Al Sharpton with a Chipmunk in his Head
Al Sharpton with a Chipmunk in his Head
Al Sharpton with a Chipmunk in his Head. Member reactions:
It's Al Sharpton nanny,fantastic chop hidden
Wonderful artwork. Thanks for the squirrel.
Congrats on the gold and silver win Hit.Excellent artwork,flawless execution
Thank you. I made it thanks to you guys. This officially puts me in the 200 Gold Cups Clan here at FN. Who is next. Thanks HH, Andwhat, Newsy, Hobbit and Nanny... Ya'll rock.
Congratulations on your 200th Gold Hits. And who would have thought that a squirrel like Sharpton would have put you over the top. You did a fantastic number on him, that captured his character spot on. It's pleasing and revolting at the same time.
Hahahaha Thanks Champ. I was sort of thinking the same thing. I did Ice T first and had reservations if it was good enough. Then I got the idea to thank somebody for something that was unknown. Sharpton came into focus like, "pick me...pick me." and you just have to go with your gut as you well know . Thanks a bunch
Gold and Silver Congrats, Hitspinner. Excellent doublet.
The perfect poster boy for NOTHING. Great work. So vivid.
The Kardashians would have worked just as well but Al... he's too easy. His face has so much character and features that are easy to manipulate, he's a no brainer like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Leslie Neilson.. Thanks LC and Andrew. Yeah, that 200 mark doesn't come easy. I am sure there will be a lot of others in the club before too long.
Congrats on your 200th gold Hits, way to go, like they say, way to go...
Great chop, and yes, the man is worthless.

Funny Charlie Sheen with a Condom on His Head

Charlie Sheen with a Condom on His Head
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats Rob,wish there was a 5th trophy .This deserves one,so funny

Funny Barack Obama's Big Head Trapped in a Room by Magritte

Barack Obama's Big Head Trapped in a Room by Magritte

Funny Two Headed Turkey Playing the Banjo in Deliverance II

Two Headed Turkey Playing the Banjo in Deliverance II
Member reactions:
Darn awesome job, hidden. I would consider making the turkey skin pink rather than blue though (they kinda look like turkey zombies now )
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner
, I didn't change the color of the skin, Vlad. Thank you Gummy, Andwhat, NM, Balodiya, Nanny and Hobbit
Hitspinner needs to start creating master class tutorials.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Another Masterpiece.
Thanks Andrew, Old School and Bob. If you are looking for tips and tutorials we have plenty in: Photoshop techniques in the forums/community page. It is a bit hard for me to create tutorials because I use multiple programs that would be quite confusing. I threaten to create a video on art/chopping theory which would be from my perspective, not necessarily everyone else's.

Funny Man Wearing a Turkey on his Head at the Dinner Table

Man Wearing a Turkey on his Head at the Dinner Table
Member reactions:
The ghost in the mirror and the cat on the curtain are great touches.
Thanks for your comments and noticing Grandma's Ghost.
Agree, the grandma and the cat really add to this composition.

Funny Donald Trump Having his Head Sawn Off

Donald Trump Having his Head Sawn Off
Member reactions:
If you would have been able to keep more likeness this would have beaten them all. GREAT composition.
It's a bit hard to recognize Donald, but literally nicely chopped

