Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search & Rescue
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search & Rescue
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search & Rescue. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search for missing guitars of the band here Tom is learning to fly but he ain't got wings as a pilot but he knows coming down is the hardest thing and all this while they release the hounds to find the guitars and tom has his last dance with Mary Jane
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Like your dog
Great to see the plane coming so down searching ...... excellent work on the man with a guitar up above the plane
This is Great Toms Guitars were found Check this out Story from Fox News
Great work...I like the concept, well done.
Ahh, Tom Petty & the heartbreakers. Used to listen them a lot in my college days. Great chop.

Funny Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
We got lucky: Tom Petty to play Halifax
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Nice work dog......I don't think I've ever seen Petty looking this good. You from Halifax.
No oldman but I did see him live in the Seattle area some 6 years ago and it was out doors and he rocked with Stevie Nicks. Eddie Vetter came out to sing a song after Petty gave him this great long introduction about how he sang a particular Petty song and Eddie started singing......... and forgot the words.
Nice work here deaddog, and that Rickenbaker looks sweet anywhere . . . love me some Petty . . . and the "sideways" hat, intentional heh ..
I never noticed the hat but I think your right, the little ribbon thing goes on the side. No...... the hats right........ it's the head thats crooked.

Funny Heartbreaker Movie Poster Pictogram

Heartbreaker Movie Poster Pictogram

Funny Wayne Gretzky Heartbreaker

Wayne Gretzky Heartbreaker
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very stylish chop. He could be advertising jeans like this. I like how you changed the pavement for the cracked desert land. the girl is bringing him a bottle of champaign - nice girl she is
I thought you smell love in the air Sassy
Newsy thanks a lot, yes I changed the pavement and sky at bg... the girl is nice but the boy is too, all the girls will love him lool... too bad are few girls here I would had a higher score for sure
Congrats Sunshin. Cool, funny and seixy chop.. Awesome work.
...sorry for the 3 edit but the server don't want i write seixy.
No problem Ibou, when you edit you can delete 'edited by user' tag but anyhow it will remain one but it's cool others one can be deleted I just discovered my self Thank you so much for congrats and thanks too Newsy.

Funny Heartbreaker

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Funny Heartbreaker Pictogram Movie Poster

Heartbreaker Pictogram Movie Poster
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Very well done the pictogram breaking the Heart with hammer is awesome

Funny Jennifer Lopez the Heartbreaker

Jennifer Lopez the Heartbreaker

Funny Heartbreakers Movie

Heartbreakers Movie

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