Queen Hillary The Ruler Of All
Queen Hillary The Ruler Of All
Queen Hillary The Ruler Of All.

Funny Queen Elizabeth-Hillary II

Queen Elizabeth-Hillary II
Member reactions:
Maybe bring the tonal value and colour of her neck to match the face. Unless you are going for that fake tan look 👍🏼
Thank you. Added brightness to dark person.
Lol great sources. looks better. It reminds me of a colleague that used to sell fake tans and the line killed me. Good luck

Funny Hillary

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Tim, you really blew it on this one. What happened; did you go to sleep.

Funny Hillary the Gypsy

Hillary the Gypsy

Funny Not old man after long time with Hillary

Not old man after long time with Hillary

Funny Hillary 2020 `Make America Back Again!`

Hillary 2020 `Make America Back Again!`

Funny Too Late Hillary

Too Late Hillary
Ragged Hillary morning after voting.
Member reactions:
It's been forever since I've been here...of course missed the motivational contest. Hope this fits here.
Kinda looks like a blowfish with whiskers on her chin.
Welcome back and congrats on a top spot trophy.
Thanks everyone. So many great elaborate works anymore.
Congrats on the bronze, ERJR. How awesome to see you again.

Funny Vote Hillary For Values

Vote Hillary For Values
Recent Wikileaks tie Clintons to the unthinkable
Member reactions:
I may not sleep after seeing this, made me open more wine, good one.
Thanks. Yep, it is creepy. All in good fun

Funny FBI Targets Hillary Again

FBI Targets Hillary Again
Member reactions:
Should say "Probes ",, with that face....
Did she spend alle her time in the last years making emails .
Congrats Hitspinner, Love it, really good chop.
Gold and Bronze Congrats, Master Hits Spinner. Awesome caricatures for the best citizens of USA, leaders of the nation.
Hmmm, comments are lagging or something screwey. Thanks HH, Luciano and Andrew as well

Funny Hillary Clinton Puppet

Hillary Clinton Puppet

Funny Hillary's Blame Game

Hillary's Blame Game
Since losing what seemed to be a sure thing (USA Presidential Elections of 2016) Hillary Clinton seemed to be in hiding. Now she's come out of the woods and is discussing the reasons why she lost the contest to Trump. Like other politicians before her, Andrew Jackson blamed others as well for his loss in 1824. He went on to win the election 4 years later. Something most feel Hillary isn't quite up to. In this contest take current worldwide leaders and politicians (no celebrities) and place them in historic portraits. For more background on why Hillary thinks she lost Click Here to learn more.

Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Following months of speculations, Hillary has announced that she IS running for president. Let's recall that when Hillary was Secretary of State she repeatedly said this was her very last job in politics and she would never consider running for president again. That was back in 2013. Last year, in a long interview Obama said Hillary would make a great president, and she should run for office in 2016. Obviously Hillary was under a lot of pressure from the Democratic party to run, as polls showed her to be the best Democratic contender against any Republican candidates. As for her words that "she would never run" and the real reasons behind her decision... at this point... what difference does it make? As Hillary kicks off the campaign, let us photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 run (campaign materials, show her possible choice of running mates, etc)

Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Is anyone here doubting Hillary will run for president in 2016? It's interesting how her presidential ambitions developed recently. Just two years ago, she kept saying a firm "NO" to any media questions about her possible run in 2016. Months ago, she changed "No" to "I have no definite plans". In the recent interview Obama talked a great deal about Hillary and said "she would be a very effective president", adding that they've been buddies for a long time. Last week Hillary said "I have a decision to make" (about the 2016 bid). Is it her decision, or was she pushed into it by the democrats who consider her the best ticket for 2016? (Notice that Vice President Biden is out of the question - noone is considering his run.) It appears that Hillary's decision to run in 2016 is a done deal, and it's only a matter of time when she announces it. Photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 presidential run. E.g. promotional posters, campaign behind the scenes, media coverage, etc. Many thanks to Hackofalltrades for the themepost.

Funny Hillary Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton for President?
Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said "I'm in". This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

Funny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani
Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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