I'll Ride The Highway
I'll Ride The Highway
I'll Ride The Highway. BEST VIEW source images
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Excellent. Top 5 congrats but could have just as easily won one of the cups.
Top 5 congrats, Billy Mac. This should have scored WAY higher.

Funny Woman Waiting by the Highway

Woman Waiting by the Highway
To my husband on our anniversary. And no, it's not just a filter thrown on a pic, thank you.
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The most terrible moment is waiting for a person and he is not coming... this happens to me a lot Good gift to your husband... Happy Anniversary
Quality artwork, but why is it so sad. Something happened.
Thank you Hitspinner, rajeshtar, ericnorthend & NewsMaster. NewsMsster, that would be an understatement. Long story, would probably take a book to write it all down.

Funny Highway Line Painters Dead End Job

Highway Line Painters Dead End Job
This artist is a little obsessed with her work... no one really knows how long she's been working, but it seems her sidewalk turned to road art has taken a turn for the worse.
Member reactions:
Turned right onto road-kill road Scorpion is a nice touch
This is dead road and making by this sweet gitl....
Got a woody for your fine work. Well done.

Funny Man Riding Down a Highway in a Trash Can on Wheels

Man Riding Down a Highway in a Trash Can on Wheels

Funny Hugo Chavez on Highway to Hell

Hugo Chavez on Highway to Hell
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Good Caricature and like the highway to Hell... All the New Jersey Boys were playing with fire and Hugo made a everlasting impact on them too.... Miss you Hugo RIP
missing some shadows, the light is from behind, everything should be darker on this side. front of truck wouldn't be so bright.

Funny Trouts Driving on the Highway

Trouts Driving on the Highway
Trout Highway
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Congrads for the week, moving on up to the big time, keep up the good work.
Thanks all. I wasn't sure how this would be received. I still haven't figured out all the buttons on Photoshop yet but I'm working on it.
like this one fido , congrats on the woody
Luv it. Cartoonish style and the title made me . Congrats on the wood, Fido.

Funny Highway Billboard

Highway Billboard

Funny Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven
youtube one site
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Great work but Paul seems to be a bit vertically stretched here
i think he had a few numbers i also saw 33 ,let me know what you find thanks.
He had, or has been involved with many numbers. However, his first professional win as a driver came in 1982.
Congrats on the trophy preemiememe Nice tribute
great piece pre, i was actually referring to his final resting age 83 woulda looked nice as his final car number
sid))) your right... ... thanks was nice to come home to see this thanks peeps ))

Funny McMyWay or the Death Highway

McMyWay or the Death Highway
Member reactions:
Looks like a good job only IMO let down a bit by the rather 'in your face' graffiti by the turret.
, what year is this. Is the word "sh*t" even considered profanity. It was used as graffiti, against the system. I felt it was done quite tastefully, then again what the "h*ll" do we know out west in Cali. Sorry to offend, i fix. Hey, since when were we going by IMO rules ( International Meteorological Organization) .
Hey we dunno much down here in good ol Aus either it would seem. SH*T. I like the chop too
Thanks for the edit, I think it's a sign of me getting old, , no offence was taken just sometimes less is more, could have left it but semi covered with dust or mud just IMO.
The edit is appreciated, Slick - we have advertisers who are unhappy about such kind of words. Plus we try to keep this site family-friendly. Congratulations on the silver.
Slixter Congratulations, like chop, good competition...

Funny Highway Flyer

Highway Flyer
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Made in China with fine Chinese lead. This can't be safe.

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