Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th.

Funny Henry Cavill as Wonder Woman

Henry Cavill as Wonder Woman

Funny King Henry Wearing Google Glasses

King Henry Wearing Google Glasses

Funny Henry the 8th as Sherlock Holmes

Henry the 8th as Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
Whoahhhh Ho,nice job.Congrats on the silver cup
Congratulations on the Gold HoHouse
Well alrightiethen.... Got a silver cup. Great chop Dude....
This definitely works. Congratulations pulling out a Silver, HH
Gold wham-a-jama for the House. Congrats my friend.
Very clever and very fitting new role for Henry. Congrats on the gold HoHouse.
Movin on up. Hehe. Betcha that was a welcome surprise. Congrats on the gold....

Funny Henry Waxman Squirrel

Henry Waxman Squirrel
Notice: Owing to outgoing Congressman Henry Waxman's uncanny resemblance to a rodent, the author is compelled to advise reviewers: This is actually a chop of a squirrel with Waxman's features. Redundant you say.
Member reactions:
Amazing eyebrow, spec and that yellow teeth is so crazy...Big nose buddy got my point
Cool beans I would, however, add some shadows from his hands and the bucket

Funny King Henry with a Macaroni Necklace Painting

King Henry with a Macaroni Necklace Painting
Member reactions:
You Can't fool me. Did you make that necklace in grade school. Great One.

Funny Henry Turtle the VIII

Henry Turtle the VIII
A thousand eggs hatched and still no son.

Funny Thierry Henry Caricature

Thierry Henry Caricature
Red Bulls roll up 5 goals on Toronto | MLS roundup
Member reactions:
Another well done caricature, ya getting good at this stuff.

Funny Henry Waxman Gollum

Henry Waxman Gollum
Henry Waxman: The Witch Hunter of Capitol Hill View Sources
Member reactions:
Malkin is a feral sandbox. Waxman's a good guy. This image is absolutely brilliant.
totally kickass... grats in advance. (luv the textures)
Great work
I am, always, amazed at the artistic talent displayed at FN. Amazing entry-amazing detail and artistry.
Add me to the fan club for this entry too. and is that Hammer and Sickle communist sign on his chain, .
Just keeping it real Real, wonderful collection of characters in your artwork, I'm opening a gallery soon in congress.
You have done this choppin stuff before, ain't ya. Hhahaahaha sweeeeet.
Congrats on the gold, KIR. You never cease to amaze us with your creations.
Thanks all. I appreciate your comments and your votes. I believe it's my best score to date. I was almost ready to scrap this one because I wasn't happy with the way the body was turning out (you choppers know how that goes) but I just kept at it. Note: The lake in the background is Mono Lake in CA, a very weird lake.
Newsy - Yes, it's a Hammer & Sickle, kind of a cool one too. Have a great week everyone.
Total stroke of genius keeper...Always a challenge, never dissappointing.
That guy always reminds me of one of the trolls from Harry Potter. One heck of a good entry...............................

Funny Chris Henry Tribute

Chris Henry Tribute
I was late entering into a previous contest so I thought I'd atleast get it in here and get some feedback
Member reactions:
I like this. the only thing I might have done is left the action shot more visible. Great work.

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