Generation Health!
Generation Health!
Generation Health!. Member reactions:
Quality work, though the face is not changed (read the contest directions again please)
Sometimes Google translate confuses me
good one hidreley deserve more than 6,4 in my opinion

Funny OBAMA SNARE Health Care

Member reactions:
The "mouse" trap is very clever. Pulls and money as the bait, .
Awesome This Looks great Quality job done
I think the different styles work very nicely. And a great caricature of a younger, better looking obama.
great caricature. Lovely chop. well done
Congrats, First. Mubarak is already in the history as Number one destroyer of United State of America. He doesn't like country and hate all of us. But he has time to do more...............
Sorry for the delay. Was out of town visiting family. Thank you Rajesh, D-Man, Champ, Geri, Wanderer, Newsey, Gummy, HH and MsgtBob. Mubarak... I thought his 15 minutes of troublemaking was over.

Funny Obama Scare Health Care

Obama Scare Health Care
Yes Sir, He did vote the wrong way,,,Twice.
Member reactions:
Fantastic job, and message (the title says it all). That patient does look familiar.
Way to knock down a cup Gummy. Congrats on the Bronze
Hehe, I know that patient too. Congrats on a great chop with a pretty dang truthful message.
Thanks buddy but, You need to be careful, you seem to keep frizzing him off,,, one of these days your just going to disappear.

Funny Obamacare Health Plan

Obamacare Health Plan
Member reactions:
ObamaCare has 20000 pages of guidelines.... so to save these papers... a very innovate idea to put them in
Wonderful chop, but real pity you have made it in so small image.

Funny Riddled Health Care Act with Giraffes

Riddled Health Care Act with Giraffes
Member reactions:
They know how to hide themselves
Good Chop Interesting characters selection

Funny Take (health)care of yourselves

Take (health)care of  yourselves
Rain-soaked Obama promises to win Virginia
Member reactions:
Winning at any cost... rain, snow, thunder, hurricane nice idea to put him surrounded by Umbrellas good show

Funny Public (Health) Enemy

Public (Health) Enemy
If Flav can't annoy you into quitting, nothing can.
Member reactions:
My PC crashed at the end of the 1st one of these I made, so I know this one isn't as good, but I wasn't gonna spend another 4 hours doing it all over again, especially since there wasn't that much time left in the contest. I just like the idea...
Ohh. its sad to know abt your PC.. hope better pic next time with full of your thought Good luck
Nice idea ... the clock ticks so faster its now time to quit
as a smoker, the positive benefits of smoking far outweigh the negative ones, for me personally (the immediate ones I know affect me now, and the increased risk of the others that may still come to pass). but, I think using "flavor" in this way is funny, so I turned it into a non-smoking thing. When I've played with this theme in the past, it was a decidedly pro-smoking message...whatever. One works with the theme given.
also, almost all members of my family, smoker and non-smoker alike, going back 5 generations, die of the same thing, and it doesn't happen until well after their 80th birthdays (though, no one seems to make it to 90, again, regardless of smoker-status). I'm not saying I won't get lung cancer, but even with the increased risk from smoking, the chances for someone with my DNA are low. Essentially, I'm saying, "F U Surgeons General."

Funny Obama Health Care & The Garden of Eden

Obama Health Care & The Garden of Eden
Please View Full Size Obama offers health care to the masses. Only problem, the fruit is riddled with worms, and will cause the nation to work by the sweat of it's brow. Super High-Res version 5362x2780 6.46MB
Member reactions:
I have seen the full view pic, its awesome work created specially over the face of Obama the snake scales were too good, its exactly matches with the face and tongue is freaking like it how it comes out... and the Lady in a caterpillar avatar is rocking
thanks raj and News. I spent a ton of time on this one. The face scales were a big job. That's why I uploaded the full size one. That is actually not even the full-full size one. The file size was ginormis.
I can't help myself, too much wasted space, but great detail, so lets crop out space, square to 850x850 163k,CLICK HERE colored by Corel PaintShopPro 4. Close up look. My 2 cents.

