Helen Thomas and Chuck Schumer
Helen Thomas and Chuck Schumer
Helen Thomas and Chuck Schumer. Member reactions:
Yep it is a Yikes, scared me and I'm the one that did the pic.
Excellent, perfect match. at Chucky Shoomer's flipper lip.
Thanks a lot ReggieRey and thanks Gummy and OllieR for the Yikes, that's what I was aiming for.
and I really liked the little bubbles of your sources.
Gummy, thank you so much, really glad you like it.
Congrats on your two wins. They are two of my favorites.I really like whatever effects you created on this. It really draws the eye.
Wonderfully done with the light and shadow. Congrats on the winner, Hobbit.

Funny Hairy Helen Worth

Hairy Helen Worth

Funny Helen Thomas Portrait

Helen Thomas Portrait

Funny Pregnant Helen Thomas

Pregnant Helen Thomas
Member reactions:
Awww cool, nice you picked Rose as a source. She is 115 years old.

Funny R.I.P. Helen Thomas

R.I.P. Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas
Member reactions:
I sure hope she gets to stay where you put her. But if she starts asking God all them tough questions that she is use to asking well you know...
Its a career best offer for her to take the correspondence from Heaven She can report directly from there good chop RIP
You have to admit that she didn't let anything go unnoticed. Nice chop.
Awww I didn't hear, thanks for the tribute HH. Great chop

Funny Helen Worth the Sloth

Helen Worth the Sloth
Member reactions:
A sloth from different world... came to our earth looks like an alien Hilarious job done
Looks great in full. Nice work on the hair.
This was just plain brilliant as a source. Congrads
Omg this is funny as New Jersey ... congratulations .
This one is just soo frickin cool...Excellent . My winner ..

Funny Helen Flanagan Bobblehead

Helen Flanagan Bobblehead
Member reactions:
That red is perfect for this.. You may not have added it but it is your decision to use it and isperfect for the chop

Funny Helen Thomas the Witch

Helen Thomas the Witch
Member reactions:
Great merge of the face looks as a original witch
perfect fit with the background and great chop

Funny Helen Thomas in a Mystery Garden

Helen Thomas in a Mystery Garden

Funny Helen Thomas with Daughter

Helen Thomas with Daughter
Artificial Insemination..
Member reactions:
I couldn't stop laughing with this one, great job.
ha ha what a makeover of her child and the label Condensed Milk from Confident cows very funny
Thank you all for your commenjts. I am glad you liked the piece.

Funny Goodbye, Helen Thomas

Goodbye, Helen Thomas
Veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas has just resigned after she said Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine." The grand dame of the White House press corps, who outlasted nine American presidential administrations and Castro's rule was finally forced to halt her determined, often opinion-laden questioning and into retirement this week over comments on the issue closest to her heart, the Middle East. Fidel Castro was once asked to define the difference between democracy in Cuba and the United States. "I don't have to answer questions from Helen Thomas," the old revolutionary replied. There were no fond farewells for the 89-year-old reporter remembered as a trailblazer for women in journalism but also as a grumpy old contrarian. Her front-row seat in the White House briefing room, in recent years uniquely tagged with her own name rather than that of an organization, was left empty. Since Helen Thomas did not have proper farewells at the White House, let us throw a farewell party for her at Freaking News -- photoshop Helen Thomas any way you wish.

Funny Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt
American Academy Award winning actress Helen Hunt celebrated her 45th birthday past Sunday. Helen brought us sincere entertaining roles including her role in the television sitcom Mad About You and her Oscar-winning role in As Good As It Gets. My personal favorite of Helen's performances is her role in What Women Want. Happy 45th birthday Helen! To celebrate the 45th birthday of Helen Hunt, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what other movies she could have played in, merging Helen with some other celebrity, showing her in paintings, etc.

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