Hilary Rhoda with a Beard
Hilary Rhoda with a Beard
Hilary Rhoda with a Beard. She's going Conchita Wurst, her beard is taking over the world.

Funny Obama's Hilary and Biden Riding The Sheeple Express

Obama's Hilary and Biden Riding The Sheeple Express
Get On Board.
Member reactions:
Looks geat. Is that Pufnstuff.. I'm old.
Lot of work seen.... All were enjoying the ride to a Zoo... great attire for Obama and his crew fantastic job done

Funny Barack Obama as Alfalfa with his Dog Hilary

Barack Obama as Alfalfa with his Dog Hilary
Lies on Benghazi
Member reactions:
ty PS I havent been happy with any backgrounds lately,,so I have been using only rooms I make from Scratch :}
Thanksss Awesome and Jim.. Pcrdds. glad you like it,,
Awesome.... Obama's facial expression and the Dog eye stole my heart good top job done 10+++++++
Masters job done Excellent caricature very well executed. Obama expression and the smoke work is excellent.
Fantastic... its a super work with both buddies I can smell what you are cooking hidden
Beautiful.... Beautiful colors and work. Congrats on gold. Well deserved win.
ohh .. Thanks... Im so glad you all like them,,,
Hillary dog has got reach Hill's character. Congrats on the gold, pree.

Funny Queen Hilary Clinton of America Stamp

Queen Hilary Clinton of America Stamp
Meet the new Queen's stamp for 2012
Member reactions:
Congrats on the bronze Ismael, super chop.
Thank you guys. I'm compeating with the best here...AZRainman is sweeping up with the competition, we have to stop him...hahaha...
This is the way I always see Hillary, creepy. Great chop. Congrats.
Trying to knock out Rainmain is akin to the kid going to a gunfight against the the gunfighter with corpses left in every town. You have to accept you are going to die and just keep blasting at him until maybe you hit him too hahahahahahaah Here is what I think.. I'm not here to beat anyone or anything except the last chop I entered. Given that pressure on seld sooner or later every chop I do will be a contender as long as I don't go stupid over content. Consistancy is what makes Rainman appear to be the best when in fact there are numerous choppers that chop at that level that are capable of delivering superb chops at any given time. AZ is just steady as Tiger woods. He is also something like a professor of photoshop, really monster brain knowledgable.
awesome stamp...dunno if id lick her ass though...
great one ismael , congrats on the trophy keep going

Funny Symmetrical Hilary Duff

Symmetrical Hilary Duff

Funny Male Hilary Clinton

Male Hilary Clinton

Funny Hilary Clinton Painting

Hilary Clinton Painting

Funny Hilary Clinton Cracking Up

Hilary Clinton Cracking Up
Cracking Up: To laugh hysterically

Funny Hilary Clinton Upside Down

Hilary Clinton Upside Down

Funny Hilary Losing Head

Hilary Losing Head
Member reactions:
i love how the severed neck is like a neatly sliced piece of processed ham

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