Jimi Hendrix the Guitar Master
Jimi Hendrix the Guitar Master
Jimi Hendrix the Guitar Master. Happy Birthday......Jimi. Points to Ponder.: He was born 70 years ago.....and died too soon in 1970. 70/70
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Nice Caricature on Jimi.... looks stunning with smoke

Funny Jimi Hendrix in Heroin Heaven

Jimi Hendrix in Heroin Heaven
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Great background with full of clouds and shiny sun
Creative idea well done with the injections as pillar , he looks handsome

Funny Jimi Hendrix in Paradise Caricature

Jimi Hendrix in Paradise Caricature
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Wonderful work, hidden coloricious. great caricature, and I agree with Kellie, great BG
Out of the Box entry ..... Excellent colorful treat given on Jimi Birthday.. Marvelous chop with smoky fog around with peacock feathers resembles the beauty of the woman.... and finally the Bird over his hat is amazing .... Winner is here 10+++
Breahtaking tribute to Hendrix. Congrats on the gold, PSM.

Funny Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar on the Sun

Jimi Hendrix Playing Guitar on the Sun
3rd Stone from the Sun

Funny Jimi Hendrix Walking with Doves

Jimi Hendrix Walking with Doves
Member reactions:
Beautiful work on this image It's definitely a different take on Jimi Hendrix I was wondering what the pinkish shape at the end of his right arm is.
I also not confirm about that, maybe bag..I just take from this source
Jimi in shorts... looks so peaceful and Good Boy... well done like this chop
Full view is awesome, that pink thing is like his Air bag to sit
ERIC....Thanks rajeshstar & eric
I like how you made the head, but it looks a bit weird because the hands can't be seen and if I see right you put some topaz at sky and not at the rest of the layers, is good to put the filter at the final image not for one layer. Hope it helps don't take my comment as critique
Great work BX.....It's kinda reminiscent of Rainman's style a bit...if it was mine I would've eliminated the pink package & tucked his arm behind his back a bit more though...
Many thanks lady Sunshin3 & Master Funk for your constructive comment. I'm really glad to get a guide from professional photoshoper like you two. I will do better next time.
U don't need guidance.....u already got what it takes. just a slight nit pic tho....the left leg is just a bit too dark...not sure what the source pic looks like....
Love this one, but I would remove the "red bag", just so it causes no confusion

Funny Jimi Hendrix Unplugged Smoking Pot Caricature

Jimi Hendrix Unplugged Smoking Pot Caricature
Member reactions:
Nice work on the smoke and the overall image has great appeal I think it would be even better if the facial area better matched the clarity of the rest of the image not sure if you kept enough of the likeness in the caricaturization, and he was next to never seen wearing sunglasses.
Some good pointers QT, thanks. I fixed the nose to get more of a likeness. Also started with a low res image of Jimi due to time constraints...(not a lot of time to search for high res). but I think he looks good in sunglasses, he should've worn them more often, .
Marvelous caricature with the Goggles in transparent give the feel of originality and Hair style with a cigar on his mouth gives him a freak look well done Like this....
My favorite in the contest, silver congrats Funk
Congrat's Funk, beautiful image.. cheers Mandrak
By far my fav Funk. Not a very good contest choice due to the fact that all his photos are bad and hard to work with unless you want to colorize a black and white.
Congratulations. You captured the 'cool' in Jimi.
Thanks all. This one was executed in a relatively short period of time compared to other recent chops. (a few hours). Almost made the scrap bin a couple times, but managed to rescue it at the last minute....Still had a blast.
You've captured Jimi's personality, funkster. Congrats on the silver.
uhhh jimi played a right handed guitar flipped over and restrung lefty....other than that good job

Funny Jumi Hendrix Burning a Guitar Under an Old Bridge

Jumi Hendrix Burning a Guitar Under an Old Bridge
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Nice work I saw him do this at my very 1st rock concert . . . nobody like Jimi
Well done so clean and clear job done good concert

Funny Jimi Hendrix in Heaven

Jimi Hendrix in Heaven
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I hate to admit it but Democrats and Independents have been actually more kinder in their comments than my own Republican party, Thanks guys :0)
one day you may be able to afford my shoes..

Funny Jimi Hendrix and the Psychedelic Chimney

Jimi Hendrix and the Psychedelic Chimney
Excuse me while I kiss the sky.
Member reactions:
Colorful dream

Funny Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley Underground Music

Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley Underground Music
Member reactions:
Reminds me of my city Amsterdam , Holland , which is normal here. Artists playing in the streets , blowing & shooting & yea making music everywhere. I am by far not a junkie but hey , these people make the world a adventure to live by. Watch your children my friends . Great work ...
Excellent work, wonderful colors and nicely lit . . . though, Marley's picking hand looks a bit large, and that headstock on his Strat looks a bit strange.

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