Barack Obama's Healthcare Reform
Barack Obama's Healthcare Reform
Barack Obama's Healthcare Reform. I don't want my healthcare in the hands of these monsters and thier helpers.

Funny Gordon Brown Gives Free Healthcare to Obama

Gordon Brown Gives Free Healthcare to Obama
Member reactions:
Full view is fully horrifying (Obama's face)
Silver Oscar for this horror flick by John, congrats.
Thanks guys, I am very happy Guys I have just noticed the pic title has been clipped during the upload. doh.. It should read. "GORDON BROWN DEMO'S FREE HEALTH CARE"
Fixed the title for you, John. Remember when you have apostrophe in the title, then when you edit you need to re-type the full title in the submission form if the title is cut short.
cheers newsy i didnt know that. thanks for the fix mate,
Nice job-just found this one. You started this project years ago, it appears, with over 1900 entries to date.

Funny Healthcare Overhaul Approved

Healthcare Overhaul Approved
Landmark healthcare overhaul approved
Member reactions:
Is there a Dr. in the House... or Senate.
The airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan - it's the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves.
Biden looks like he's up to no good, . He's gonna give someone a rectal exam or something

Funny Big Brother Healthcare - Barack Obama

Big Brother Healthcare - Barack Obama
Doctors nationwide are against ObamaCare Thanks for viewing full size...
Member reactions:
Freaking topical satire. Full view this bay-bee.
Blatantly excellent chop. Yes, full view..
Great chopI like the way you used the light in areas of main intrest
. Full view is TOTALLY awesome... Wickedly awesome chop.
I predicted this would do well. Great work.
Lik ethe lighting in full congrats on the wood.

Funny Obama Healthcare

Obama Healthcare
House of Representatives passes Barack Obama's healthcare

Funny Dick Cheney's Homeland Healthcare

Dick Cheney's Homeland Healthcare

Funny GOP Healthcare Strategy

GOP Healthcare Strategy
GOP's healthcare strategy: Repeal and replace

Funny Santa's Helpers Demand Healthcare

Santa's Helpers Demand Healthcare
Santa and Mrs. Claus are suspected of opposing healthcare reform.
Member reactions:
nice, why not warp the top part of sticker over the mailbox as it would curve with the box, darken the inside of the trash can as the box would cast shadow, and widen the shadow the can would throw.

Funny Barack Obama in Once Upon a Healthcare Bill

Barack Obama in Once Upon a Healthcare Bill
Member reactions:
Obama's Health care is like a fairy tale came true, . Good job here.

Funny Nancy Pelosi Needs Healthcare

Nancy Pelosi Needs Healthcare

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