The Incredible Hemp
The Incredible Hemp
The Incredible Hemp. Member reactions:
...this is a fantastic job. Love the hemp hat, gives him a Green Giant look. and the Venus fly trap on steroids is awesome . Congrats on the Silver, Hits.
TY Swash, Andrew, CHAMP (for the 10)., Hobbit, Luciano, eric, balodiya, Badseed, and Jere
The Big Green Guy is one Big Pot Head, good one as always, congrats on the win.
congrats hits. i like what you did with the burning joint.
I knew this comment area was glitch. I wrote what is in Hobbit's comment area. She wrote something else entirely.
Let's try this again. Thanks Doc, Bob, Jere, HH, Hobbit

Funny Honey & Hemp Oil Sauce

Honey & Hemp Oil Sauce
Member reactions:
Don't think they have much snow in Australia, but the sauce looks good.
hahaha, i live in the heart of it Newsy...was snowing here last week mate..

Funny Hemp For Sale

Hemp For Sale
Now I've got the munchies.
Member reactions:
where can i sign up for preferred customer card..

Funny Indoor Hemp Cultivation

Indoor Hemp Cultivation
Don't ask me the address .
Member reactions:
nice garden
Maybe want to add a little shadowing under the plants and furniture. Would help give some depth.

Funny The Hemp Club For Men

The Hemp Club For Men

Funny Hemp Basball Bat

Hemp Basball Bat
Member reactions:
He might not be the best player, but he's got many friends

Funny Barack Obama with Hemp Cigarettes

Barack Obama with Hemp Cigarettes
Member reactions:
and health care problem solved once and for all.

Funny Hemp Farmer

Hemp Farmer
Taking jobs away from Mexico
Member reactions:
hahaha, so marijuana rots your teeth. nice entry...
I have no clue oopsee I was looking for a paranoid expression but this one was priceless ..... thanks
The red barn with marijuana sign is classic


nectar of the gods

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