New Super Star in `Baseball Heaven League`
New Super Star in `Baseball Heaven League`
New Super Star in "Baseball Heaven League" . Member reactions:
A catcher's mitt might be more appropriate.
Thank you, LunaC. Sorry I am not Baseball fan and used all my baseball knowledge to create picture for 20 minutes free time I had. I have no access to my PC with Photoshop now and I'll try update later.
Why is he dressed like a Bishop. Why is the rabbit there.
It is a heaven. I don't know how people dressed in heaven. Probably it is peaceful place and rabbits walk around. Yogi can continue baseball practice here.

Funny Gateway to Heaven

Gateway to Heaven
Member reactions:
I can suppose the meaning of the door, not of the windows.

Funny Joe Cocker Driving in Heaven

Joe Cocker Driving in Heaven
Member reactions:
Great view and good to see the CD on the road.
I really liked his music
Love the nostalgic feeling here. One of my favorites in the contest.

Funny John Lennon Imagining there is a Heaven

John Lennon Imagining there is a Heaven
Well, what if the Big G was mad at John for asking people to disregard all the Heaven bits in human understanding - so he had to circle about in space waiting to get in - sort of like waiting for his Green card in NY as it happened. Will always miss John. His music and wit. And his angry crusade for a world that made better sense than it does.
Member reactions:
Amazing work here, cool and musical move with funky glasses
Nothing more British than Churchill. They're all British icons, except Sandra Bullock from Gravity for the one person who might see her.
Woody congrats.... I want a pair of those glasses hahaha

Funny Doors to Heaven and Hell

Doors to Heaven and Hell

Funny Joan Rivers Interviews by Johnny Carson in Heaven

Joan Rivers Interviews by Johnny Carson in Heaven
At one time, Joan was banned from the "Tonight Show" because she started her own competing late night show.
Member reactions:
Great idea and flawless execution. Outstanding tribute
Nice looking chop, very well crafted. Congrats on the cup, Doc
You made her a caricature and she still looks pretty... Great job Pcrdds..
Good work. Only Carson banned Joan because Joan got higher ratings than he did on his own show. He used her getting a show on Fox as an excuse, when in fact the Tonight Show was not renewing her contract. Details. I loved her, feel the need to defend her I doubt they'd be friends. As one writer said "she's probably chasing him with a baseball bat in Heaven." CONGRATS on the silver.
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, it's420, G-Man, Billy Mac, Dutch and Icy.

Funny Joan Rivers' Standup Gig in Heaven

Joan Rivers' Standup Gig in Heaven
She went too soon, but God has the last laugh.
Member reactions:
Clean work, but somehow she looks not as herself. Probably due to the round face here and different hairstyle
Yet I didn't do anything to her face except open her eyes a bit. I did a lot of work on the hair and body. THANKS.
Not sure why, it could be the angle from which the source photo was taken. She had a narrow pointy jawline and chin, but here it feels wide and rounded, which makes the whole face look rounded. I did not mean to belittle your work, Icy, it's a quality chop, I just commented on the likeness to Joan
Oh, I wasn't upset, didn't feel you were mean, etc. I'm just realizing that this is how her face was when she was smiling or maybe I chose a source picture from a time when she carried more weight. I DID reduce her figure - it was wide. It could be the photographer's angle or some other manipulation he/she did. I have to backtrack a bit, too -- I did narrow her nose and did something to her nostril, not sure what. But I didn't widen her face. THANKS for making me think through the process; makes me better at chopping.

Funny Joan Rivers the Fashion Police in Heaven

Joan Rivers the Fashion Police in Heaven
Member reactions:
Oh boy, she sticks to her best skills in heaven. Nicely thought and chopped tribute, Hidden.

Funny Joan Rivers in Heaven

Joan Rivers in Heaven
Member reactions:
Nice but the wings need more blending & I can see the .com name.

Funny Richard Attenborough In Jurassic Heaven

Richard Attenborough In Jurassic Heaven
British actor, Richard Attenborough, one of the stars of "Jurassic Park," has died
Member reactions:
A man who made Mahatma Gandhi alive... also got some reptiles walk again on earth.... RIP Richard... your creativity and movies will be remembered
Someone is borning, someone is expiring. Life cycles.

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