Habanero Hell
Habanero Hell
Habanero Hell. Member reactions:
Cute, but what's behind the squirrel's tail.
I dunno, I could remove it if it is distracting.
Well done. He should join your BotS crew (if you ever get back to playing), Or at least the Sunday Funnies.

Funny The Gate of Hell 2020

The Gate of Hell 2020
Member reactions:
Lol as usual Wanderer. Treasure trove of parody. Love Obama. Congrats on Top 5.
I see him, the evil skull, ha ha ha ha... Great job

Funny Hell Polo

Hell Polo


Jeff Bridges Source: Hell or High Water Paints a Portrait of a Real America That Many Ignored

Funny Vladimir Putin To Open A Can Of Hell Fire on ISIS and ALL Terrorists

Vladimir Putin To Open A Can Of Hell Fire on ISIS and ALL Terrorists
Putin Vows to open a can of hellfire
Member reactions:
He's a "no prisoners" sort of crazy. Probably just what the situation calls for. Nice work
True but once you open that can, you can't put the lid back on it.
You have a point... genie in the bottle and all that. We shall see how it pans out.
I failed to mention, great chop by the way. Deserves a cup

Funny Hillary Clinton Being Dragged to Hell

Hillary Clinton Being Dragged to Hell
Member reactions:
Excellent. She kinda looks pretty like that
freaking lot of killer chops in this contest

Funny Barack Obama the Devil in Burning Hell

Barack Obama the Devil in Burning Hell

Funny When Hell Freezes Over

When Hell Freezes Over
Fire or ice would be equally bad in my book.
Member reactions:
Thumbs up. Makes me think of White Walkers from "Game of Thrones".

Funny Doors to Heaven and Hell

Doors to Heaven and Hell

Funny Skulls Golfer at the Hell Hole

Skulls Golfer at the Hell Hole
Member reactions:
I don't get it either but it's a great chop.
Excellent work .... like the snail and the small skull on the ground The corpus with lighting coming out is amazing
Good job, But i don't know what is the link between all of this and that snail xD
Scary composition. Full of mistery and thrilling. I would add a broken glass to the cabin.
Awesome work, kinda spooking in a Satanic way too Congrats on the silver, silvercanine.
Stunning surrealism. Well done and congrats on the cup
A silver grats to go with the silver trophy
Congrats Silver, I like the fire and light effects

Funny War Is Hell

War Is Hell
With all the military tensions around North Korea, war might be brewing soon unless everyone pulls out without doing a preemptive strike. North Korea transported its mid-range missile (the one and only so far) to the border with South Korea, according to the intercepted wires. The missile can strike South Korea, US forces near South Korea, or even fly further and strike Japan. The military movements by North Korea started as a response to the annual US-South Korea training exercises that were widely covered by the media. To show how peace can suddenly turn into war, take any (non-war) painting or movie and give it a military/war theme.

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