple Ad
Member reactions:

I can think different, good artistic work inside the Computer, well placed graphic with good work on shadows
Likewise the title the work is also different Well done hidden

Paris Hilton Surrounded by FansFunny Paris Hilton Surrounded by Fans
Member reactions:

This meeting of the Paris Hilton Fan Club will now come to order.
Nice work good chop I became a fan too
Thanks for the comments LunaC, AzureSky and ericnorthend.
Paris is hot and hugely popular. Her many fans prove it.

Paris Hilton DictatorFunny Paris Hilton Dictator
Member reactions:

"There would be only one dictator of Fashion." .
Oops, sorry . . . does that mean you're a blonde.
Was Blond, now it's has lots of white in it. by the way: The Poms still use their native tongue (English) and spell it Blond, unlike the Americanese mangled interpretation of the word). Have a Nyce Dway Eurving. .
I'm taking the last word, only to say pardon me . . . by the way: Nice work on the chop . . .

Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in GreeceFunny Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece
Member reactions:

Aint the first time she's had a toy between,,, Oh wait, This is Freaking News. Funny Chop.
HEEEEEY HoHouse. Congratulations-loved this one.
Hey Ho, way to go. Suprised no Tavolta pics were in the top 3
Congrats HoHouse. nice to see you on the podium.
Good entertainment here. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Paris Hilton Barbie DollFunny Paris Hilton Barbie Doll
Member reactions:

hahaha, i bet this one didn't require much work. nice job.
The dog may be anorexic too great idea to include it.

Paris Hilton with a Foot ChinFunny Paris Hilton with a Foot Chin
Member reactions:

Paris Hilton BlackoutFunny Paris Hilton Blackout - For the sake of a media experiment, the Associated Press didn't publish any news about Paris Hilton, banning her for a week. What a coincidence. Some guy Paris met at a bar was also banging her for a week. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton blackout by showing what things Paris did that didn't make it into the news due to Hilton ban by the Associated Press. Alternatively show what publicity stunts Paris will be doing to get back into the news after she was ignored for a week. Making your entries as magazine covers is a plus.

Paris Hilton in HandcuffsFunny Paris Hilton in Handcuffs - [ Thursday morning Paris Hilton was handcuffed by the police and charged with DUI. Hours after she was released, Paris Hilton called Ryan Seacrest's morning show on LA's KIIS-FM to issue a statement that she was not charged with DUI and the whole case was "nothing", which contradicts statements from Los Angeles Police Department. ] You know, cops may be the most bothersome bastards on earth, but sometimes they do their job right. And if they put handcuffs on you they have good damn reasons to do it. So Paris Hilton was stopped and handcuffed because either she was driving under influence (which she denies), or because she looked like a hooker working the late shift. When she was handcuffed, she screamed "How dare you! I'm Paris F***ing Hilton, and I stay celibate for a year!" After which, the cops slapped her ass, gave her twenty, and let her go. End of story. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton handcuffed in whatever environment you choose (as long as it's Safe For Work). Paris can be shown e.g. in jail or in "normal" life, wearing casual, formal, or jail clothes, but she has to be shown in handcuffs.

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