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Funny Hillary Pictures

Hillary Killed With ShoeFunny Hillary Killed With Shoe
Member reactions:
Hillary Killed With Shoe
Nice Expression Good to see the glass breaking
I've been told that my title and the news story seem to be a little different but to quote Hillary-"What Difference does it make."
She's got a foot in the mouth case Nice work, but please don't re-use parts of your past chops
OK boss, but I just couldn't see reinventing the wheel when all I needed was a lug nut.

Barrack and HillaryFunny Barrack and Hillary
Member reactions:

So sweet little pair and perfect matching of thier dress
Hillary looking so cute Great merge of their faces... nice expressions used
Great choice of hillary expression also face dimension fits very well
Congrats on the gold, Evi. You are on a roll.
Well done young master, great swap, great softening, great all around. Congrats on the gold
Thanks all, I'm the first surprised on seeing this chop first.

Hillary To Sick To RunFunny Hillary To Sick To Run
Member reactions:
Is Hillary dying
Is Coconut whispering ObamaaaCaarrreee.. Out the Box Chop
Well they just released the remake of "Robocop" to show how Hillary still CAN run
Excellent interpretation of the news. Scenary,light and expressions are good choices

Hillary's Political BaggageFunny Hillary's Political Baggage
Member reactions:

ahhhh... fantastic composition of colours, is great the job of composition, i like very much boy
Don't fight with this man because he know the magic. Good job
Hillary has all control. ... it looks like hat
Surprisingly or not, she looks so natural in the clown makeup here, hahaha.
Nice montage, Andwhat. She's taking a lot of baggage into that campaign.

Hillary, President of the USAFunny Hillary, President of the USA
Member reactions:

Hillary Clinton stands in the oval office, contemplating the position in which she now stands, as commander and chief of the most powerful military force on Planet Earth.
Well that would make me sick, or It will kill me.
Nope, after having helped the prez kill our Ambassador in Bengasi she will never be elected.
I disagree, Gummy. The people on her side of the aisle think that it's her turn. To get her elected, they'll play dirty. Don't underestimate them. Or her.
I'll have to put a VooDoo Coconut curse on her then.
Ted Cruz plans a really dirty campaign as well. Twenty sixteen, I predict, the USA is gonna look like a pig pen.
She actually said she's too old for this
A little birdie tells me that comment will be swept away when the time comes...

Hillary's SneezeFunny Hillary's Sneeze
Member reactions:

If you block a sneeze your head will explode.
Great entry of showing the bloody and fire ball to relates the superstitions

Hillary Clinton is doing magic on FridayFunny Hillary Clinton is doing magic on Friday
Member reactions:

Double Bronze congrats, Andrew. Love her eyes.
WTG Wanderer. But Now I feel bad about getting in the way for you getting a trifecta. (But not to bad, you understand)
Thank you, Rajeshstar, Paul and Gummy. Gummy, I hope we both will have a trifecta in the future. For me it happens when all of you will take vacation for on contest and will send 3 pictures. Best regards, W
This one is my favorite from far . congratulations for the mass entries and win .
Bronze congrats for Wanderer too. Woo Hoo.
Gummy messed up a perfect 4 cup sweep. Then on the other hand, he could say you messed up his Gold spot. And I can say, I did not interfere at all Bwhahahahhaah Well done chop.

Hillary ClintonFunny Hillary Clinton
Member reactions:

Side profiles seem to remind me of aliens, suits her

Hairy HillaryFunny Hairy Hillary
Member reactions:

HA HA HA Good to see the rat in the hair
The perfect resting place for Mouse Hilarious
Congrats on the gold, Paul. The mouse gets cheese for the winning too.
Congratulations-almost thought it was a HitSpinner creation with the Mouse in the chop.
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, Gummy. Thanks, G-Man.

Hillary-GandalfFunny Hillary-Gandalf
Member reactions:

Hillary Clinton for President?Funny Hillary Clinton for President? - Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said "I'm in". This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy GiulianiFunny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani - Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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