The Joy Of Hiking
The Joy Of Hiking
The Joy Of Hiking. A fellow artist turned me on to this background. He says it's magical. I thought I would test that out. I hope this works.
Member reactions:
Very good, As always your chops ask more questions than they answer.
Thanks, Gummy. That's because I finally found my artistic niche. "Random Disorganization"
Thanks, Paul. Where is Bob. he's extremely quiet lately.
Thanks, Steve... Finally The BG Worked, Spinner. It really works.
I thought this was probably yours. It is freaking outstanding. Leaves so much up to the imagination. A+++++ in my book
Great Background. Thanks, Hits. Thanks very much, Xaos. Good luck to you as well. Hope to see you around here a little more.
What makes this so cool for me Splat is that it left me asking questions, it has a mystery to it.
Thanks, DD. I'm happy it turned out so well. Purely an accident though. I was just tinkering around with the background Spinner turned me on to, and threw some things together from a random file collection. Which happens to be the way most of my chops originate.
Like pulling toys out of the toy box to play. Lol

Funny Mom Hiking with her Baby Daughter

Mom Hiking with her Baby Daughter
Member reactions:
very funny to see the swaped faces, the daughter looks more happy being carried by her mother

Funny Women Hiking Along a Road

Women Hiking Along a Road
"The next cliff is higher. If we hurry, we can make it before nightfall. I sure hope your 'umbrella-as-a-parachute' idea works."
Member reactions:
Thanks. I made it look like evening from a normal background, added the Sun and everything. Please do vote for me.
Excellent job the shadow the sun rise, everything......
Nice wk & welcome to the site. You may want to check the voting guidelines in the help section for future reference
Welcome to the site, Yashie. Great chop, but do check the voting guidelines indeed.

Funny Hiking Penguin

Hiking Penguin
Member reactions:
yes it's there, eric. Thanks Rajeshstar & azureSky

Funny Hiking in Iran

Hiking in Iran
Member reactions:
Congratulations VIPEZ. Like this one the most.
thanks GarRobMil , rajeshtar , geriatric , NewsMaster , pcrdds , deaddog

Funny Aliens Hitch Hiking

Aliens Hitch Hiking
They should have taken that left at Albuquerque. Source.
Member reactions:
need to fix your link, also I know who you are now. you got some nice sources in there, love that frog. cute chop.
Yeah, using them twice kinda gave me away. My link works okay for me, though.
Antigravity feet. they seem to be floating .... cool concept, tho.Looks like a painting

Funny Hiking to Uncle Henry's House

Hiking to Uncle Henry's House
Member reactions:
Maybe it' supposed to be a dip in the road...
Was indeed trying for a dip in the road. I did crown the road at the cut and had added some shadow (does not look like it now, not enough I guess)in an attempt to demarcate one pavement section from the other. Alternate titles: 'What you don't see can't hurt you' 'Keep your eye on the ball', etc. And a slew of others. (Uncle Henry alludes to Uncle Doctor Henry Walton Jones, Junior aka Indiana Jones)
Quality work, Steve. "Keep your eye on the ball".

Funny Woman and Child Hiking by Bouguereau

Woman and Child Hiking by Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Wish I was the child on her back ... Nice touch great job..

Funny Gisele Bundchen Hitch Hiking in the Outback

Gisele Bundchen Hitch Hiking in the Outback
Sorr I don't know how to link the pic's like everyone else here does. I made this 2-3 years ago & for forever to find those two links, not a clue where the background went, sorry.
Member reactions:
Decent work here but looks more like collage

Funny Hiking Gerhard Schroeder & George W. Bush

Hiking Gerhard Schroeder & George W. Bush
George W. and Gerhard trek the Himalayas. Of course, they use the 'buddy system'.

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