Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running
Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running
Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running. I wish it wasn't true, but I think Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016 unless the world magically ends before it. Once again the Clintons forge left and right, out of right and wrong. Hillary Leading Dems in 2016 Race
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Maybe. She must not be afraid of right wing nut-cases with rifles. I don't see the right tolerating any more years of a socialist agenda. That is my fear. The liberals should probably give it a rest and avoid the storm. Nice chop by the way
Thanks Hit Man. I would agree that Obama's biggest achievement might be to convince 53% of the electorate to move to the right. Politics is getting to be like a train wreck - you can't watch, and you can't avoid watching.
She's in very fragile health, yet is under big pressure to run. Will she be able to handle the campaign. Gonna be tough
Thanks. This came out more objective than I actually intended. I'm not a Clinton fan. But, I'd like to think, although outdated, I'm a a gentleman.

Funny Hillary Emails Hidden From Scrutiny

Hillary Emails Hidden From Scrutiny
Hillary Emails as Sec. of State Hidden On Private Server At Home
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"Vote for me" poster with crossed years is a clever touch Gummy.

Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary commits infanticide

Hillary commits infanticide
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ha,,,,,,,,,What difference does it make.


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She's 67 and looks 76 and hasn't driven a car since 1997 :0)
And is she holding a bag of frozen burritos for all those future Dem. voters.
Cute reindeer antlers head piece. I have one for my dog but she refuses to wear it. She says I have bad taste and dogs don't wear reindeer head-pieces. Of course, my dog has questionable taste anyhow.
There's our girl now. Maybe even too kind.
Do you intend Christmas ....or Halloween .
Luciano "What difference does it make"

Funny Hot Rod Hillary

Hot Rod Hillary
Please See Large
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Its that obvious, huh. Well I'm clearly a masochist for detail with a love for one of the best sources ever shot. And I stumbled across that 57 Bellaire that screamed to be in this chop. Fine tuning the reflections and character build went so smooth. . Can't say enough about good source pics. Good to see that name "Renegade" again.
Holy Cow... Some of you guys are brutalizing this chop. So far it rated an A+ and at 6.9. Be fair and play nice. Jeeeeeeezzze If you're going to vote that low please give a reason why.
Thanks. If that was you that just voted it up from the pit of shame I beg you live a thousand years. XXOO Hhahahaha
Great chop on its own, but within the contest theme it'd work better if Hillary and her face was given a bigger space and focus in the whole composition
Craziness here...really cool...thought it would rank higher, but welcome to the pit of shame ..
Timmy shrugs and sighs. Personally I thought this chop was a visual wrecking ball. It's so vibrant I figured it would vibrate all the way to first hahahaha. Oh well. Thanks AZwoodbox, Luciano, Newsy and Renegade
I didn't offer you my gun this tim for fear you would use it.

Funny Hillary's Revenge

Hillary's Revenge
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Could be a very good chop but I can see at least three different points of perspective.

Funny Outback Hillary

Outback Hillary
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I like the Idea. But a lot of extra noise artifacts thru out the picture. Possibly due to stretching and sharpening low res images.
Good job, but needs shadows on the ground from the ostrich, egg and chameleon
Thanks for the pointers.I edited the whole thing.
Bronze Congrats AnWhat.. Love the buzzard..

Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Is anyone here doubting Hillary will run for president in 2016? It's interesting how her presidential ambitions developed recently. Just two years ago, she kept saying a firm "NO" to any media questions about her possible run in 2016. Months ago, she changed "No" to "I have no definite plans". In the recent interview Obama talked a great deal about Hillary and said "she would be a very effective president", adding that they've been buddies for a long time. Last week Hillary said "I have a decision to make" (about the 2016 bid). Is it her decision, or was she pushed into it by the democrats who consider her the best ticket for 2016? (Notice that Vice President Biden is out of the question - noone is considering his run.) It appears that Hillary's decision to run in 2016 is a done deal, and it's only a matter of time when she announces it. Photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 presidential run. E.g. promotional posters, campaign behind the scenes, media coverage, etc. Many thanks to Hackofalltrades for the themepost.

Funny Hillary Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton for President?
Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said "I'm in". This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

Funny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani
Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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