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Funny Heaven Pictures

Ascends To HeavenFunny Ascends To Heaven
Member reactions:

Le titre ressort beaucoup par rapport au reste, non.
I'm not very good at French... are you saying the title is off.
Love the Idea. But the small Shirley at the bottom doesn't seem to project the concept for me.
The title should have been "montée au ciel" to accord to the gender, but otherwise, the text could have been merged a little bit more to the pic, but nice job
Very good indeed. Colors match perfectly.

Heaven's GateFunny Heaven's Gate
Member reactions:

She was definitely the best.
All poster is very Nice and this special gate for paradise and it's open by the God for special person's ...
Sweet composition but I don't see shadows.
Very artistic chop filled with images of Shirley through her life. I think the middle chair and Shirley herself need some shadows on the floor though.
Wherever she goes... she showers the spirit of love.... RIP

Stairway To HeavenFunny Stairway To Heaven
Member reactions:

Clean work, but I'd add some shadows from the 3 figures and stairway
Like the shadows and the way to heaven very beautiful
Can't go wrong with that song. Nice chop, PDJ

The Pathway to HeavenFunny The Pathway to Heaven
Member reactions:

Open to interpretation
this is really interesting keep up the good work ...

Knocking On Heaven's DoorFunny Knocking On Heaven's Door
Member reactions:

Well illuminated chop with an angle for him to support in Heaven Great job done and like the caricature awesome
Congrats,on the Gold....gugulanul.Well done...
Thank you nepaguy59,Wanderer and pcrdds ... ...

Sing in HeavenFunny Sing in Heaven
Member reactions:

Nice work, hidden … is that Prince's purple guitar.
Thank you Qtr, don't know but everything is possible in Heaven you can have anything
Great color combination.. The purple color shades were looking great over his hair and the guitar and Belts of the pant were perfect match. Great job done to reach him above the clouds well executed
Awesome work his head fits so prefect and the starry effect all over the picture is amazing and gives very lucrative touch with mix of background.. beautifully done
Many thanks Rajeshstar, Ericnorthend very glad you like it
Congrat's on the bronze Cheers Mandrak
Congratulations. He looks real 'sweet' but, that's not a word I would use to describe 'Jimi'. Nonetheless-great pic Sunshin3.
Thank you PSM, Mandrak, Pcr, Geriatric, Funkwood, Deaddog, Blackx appreciate your comments.
Wonderful, clean work. Congrats on the bronze, Sun.

Heroin HeavenFunny Heroin Heaven
Member reactions:

Great background with full of clouds and shiny sun
Creative idea well done with the injections as pillar , he looks handsome

A smile from HeavenFunny A smile from Heaven
Member reactions:

Great work with the source, nice mix of fog and the lovely plants like the idea of putting his head bigger than life... well done
good thinking showing the way of life, nice job
So Nice thought and very well executed good job
Lots of thanks Subhraj1t, Rajeshstar, Burnsey, Suni, Balodiya very glad you like it
Let the sun shine in, wonderful chop, what's new.
Many thanks for congrats Jcsuperman, Vicspa, Geriatric, Pcrdds, Hohouse nothing new here, just happy to back chopping
Love the juicy colors here. Congrats on the silver, Sun.

Heaven BoundFunny Heaven Bound
Member reactions:

My tribute to Tony Scott and Phyllis Diller. May they both rest in peace.
A laugh mixed w/sadness is a nice change of concept.
Excellent .... very well described the heavenly bond like the wings and the heavenly blue sky with the rays of light scattered... well done
Woody congrats, Veroni. Thought this would place higher. Great job.
Thanks everyone. Lots of good entries this time, Im glad to be amoung the top ones. yay.
A truly great entry, Congrats Veronica.
Great tribute with a touch of humor. Congrats on the wood, Veroni.

Reunited With Friends In HeavenFunny Reunited With Friends In Heaven
Member reactions:

Andy Griffith has died Andy reunites with Barney Fife, Floyd the Barber, Goober, Howard, Otis the Town Drunk and Aunt Bee.
With all do respect(and a great job otherwise),but how do you include Howard Sprague but NOT Goober..
Didn't realize George Lindsey died in May.
Goober has been added, chiguy. Thanks for alerting me.
Since I had a similar idea on the passing of Andy Griffith, (but the contest never materialized). I say GREAT IDEA here, good luck with it.
Great job to give him homage like this good work with the clouds and stars where all his friends peeping out
Awesome car, good chop hidden cool work on the sky
Beautiful work, great tribute. Silver congrats
Thanks, Malcolm and Grumpy. Appreciate it a lot.

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