Oprah Winfrey Healthy Eating Book
Oprah Winfrey Healthy Eating Book
Oprah Winfrey Healthy Eating Book. Member reactions:
LoL, she even has a candy necklace
Yummy... all those lovely mouthwatering stuff imprinted on the cover of a book then the kids will not read it they will eat the cover first
Thanks, everyone. And thanks to Kellie for recognizing the candy necklace.
Thanks, HH...isn't everyone on a diet. Just eat the crap and lots of delicious ice cream. Besides, no one wants to die healthy.
Yummy book cover. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Young Mr. Salis. Thanks, Newsy. Appreciate it guys and gal.

Funny Healthy Hostess

Healthy Hostess
At least they kept the chocolate fudge toppers.

Funny Red Wine For a Healthy Smile

Red Wine For a Healthy Smile
Good news. Red wine is good for your TEETH: Study finds it can help prevent cavities

Funny Healthy Hands & Healthy Nails Vaseline Advert

Healthy Hands & Healthy Nails Vaseline Advert
This 'advertisement' for Vaseline is inspired by a painting created by Vermeer called Milkmaid.

Funny Healthy Running

Healthy Running
Running is very healthy, especially when the view is good....

Funny Junk Food Leads to Healthy Life

Junk Food Leads to Healthy Life
Eat and Live Longer

Funny Healthy Apples at McDonalds

Healthy Apples at McDonalds
Member reactions:
Love the "Granny Smith" green colored seats . . .

Funny White Teeth Healthy Heart

White Teeth Healthy Heart
Brush teeth to 'prevent' heart disease
Member reactions:
Clean work, and very informative article.
Nice teeth-where did you get the source image. Just curious-great chop.
thanks for the comments .... I got the Teeth from a dentist ad found on google. the rest is my own work.

Funny Bill Clinton and Healthy Lunches

Bill Clinton and Healthy Lunches
School snacks should become a bit healthier for students across the country under a landmark deal brokered by former President Bill Clinton with five major food companies. http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/459386p-386468c.html
Member reactions:
Quality work here. Bill's face expression is perfect.

Funny Healthy Asparagus

Healthy Asparagus
Asparagus is packed full of goodness including vitamin A, an essential nutrient that helps to protect our eyes, skin and immune system, plus vitamin C which helps to strengthen our capillaries and is involved in collagen formation. Asparagus is also a good source of vitamin K, used in bone formation and blood clotting, and may reduce the risk of diabetes. Asparagus also contains folic acid, important for making blood cells. Folic acid is also an essential nutrient during pregnancy as it is needed for foetal development. Just 150g of asparagus will provide the total recommended daily intake of folic acid for most adults (200mg). The NHS recommends that pregnant women get 400mg folic acid a day. Submit any ASPARAGUS THEMED images. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Healthy Cigarettes

Healthy Cigarettes
Modify any existing cigarette brands (or create a new one) to make it a "healthy brand" - containing healthy ingredients, vitamins, drugs, etc.

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