Woman Guitar Hero
Woman Guitar Hero
Woman Guitar Hero. Member reactions:
Nice fit, but you should soften the new instrument to fit better
Nicely placed... her looks matched the concept..

Funny Harry the Super Hero

Harry the Super Hero
I included the source image into the image as well so you can see his face clearly
Member reactions:
Definitely mad skills way beyond cut and paste. Top 5

Funny Harry The Super Hero Actor

Harry The Super Hero Actor
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver. Maybe Harry will show up in Justice League.
Hitspinner, this is a superior chop, you really are the best, I love your style and work, Congrats on the win .

Funny The new hero of the French resistance

The new hero of the French resistance
Germans still remembers French hospitality during WWII and only patriots-antifascists infected them with venereal diseases in the bordels.

Funny Super Hero

Super Hero

Funny Islamic Firefighting Hero

Islamic Firefighting Hero
High-rise Hero Photographer saved in High-rise fire
Member reactions:
Silver Congrats Hits. So much great fiery detail. Drawing from experience..
Champ. Well, my equipment looked identical but I never charged a burning building to save anyone. Ummm wait, I take that back, there was a couple of times but turned out the people were not in there after all. Most of the fires I worked on were fought from outside or wild land. I actually was a medic so most were med runs. I hate fire Hahahahah Thanks Champ, Gummy (a real hero), Newsy, Luciano and Crafty
One heck of a HOT CHOP, congrats on the win.
Nice action and colors, but the wings lift this chop to a higher level. congrats.
Thanks Martijn. The wings are fractals. Pretty awesome source. I have used similar in other chops and they always come out quite dramatic. Just search word, "fractal wings" and something should come up
thanks for the info, Tim. that might come in handy one day. i see the next chop of yours will be your 1000th. make it a goldy to celebrate.
Thanks, right you are. I would have missed that milestone. I knew it was coming up but had already zoned it out hahaha
Wonderful chop, you did a beautiful job, my granddaughter will like this, she has been training at Gratis Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio. Congrats on the win.

Funny Katy Perry the Super Hero

Katy Perry the Super Hero

Funny Karen Black Super Hero

Karen Black Super Hero
Enjoy the next round Karen Black Special thanks to DC Collectables
Member reactions:
Great thought erupted out of the broken egg shells A lovely coming out to grace her beauty all over well done
Super chop, her smile is as wonderful as the effect in the pic
Wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman. Congrats on the gold, Hits.
Fantastic job on this one, congrats on the gold.
Thanks Newsy. I couldn't agree more. I had the pleasure to meet her at a luncheon. What a sweet gal. RIP Thank you Gummy, Wanderer, My portraitist Karar, Doc, Eric,Rajesh, and splatshot. 1/100th of a point separating 1st from 2'nd. Now that has to be a first time ever. Actually the top 9 or 10 chops in this contest were pretty outstanding and could have won But on this day, we got it right and paid homage to somebody that entertained us so well, thanks folks
Congratulations. Outstanding Tribute. *sorry i missed the vote...*
Thanks Bob, Splatshot and Geri. No worries about the vote. I missed it too. Just as I sat down to vote I got a call there was a fire nearby and had to rush out and get into fire mode. Turned out to be several miles away, thank God.
Congratulations. Six more and you're in the Hall of Fame ... wait ... you already are. Hmm. Okay, in that case CONGRATULATIONS ANYWAY..
Icy. I know. I don't think I was even aware of a Hall Of Fame here until I was already on it. Can't remember really.
oh that was a close race Tim, next time it's MINE great tribute, congrats on the gold, spend them wisely, and by that i mean Beer, cheers.
Yeah it was close. Well since it turns out that we are sisters or some sort of princes in waiting to the Egyptian throne I guess that will be okay hahahahahaahah. {Inside joke folks)

Funny Nikola Tesla Electric Super Hero

Nikola Tesla Electric Super Hero

Funny Didgeridoo Hero

Didgeridoo Hero

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