Big Head in the Clouds
Big Head in the Clouds
Big Head in the Clouds. Member reactions:
Cool idea Hidden, the head is Yuge but works well.
Tigers Head and his Wallet are oversized now. Great Work, LunaC. Top 5 Congrats.

Funny Flaming Pumpkin Head

Flaming Pumpkin Head
Member reactions:
Lookin' good. Just remove the bits of the original sky from the carrier.
Good work HH so prolific 😎👍🏼

Funny Another Alien Pumpkin Head

Another Alien Pumpkin Head

Funny My Pumpkin Head

My Pumpkin Head

Funny The Real Symmetrical Cone Heads

The Real Symmetrical Cone Heads
Member reactions:
Pretty Cool. The Black Widow is a Nice Touch.
Congrats, Hobbit. Picture is very good and contrast to others,mine are gray routin.
Thanks all, these people are something else.
Super Work, Congrats on the Silver Hobbit.

Funny Fake News Head Gear

Fake News Head Gear

Funny Double-headed eagle was reduced to one head

Double-headed eagle was reduced to one head
Logo of Russia double-headed eagle was reduced for one head. The double-headed eagle is a charge associated with the concept of Empire. Most modern uses of the symbol are directly or indirectly associated with its use by the Roman/Byzantine Empire, whose use of it represented the Empire's dominion over the Near East and the West. Now all hopes Russians for East only. Nobody else will feed Russia as before. Sanctions.

Funny Mr Potato Head Goes Steampunk

Mr Potato Head Goes Steampunk
Member reactions:
excellent work... nice merge on the patato
Thanks everyone...and glad to see the number of voters building up a bit. I'm inviting FN-ers to make and effort to vote (and comment) more often. It's such a great site, and I hate to see interest flagging a bit of late. Will also try to recruit new players.

Funny Small Head, Bad Brain

Small Head, Bad Brain
Member reactions:
Glad Wacky Wilson made the cut. Very well planned and executed Hobbit, congrats on the Silver.
Thanks, Wanderer, Gummy, MsgtBob and Thanks a lot UncleChamp.
Congrats on the win, Hobbit. Wonderful image concept.

Funny Tiny heads after Guinnesssss

Tiny heads after Guinnesssss
Member reactions:
Nice work, what about giving Teddy a tiny head as well ...
Thank you, Qtrmoonshop. I can but Eddy did not drink Guinness.
Teddy just tried to drink a little beer and ... we can see result. I did not want but Mr.Qtrmoonshop recommended to give bear beer too.
I love this one. I sure hope their heads go back. I wanna know if Mr. Bean' s vocal cords were affected. I'm imagining the sounds of an angry chipmunk.

Funny Pumpkin Heads

Pumpkin Heads
Halloween is a favorite time for pumpkin producers. Over 90% of yearly grown pumpkins in the United States are sold in the last three weeks of October. Carved pumpkins peer out from porches and doorsteps in the United States and other parts of the world. People have been making jack-o’-lanterns at Halloween for centuries, inscribed with ghoulish faces and illuminated by candles are a sure sign of the Halloween. In celebration of Halloween, carve up your pumpkin(s) and design your own Jack-O'-Lantern(s). Photoshop them anyway you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For some fine examples, view PixJockey's Gold Winning Halloween Creation, also DesignerKratos's Silver P.O.T.D. Alien Pumpkins With Guns. Many thanks to azwoodbox for the themepost.

Funny Big Head, Small Face

Big Head, Small Face
This contest is about shrinking celebrity/politician faces on their heads, a classic, first suggested by veteran chopper GarRobMil. Take any celebrity/politician and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. And don't forget to put celebrity/politician names in your entry titles. Themepost image credit: Evirio. Here's a good example

Funny Two Heads

Two Heads
Its small body looked just as you’d expect for a newborn porpoise, but with one inescapable difference – two perfectly formed heads. The two male calves, who shared one body, were the first reported case of conjoined twins in the harbour porpoise species (Phocoena phocoena). Sadly, the twins are thought to have died shortly after birth. Create other MAMMALS that have two OR MORE heads. Try to make your creation as REALISTIC as possible (NO HUMANS). For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Big Head, Small Face

Big Head, Small Face
A while ago, our veteran chopper GarRobMil suggested shrinking celebrity faces on their heads. We suppose this is yet another way to lose a face :) Take any celebrity and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). Here's a good example. Please don't forget to put celebrity names in your entry titles. Themepost image credit: pcrdds

Funny Little Heads

Little Heads
Recent studied show that that human jaws, eyes, noses, and skullbones are about 30% smaller than our ancestors had. Head size is gradually shrinking too. The main reason for such change is soft farmed food that does not require such strong jawbones, teeth, skulls and muscles as our ancestors had. Take any celebrity and shrink his/her head similar to how it's done in the themepost. Think of today's contest as the opposite of the recent "big heads" trend on FN :) Many thanks to TheScarletBaltan for the contest idea and to Franko for the themepost.

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