Whoops! Imagine There IS a Heaven.
Whoops! Imagine There IS a Heaven.
Whoops! Imagine There IS a Heaven.. Well, what if the Big G was mad at John for asking people to disregard all the Heaven bits in human understanding - so he had to circle about in space waiting to get in - sort of like waiting for his Green card in NY as it happened. Will always miss John. His music and wit. And his angry crusade for a world that made better sense than it does.
Member reactions:
Amazing work here, cool and musical move with funky glasses
Nothing more British than Churchill. They're all British icons, except Sandra Bullock from Gravity for the one person who might see her.
Woody congrats.... I want a pair of those glasses hahaha

Funny Fashion Police City of Heaven

Fashion Police City of Heaven
Member reactions:
Oh boy, she sticks to her best skills in heaven. Nicely thought and chopped tribute, Hidden.

Funny Richard Attenborough In Jurassic Heaven

Richard Attenborough In Jurassic Heaven
British actor, Richard Attenborough, one of the stars of "Jurassic Park," has died
Member reactions:
A man who made Mahatma Gandhi alive... also got some reptiles walk again on earth.... RIP Richard... your creativity and movies will be remembered
Someone is borning, someone is expiring. Life cycles.

Funny Ascends To Heaven

Ascends To Heaven
Member reactions:
Le titre ressort beaucoup par rapport au reste, non.
I'm not very good at French... are you saying the title is off.
Love the Idea. But the small Shirley at the bottom doesn't seem to project the concept for me.
The title should have been "montée au ciel" to accord to the gender, but otherwise, the text could have been merged a little bit more to the pic, but nice job
Very good indeed. Colors match perfectly.

Funny Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate
She was definitely the best.
Member reactions:
All poster is very Nice and this special gate for paradise and it's open by the God for special person's ...
Sweet composition but I don't see shadows.
Very artistic chop filled with images of Shirley through her life. I think the middle chair and Shirley herself need some shadows on the floor though.
Wherever she goes... she showers the spirit of love.... RIP

Funny Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven
Member reactions:
Clean work, but I'd add some shadows from the 3 figures and stairway
Like the shadows and the way to heaven very beautiful
Can't go wrong with that song. Nice chop, PDJ

Funny Nelson Mandela in Heaven

Nelson Mandela in Heaven
There was a time when a whole generation of young people thought that his first name was "FREE". Well now he is.
Member reactions:
Excellent tribute. I like how you chose the very African angle here

Funny Paul Walker Angel Driving to Heaven

Paul Walker Angel Driving to Heaven
Member reactions:
Walker's last race to heaven. Many fine details here
good idea behind too fast and too soon. he is in hurry
Congrats on the gold

Funny Lou Reed on His Way to Heaven

Lou Reed on His Way to Heaven
Member reactions:
Like the way to heaven..... after seeing this I want to follow his steps towards heaven Like the background where angels waiting and God himself came to receive him

Funny Lou Reed Delivering Guitars on the Way to Heaven

Lou Reed Delivering Guitars on the Way to Heaven
Member reactions:
One of my all time favorites. I was sadden to here the news, nice tribute.
Great chop, but I agree - some shadows from guitars would help

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