Funny Bubble Head Nurse Sneaking Up on Forrest Gump

Bubble Head Nurse Sneaking Up on Forrest Gump
Foresst Gump vs. Bubble Head Nurse Run Forrest, Run.
Member reactions:
Love the american gothic in the background
I don't think she even hit the ball and that's all I got to say about that.
Thanks, Gumpster, I believe your right. Thanks, Evirio. Good Eye. Coolkat, that is his Jenny. Hi, Esqueleto. Great Name.
My momma always told me life is like a box of chocolates, but what am I doing here. Looks really good.
Thank you, Hobbit. You really do, Never know what you gonna get.
Xlent chop hidden. Nod-nod-wink-wink. AG source in the "background" is a cherry on top. good find.
Love your color palette and the overall querkiness. Don't know what it all means---but draws you in to puzzle it out. I especially like the unexpected angles of familiar items---like Forest on the bench and the American Gothic couple. Making the familiar odd is a good way to grab attention. Very nice. Adding to faves.
Thanks, Hit-man. Yes the American Gothic image was a good find. High res could easily be the feature in a different chop. Thanks for the comment, Crafty... I believe LunaC answered your question below. Thank you very much, Joan. Thanks, LunaC. Quirky labels this image perfectly. It's also very reflective the artist who assembled it... I'm pleased you like it. And Thank you very kindly for the Fave.
Frankly, I think this should have won the gold
SlapShot, you did a fantastic job here, congrats.
Congrats, never thought of combining Forest Gump and Silent Hill.
Not surprised. Congrats on the silver cup and well done chop...
Congrats on the Silver. I think he spots some 'Resident Evil' hounds coming his way.
Thanks for all the great comments and votes, Everyone. Great Idea Bob. Thank you LunaC. It was a close one with a lot of super images.
Splat, another artwork to make you think what's going on. Love the AG in the BG. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Donald Trump with a Chainsaw Cuts of Bill Clinton's Head

Donald Trump with a Chainsaw Cuts of Bill Clinton's Head
Member reactions:
, greeeeattt source expression, Andrew.....

Funny Donald Trump Holding Hillary Clinton's Head

Donald Trump Holding Hillary Clinton's Head
Latest polls still point to a Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump US presidential fight in 2016
Member reactions:
Love the expressions you used. Very nice work.
Great Idea. Super Chop'n, well blended, Hidden.
Terrrrrriffffffic. very nicely done gross-out that stayed well within the bounds of great humor.. Congrats DD
deaddog, I've been sharing this one with the folks over at HotAir® It's a winner. ; )

Funny Vladimir Putin with a New Russian Cruise Missile Heading For Syria

Vladimir Putin with a New Russian Cruise Missile Heading For Syria
New Russian cruise missile "Kaliber" heading for Syria landed in Iran

Funny Little Heads

Little Heads
Recent studied show that that human jaws, eyes, noses, and skullbones are about 30% smaller than our ancestors had. Head size is gradually shrinking too. The main reason for such change is soft farmed food that does not require such strong jawbones, teeth, skulls and muscles as our ancestors had. Take any celebrity and shrink his/her head similar to how it's done in the themepost. Think of today's contest as the opposite of the recent "big heads" trend on FN :) Many thanks to TheScarletBaltan for the contest idea and to Franko for the themepost.

Funny Turtle Heads!

Turtle Heads!
Most turtles and tortoises pull their head into their shell, in times of danger, and especially in the presence of predators. During this process the neck usually folds to the side or into a vertical S shape, and the neck's skin bunches up. That is why shirts and sweaters with bunched up neck are called "turtleneck". Photoshop celebrities partially hiding their heads in their clothes (as turtles hide heads in their shells). The themepost provides a good example.

Funny Bulb Heads

Bulb Heads
Depicting a bright idea as a light bulb can be traced back almost as far as the invention of light bulb itself. However only recently media started using "light bulb as human head" idea, which turned out to be successful, or to say literally quite... bright. Take any celebrity or politician and replace their head with a light bulb. Let's show which celebrities are (not) the brightest bulb in the box. Many thanks to Felina for the themepost.

Funny Big Head, Small Face

Big Head, Small Face
Our veteran chopper GarRobMil suggested something we haven't tried before - shrinking celebrity faces on their heads. We suppose this is yet another way to lose a face :) Take any celebrity and shrink his/her face (while keeping the head size intact or making the head even bigger). Here's a good example. Please don't forget to put celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Celebrities Losing Heads

Celebrities Losing Heads
"Horsemaning," or fake beheading, was a popular way of taking pictures in the 1920s. It's currently experiencing a revival and is basically the new planking. Here are some modern day adaptations of this popular new/old photo trend. Photoshop headless celebrities holding their heads any way you wish. Please avoid too much blood in your entries.

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