Funny Hillary

. Member reactions:
Great edit
Very well done, congratulations for winning.
Hey man, #1. Not surprised but am a little bit at this one. Some of the others you did I thought were better but hey, we take the wins however they come, huh. Very well done, it was brutal competition.
Best of 57. My eyes are bleeding from all the voting. BIG CONGRATS.
Congrats on the gold, Luciano. Many great entries from you in this contest

Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary

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Blurry cheeks, but great work from chin to nose and the nose is upsized really well.

Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary and Her Bad Grumpy Cat

Hillary and Her Bad Grumpy Cat
. Member reactions:
Nice. I would decrease yellow and dimension of her face
What Luciano said but man, this is really good

Funny Hillary


Funny Hillary Stalked By A Giant Squirrel

Hillary Stalked By A Giant Squirrel
A Republican intern in a giant squirrel costume has been following Hillary Clinton on her book tour. Member reactions:
Caricature is ultra smooth and background work is genius, simply lovely and crisp
Awesome political satire. An intern dressed as a giant squirrel was following Hillary.... you better thank that intern he did not dress up as a giant beaver, this would give plenty of room for interpretations
Well done Doc. Pretty goofy news Congrats

Funny Ibis Vs. Cyborg Hillary

Ibis Vs. Cyborg Hillary
. Member reactions:
Very creative freakish sci-fi chop. However the shark needs to be removed and changed for some other source, as this shark is from DeviantArt:http://staplesart.deviantart.com/art/Shark-vs-Diver-365323451
ok,im scrambling to fix this,saw your comment 10 minutes before contest ended,
Nice edit by the way, you can still edit before VOTING ends, so plenty of time even after submissions are closed.The background also turned out to be from DA:http://digikevin10.deviantart.com/art/space-105-276196780Please edit and use some alternative background.
I dont think this chop was meant to be newsie.I Tineyed this setting i to older images ,so as to see where the background originated.It didnt look like it originated from Deviantart.I saw that a member of deviantart chopped the background with a chair,i just didnt think it originated there.This whole DA stuff is really rough on me.Im trying like New Jersey not to use their stuff.Im not gonna have time to edit this,so I guess you wtll have to delete it,Its just a real bummer for me,
I changed my mind,dont delete it newsie,let me see what I can do.
...looks like Hillary has been out matched, Again.
Thanks splat and lucianomorelli
Nice edit, Debbie. Would be a pity to remove this one. To check the image origin look, I usually use reverse image search and clock "all sizes". The original is usually the one with the highest size.

Funny Hillary Who? Moisturize me in 2016!

Hillary Who? Moisturize me in 2016!
The new Dr. Who finds himself in the Thick of it in 2016...

Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Is anyone here doubting Hillary will run for president in 2016? It's interesting how her presidential ambitions developed recently. Just two years ago, she kept saying a firm "NO" to any media questions about her possible run in 2016. Months ago, she changed "No" to "I have no definite plans". In the recent interview Obama talked a great deal about Hillary and said "she would be a very effective president", adding that they've been buddies for a long time. Last week Hillary said "I have a decision to make" (about the 2016 bid). Is it her decision, or was she pushed into it by the democrats who consider her the best ticket for 2016? (Notice that Vice President Biden is out of the question - noone is considering his run.) It appears that Hillary's decision to run in 2016 is a done deal, and it's only a matter of time when she announces it. Photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 presidential run. E.g. promotional posters, campaign behind the scenes, media coverage, etc. Many thanks to Hackofalltrades for the themepost.

Funny Hillary Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton for President?
Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said "I'm in". This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements. Thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest.

Funny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani
Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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