Star Wars Hillbillies
Star Wars Hillbillies
Star Wars Hillbillies . Member reactions:
Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle) as Jethro. Just curious why you did that.
Like the contrast of Backwoods and Space Travel.
James Thurston Nabors (June 12, 1930 November 30, 2017) I wanted to too
Super Art, Hidden. Jim must be the driver in this war zone because he has the military experience over Max. (:
Or or or maybe a shape-shifting reptilian alien that did Gomer by mistake. Yeah thats the ticket Great Job Hidden.

Funny Hillbilly Goats On the Farm

Hillbilly Goats On the Farm
Member reactions:
This is the cutest pic, good luck, looks like a winner.
Fantastic sweet chop. I'm in love with this one.
This is Awesome... goat couple... just married
Gold Congrats, Funkwood. I call Fowl.... No wait...these are goats, then it's all good. Too Good FW. You Da man.
sweetness all around, funkwood. hard not to fall in love with this picture. congrats again mr. i'm getting a sense of deja vu here, haha.
I love this pic, knew it was a winner, congrats.

Funny Old Hillbilly Rocker

Old Hillbilly Rocker
i did not know the bulgarians not addicted to Facebook....After One Month from sending my request before i submit my deleted chop"Hits" in Freakingnews..To the CG Member with the motorcycle guy..he never read the messege that i sent nor even check his facebook i had no patience to make another tribute to my best Friend Tim Dowling......Hope You like it...Yours Hidden Author..LooL
Member reactions:
HA. He lives in the Outback where computer workings are slower, maybe.(.) Don't fret-he'll respond soon I suspect. Nice tribute.
I still don't know who did this... Nobody tells me anything around here until I am in trouble for something. Thank you hidden.... Second one is as good as the first... Let's hope Jeep or Heineken are not a members of the CGSociety hahaha. by the way, for the record, I don't smoke or drink anymore and have not had a joint since 1974. I get high by turning the lights down low and scaring myself into an adrenalin rush with hideous hand puppets. However I do not have any issue with being chopped as a smoker, drinker, fornicator or animal rapist since I am not a hypocrite or immune to a good lampooning. Awsome chop hidden. Best of luck it deserves a 10 if only because you made me look thin again hahahha
love this, and what on earth the turtle is doing down there
Looks fantastic, you're on a roll. Congrats on your wins.
Hey, You can still get permission and enter the other one but I think this is fantastic. You went up against a tough chop. Mandrake is a sandbagger, he can smoke any of us at any given time Just look up and I rest my case Thank you so much, I am sorry that CGSociety flack tarnished your magnificent effort. Congrats on the Silver. By the way, I do have a Gibson guitar called a Les Paul Jr. 1963 It is the one possession I will not part with
Congratulations. Sounds like HS gave you the concept for your next chop: HitSpinner-in the dark, in the back, in the corner, on his couch with his Puppets. . Like your work.

Funny Hillbilly Combo Band

Hillbilly Combo Band
*NOTE* I do apologize, to the earlier submission which mine looks similar too, I did not copy you. For all intense purposes it seems we both had the same idea...good luck to you..
Member reactions:
. This has happened to me a few times and I scrapped the whole concept. But that was too much time more,from now on I'll just attach a special *NOTE*.. Best of luck on your entry,BeerSlayer.
Where is the source of the photo contest photo ... I think you idea is great but , you need to use part of the contest source photo for your entry . Maybe the Hillbillies jamming on the bass boat with the background as the house you have . Just an idea & trying to help you out ...
The guy playing the drum, is the fisherman from that photo.

Funny JFK in the Beverly Hillbillies

JFK in the Beverly Hillbillies
The true story behind the Kennedy wealth
Member reactions:
The Boston Tea Party funded by Texas Tea.

Funny Ben Bernanke Hillbilly

Ben Bernanke Hillbilly
Did Bernanke save us from another Great Depression.
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the woody, Shorts man.
Great job JimShorts, congrats on the Woody.
Congrats Jim Bernanke better buy a musket and shoot some food..., nice work.
nice work jim congrats on the woody and keep up great works

Funny Hillbilly Horse with Eye Nostrils

Hillbilly Horse with Eye Nostrils
Member reactions:
Now this is my kind of chop, Freaking hillarious and goofy to the core. Very well done.

Funny Beverly HillBillies and Their Haunted House

Beverly HillBillies and Their Haunted House
A tribute to one of my fave old shows
Member reactions:
Sorry to say that I am tired of the "American Gothics" renditions. But I have to give you credit for a well done chop.
Dont be sorry we all like and dislike lots of renditions /themes. I chose this just because I loved the Beverlie Hill billies as a kid and had the donor pic for ages waiting to use it in something. Thanks for the compliment and good luck with your chops in the future.
So this is where Grant Wood got the idea for 'American Gothic'. Actually only the hayfork is somewhat reminiscent of that painting, other than that it is the Clampett kin in the front yard of the contest source. Nice work, I like it.
Gr8 source John & use of it also, I loved them as a kid & still do as an adult.

Funny Hillbilly Wedding in Zero Gravity

Hillbilly Wedding in Zero Gravity
Member reactions:
This is a hoot wedding - from little bunny on the ground to the cow in the sky. Absolutely brilliant chop.
love the shotgun daddy, and that skanky looking sheep, is she the bridesmaid.
This is fun
Congrats Deb You are now the woody queen with 5 of them
The rendecks are attractin' woodies again. Congratulations, Deb.
Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed my chop.

Funny Hillbilly Goat in a Shirt

Hillbilly Goat in a Shirt
Beautiful day in the mountains for this hillbilly goat to just sit back & chew his hayseed. Full view for full effect.
Member reactions:
wheres the spitting tin. haha very funny.
very nice image, love the teeth, very good
Nice entry. I wish the teeth weren't so red, but I do like it.
the eyes perspective is a bit off specially the left side.
the teeth dont blend too well with the rest of the image.
the idea is their,execution of eye is their,but my concern is the teeth it looks paste. still nice source of pic.

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