Tiny Helicopter
Tiny Helicopter
Tiny Helicopter. Member reactions:
Nice job, the guys who fly these would love it and I went to school with one, gonna send it to him.
Congrats on the Silver (best of the bunch, in my opinion).

Funny Joe Biden Flying a Helicopter

Joe Biden Flying a Helicopter
A small helicopter landed on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol building
Member reactions:
Another fowl up by security. They need to figure out how to oops proof the lawn.
And the Gov. said they they need to hurry up and prosicute him to make an example so others won't try this. Yeah, They sure made an example out of Lois Learner, and Holder, and Hillery, and on and on and on.
the combination of his sitting position and face expression are quite funny. The two soldiers closest to him seem to be a bit to sharp though, imo.
the groundhog.
You just a chopping machine today. I was thinking about doing the same theme but then saw the Mexican nuke theft and just had to do something stupid with that. Great job.

Funny Helicopter Flying Without Rotors

Helicopter Flying Without Rotors

Funny James Bond Hanging From a Helicopter

James Bond Hanging From a Helicopter
Member reactions:
One beauty of a job you did with the source. Awesome.
Excellent work with source...the caricatured head and the hand with expressions perfectly matched to the picture good one
impressive and realistic chop. Rope perspective is perfect.
Congrats on another gold, tusav. You are on a roll.

Funny Matt Lauer Hanging From a Helicopter

Matt Lauer Hanging From a Helicopter
As part of his contract, "Today" show host, Matt Lauer gets free helicopter service
Member reactions:
Brilliant work, swinging Matt looks so calm
Thanks, its420. Me too. I think a lot have no idea who he is.

Funny Helicopter Jail Break

Helicopter Jail Break
Quebec Helicopter Jailbreak
Member reactions:
The airline motto is: "Freedom airlines - from jail to the skies." Excellent work

Funny Helicopter Flying Upside Down in Australia

Helicopter Flying Upside Down in Australia
The landings are a little...unorthodox
Member reactions:
Thanx pre...hasn't been above 0 here for about a week...I'm thinking of hot sand on my cold toes.
One of the best chops in the contest for sure. Pro work, and looks a bit like optical illusion too
azwoodbox perfectly executed... congrats on a really nice chop..
Far from perfect...Thanks all for your kindness.

Funny Vladimir Putin Delivering Snow by Helicopter

Vladimir Putin Delivering Snow by Helicopter
Ski jumping. Snow by helicopter as promised. Putin said he guaranteed snow there this year, even if he would have to bring it by helicopters. Friends help wanted. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.
Member reactions:
Hilarious like his Sky bat and the fat lady just trying to impress him
Out of the box, very attractive action lady with Ice on demand
Lady is Angela Merkel and pilot is Silvio Berlusconi. Who is with dog you know. All were invited.
Congrats on the wood, Andrew. The wrist-watch Putin is wearing is a famous brand of so called "commander's watch", I had almost the same one.
Sweet looking and humorous chop.. Congratulations
Great chop and very funny. Congrats on the trophy.

Funny Helicopter in Vietnam 1970

Helicopter in Vietnam 1970
I used 3 photos for this compilation . Sources
Member reactions:
I am having problems creating a Link to my Tinypic source photos. The original photos are Kodacolor, old, Low-rez & generally crappy. Garbage IN-Garbage OUT...
Your link works now. You gave a second life to these old photos with this chop.
I will master the Link eventually...Duh..
oops ^^
Nice work. Congratulations on the silver.

Funny Barack Obama and Friends Parachuting Out of a Helicopter

Barack Obama and Friends Parachuting Out of a Helicopter
Member reactions:
Do you see. Barack Obama feels not good. He is scared.
Wild chop. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.

Funny Helicopter

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