Even Richard Nixon Helped
Even Richard Nixon Helped
Even Richard Nixon Helped. In the background, are the Apollo 11 Astronauts. Richard Nixon was president when the Apollo 11 mission took place.
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Great representation of what he use to do.

Funny Let me help you

Let me help you
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Well, let's hope these two will do even better in the 2018 World Cup.

Funny Young Man Helps Old Lady In Elevator

Young Man Helps Old Lady In Elevator
A young man acted as a human chair for an elderly lady in stuck elevator
Member reactions:
And congrats on the wood too. Another bonus - you get a ticket to Bieber's concert.
Thanks, Elegary, luciano and Newsy. ..what I've always wanted, Newsy. Thanks so much. If I can bring a friend, you're coming along.
Dirt colored fart hahahhaaha. Great job . Cup congrats

Funny A mouse ! Help me !

A mouse ! Help me !
Member reactions:
..love it. Part of the running girls shadow is on top of the uniform sleeve.
Brilliant. I see the shadow had been edited too
Nice edit Hidden. Now If I could only figure out WHY... that numbskull is still looking at his phone with a necked girl is running about.
He is controlling if the photo just taken was good enough.

Funny Will These Help

Will These Help
Sometimes training needs the tender touch
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Great concept and this table is very strong for elephant..

Funny Street Art with a little help

Street Art with a little help
Street Art with a little help
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Very nice work. Her right knee is a dangerous position.

Funny Helping Hands

Helping Hands
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Very creative use of the source, Hidden. Great political satire here.
Amazing chop,In the politics don't trust to any buddy
Thanks also Pacovilla, Elegary, Eric, and Eviro.
Excellent use of lights and the source pic... great finish with caricature and looks of Obama is little suspicious... he will hit him definately Great job done
Thanks for nice comments Lucian and Rajesh your Obama brief. Love it Thanks and appreciation, G-Man.
Congrats Uncle C.. Reminds me of erm... something I saw on Netflix. Great use of filters... looks fantastic.
Thanks NewsMaster,G-Man,Jim. Appreciate it

Funny Help!


Funny Help needed

Help needed

Funny With a little help from my Friends

With a little help from my Friends
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Just a guess but I'd bet all these people are welcome in New York.
I didn't her or her husband had any friends.
Frankenstein's monster looks a little smitten with Michelle
The Michelle O'Bama is freaking wild and scary.
great. Nice stretched faces, big eyes looks great.
Like Obama and Michelle the most scary fellows.
What was in the water at Michelle's 50th b'day party.

Funny Help World Tourism!

Help World Tourism!
We missed the annual celebration of "World Tourism Day" last week (September 27). The day was established in 1980 to promote the international tourism. For years tourism has been greatly suffering from the credit crunch, high jet fuel prices, and international country tensions. Create normal or controversial and unusual tourism posters and advertisements for any country in the world. Here's an example.

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