Funny Barack Obama Home Health Care Kit

Barack Obama Home Health Care Kit
Obama to sign health care bill
Member reactions:
hahaha, lots of work here...well it..
Thanks, Goat...appreciate the appreciation.
For you, we can make them like that, deaddog. Place your order now before we run out of them. Just send $299.95 for each jar and another $59.95 for shipping and handling.
Once again well done, u have a knack for the "old ways" clean simple precise
Thanks, Kellie. Appreciate the nice comments, mate.
So many hilarious details here, but this one had me laughing most: "4 easy payments of $6,250" Staple gun for closing incisions is another gem. * Disclaimer: Despite what they tell you... DON'T try this at home, . Operators are standing by. Call now, hahaha.
Me thinks Newsy actually makes infomercials on the side. Thanks, Newsy.
Congrats on the woody, Paul. As a bonus you get some blue pills too
Thanks, Newsy...will the blue pills help preserve my Woody.
pcrdds. (you have discovered my secret passion - making infomercials) The blue pills should not only help you preserve this woody, but will get you many more woodies in the future
Thanks, pixjockey. Hey Newsy, if I chop nothing but blue pills I'll get lots more woodies.
Very nice. But overall it seems a bit naive .. For example, the gloves are too stiff .. had to be more floppy and objects are distributed too regular in the picture, I would have preferred some grouping would be more realistic. But if a naive aspect was what you wanted, than it's ok
Sir Joe, You sir, are the naive one here. Obviously, you have no comprehension of American "Infomercials" or shopping networks. The gloves, by the way, were pictured that way. When you get more experience, then I will take your comments more seriously. Until then, I do not.
SirJoe Bla, Bla, Bla

Funny Oprah as US. Public Health Service

Oprah as US. Public Health Service
Member reactions:
IMO these type of reality chops are more impressive than the abstract artwork because I have a real-world reference for comparison. This is so believable..........makes a good case for govt. regulation of Photoshop. ( just kidding) Love it.

Funny Health Care

Health Care
The health care reform is one of the most frustrating tasks for President Obama, who has repeatedly addmitted it takes much longer than expected and goes much worse than expected. "I know health care is controversial, so there's only going to be so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis - until it's working really well, and then they're going to stop calling it Obamacare," he said. "They're going to call it something else." Create de-motivational or motivational posters related to the US health care reform. Try to make them mimic the classic (de)motivational posters format - black background, image in the middle, followed by the title word(s), and demotivational message below. The image in the middle has to be photoshopped, so you can not just take unaltered photo and add text to it.

Funny Health Care

Health Care
March marks a year since Obama started to push the healthcare reform bill. The bill was rejected by the House, was then reduced and reworked, and now comes the second big push to approve it. Even though Democrats do not have the secured votes majority to approve the bill, they hope that it will be approved by the House, "whatever it takes to get the votes". Photoshop anything related to health care - nurses, doctors, patients, hospitals, syringes, health insurance advertisements, health care de-motivational posters, movies and paintings featuring doctors and nurses, etc. Here's a good example.

Funny Health Care

Health Care
The U.S. House of Representatives may vote on a healthcare reform bill next week, according to the the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Representative John Larson. Obama's proposed $1 trillion health care bill was met with a lot of controversy, even among Democrats. President Barack Obama addressed the Congress asking to approve this $1 trillion health care bill, saying that it's crucial for the economy survival. Photoshop anything related to health care - nurses, doctors, patients, hospitals, syringes, health insurance advertisements, health care de-motivational posters, movies and paintings featuring doctors and nurses, etc.

Funny Health Care

Health Care
May 12 is the International Nurses Day, - the day to honor nurses around the world and remember the contributions nurses make to society. The date May 12 was chosen since it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale who is considered the founder of modern nursing. To celebrate International Nurses Day at Freaking News, photoshop anything related to health care - nurses, doctors, patients, hospitals, syringes, health insurance advertisements, health care de-motivational posters, movies and paintings featuring doctors and nurses, etc. Here's a good example. Let's also not forget that health care program is one of the major factors in presidential candidate platform.

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