Hillary Goes To The Fair
Hillary Goes To The Fair
Hillary Goes To The Fair. Hillary at the fair
Member reactions:
A new barbique is in the next zone... like the crime scene concept and the struggler rat
Looks like a pig-on-the-stick and she is trying to scare the people on the ride.
Just when you thought she couldn't be more scary.
Thanks Newsy but, You ain't seen scary yet if she gets elected.

Funny Porky Hillary

Porky Hillary
Member reactions:
Somehow... this looks so natural. Great job
I like looking at these without seeing the title to see if I can recognize the character and unfortunately for Hillary, this looks great.
So cute... looks some similarities of her and can see some resemblence good one
Again I say,,, An insult to pigs everywhere.

Funny Weasel ,,, I mean Hillary

Weasel ,,, I mean Hillary

Funny Hillary's Brain

Hillary's Brain
Member reactions:
yes, more of the same. I think that is one reason I am a bit concerned about Bush. A Family dynasty behing the running of a government sounds too much like a monarchy. Good job and cleverly poignant.

Funny Election fight - Obama, Hillary, Putin, and Donald Trump

Election fight - Obama, Hillary, Putin, and Donald Trump
Member reactions:
Every one looks so cute. nice little soldiers

Funny Hillary vs Jeb Bush

Hillary vs Jeb Bush
Member reactions:
I keep watching this one to see if it turns into an "Out Of Bounds" chop.
Gummy, it is no real story belong the picture. I hope.
I'm waiting for that fist to turn into a 3D punch.

Funny Hillary in Retro Dress

Hillary in Retro Dress

Funny Portrait of Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt

Portrait of Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Good job,but can't stand the face,that's why I use it.

Funny Young Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt

Young Hillary Clinton by Rembrandt
Member reactions:
Great blending and excellent choice of sources.

Funny Hillary Clinton Comics

Hillary Clinton Comics
Member reactions:
Unfortunately yes,Hillary is like a man-meaty goodness roach ,probably survive a nuclear blast.Kinda like Keith Richards,but not cool
she is part of that dynasty elite that get their marching orders from the central bank muckymucks. Not to be trusted, she is way too socialist motivated

Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Following months of speculations, Hillary has announced that she IS running for president. Let's recall that when Hillary was Secretary of State she repeatedly said this was her very last job in politics and she would never consider running for president again. That was back in 2013. Last year, in a long interview Obama said Hillary would make a great president, and she should run for office in 2016. Obviously Hillary was under a lot of pressure from the Democratic party to run, as polls showed her to be the best Democratic contender against any Republican candidates. As for her words that "she would never run" and the real reasons behind her decision... at this point... what difference does it make? As Hillary kicks off the campaign, let us photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 run (campaign materials, show her possible choice of running mates, etc)

Funny Hillary 2016

Hillary 2016
Is anyone here doubting Hillary will run for president in 2016? It's interesting how her presidential ambitions developed recently. Just two years ago, she kept saying a firm "NO" to any media questions about her possible run in 2016. Months ago, she changed "No" to "I have no definite plans". In the recent interview Obama talked a great deal about Hillary and said "she would be a very effective president", adding that they've been buddies for a long time. Last week Hillary said "I have a decision to make" (about the 2016 bid). Is it her decision, or was she pushed into it by the democrats who consider her the best ticket for 2016? (Notice that Vice President Biden is out of the question - noone is considering his run.) It appears that Hillary's decision to run in 2016 is a done deal, and it's only a matter of time when she announces it. Photoshop anything related to Hillary's 2016 presidential run. E.g. promotional posters, campaign behind the scenes, media coverage, etc. Many thanks to Hackofalltrades for the themepost.

Funny Hillary Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton for President?
Senator Hillary Clinton officially declared her bid for presidency 2008. Making her announcement Hillary said "I'm in". This is the phrase she rarely heard from Bill in their bedroom. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to Senator Hillary Clinton running for president of United States. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

Funny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani
Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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