Campaign Headquarters
Campaign Headquarters
Campaign Headquarters. Computer mouses, er... rats.

Funny Democrat's Headquarter 2016

Democrat's Headquarter 2016

Funny Space Ship Crashes Near General Washington's Headquarters

Space Ship Crashes Near General Washington's Headquarters
Member reactions:
Don't know this picture about independence war . You did it very well . Like roswell but far before ^^
Grrreat Blending,just love it. Looks like the Army Men would have been a bit more alarmed by the fire and incoming saucers though.
Awesome job good merge of the spaceship into the classical painting
Preeeeeeeeeeee... Great to see you choppin. You are sorely missed around here
FULL view brings out the detail of your work. Nice.
A freaking beauty in full view. Welcome back, pree. Close race in this contest.

Funny FN Headquarters And NewsMaster Revealed

FN Headquarters And NewsMaster Revealed
A lot of questions can now be answered.
Member reactions:
Hahahaa, I thought this face looked somewhat familiar.
and you're right about the blood-shot eyes from all the hours online, .
I knew it, I knew here is something about newsy.. hidden, this Rocks
This is awesome....looks like Newsy & a self portrait
Whats that hideous flesh colored bag on the table. He he he he
dd...I hope he doesn't read your comment. Bwahahahahah.
I want the computer..better start production, Vlad....thats how your eyes would be Vlad, i love how you keep this site going must be so much work..well done mate....
i love this.. his long phalanges typing away...
Thanks so much, preemiememe. Glad you like it.
Hey DD & Hidden: it's the hideous flesh colored bag speaking, and I understand these comments
Trophy Hog strikes again...... Bwahahahahahahahah.
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, blooddiamond...and dd, well...Bwahahahahahah.
Hey, is that a Gold cup I see.... See there is a God and he likes FN satire hahahaha Well done.
Thanks, Rickytrek...right back at ya. Thanks, RW...You know I appreciate it.
.. gold and silver your on fire..... congratsssss pcrdds...
I think we need to have you tested for Steroids....congratulations on the double.
Thanks, salis. Thanks, D-man. Test all you want.
Top two trophies in the UFO contest. pcrdds, you are out of this world. Congrats.
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, people have told me I'm from another planet.
Haha.It's freaking excellent...Congrats for the two win...Bravo.

Funny Freaking News Headquarters and Gear

Freaking News Headquarters and Gear
I think if FreakingNews ruled the world there will be more items will be released from FN. Not just T-shirts but many more cool items.... (I just wish...)
Member reactions:
Liking the laptop though I think too much FN red in my life my mind would explode
Dang, that is a lotta FN influence.... Very nicely done
Clever designer work here. (Looks like somebody has a design background) the freaking Loo.

Funny Sarah Palin's Campaign Headquarters

Sarah Palin's Campaign Headquarters
Member reactions:
Palin: You gotta start somewhere, right.

Funny Yahoo Headquarters

Yahoo Headquarters
Yahoo's new World Headquarters... Please Full view as it is twice as large. (thank you to the lil one who gave me the idea)
Member reactions:
Oh Geez Loweeze...This is hilarious. LOVE the sheep in the middle of that wreck. got to contineu from somewere, very nice image, love the yahoo sign on the board
. This is a superb entry.

Funny UN Headquarters Smoking

UN Headquarters Smoking
"Hey can you see who's speaking" "No... who cares, light me up will ya."
Member reactions:
Nice yellowy brown toxic cloud, just like the film that covers the walls in a smoker's room. Ugh.

Funny Bernie Sanders Rushing to His Election Headquarters

Bernie Sanders Rushing to His Election Headquarters
"I've got to make this a 'NO FLY' zone."

Funny Groundhog Trump at His Election Headquarters

Groundhog Trump at His Election Headquarters
"Do they love ME or my Money."

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