Barack Obama on Hawaiian Vacation
Barack Obama on Hawaiian Vacation
Barack Obama on Hawaiian Vacation. Let ur Spirit run Free. Dinner.

Funny Rihanna Hawaiian Style

Rihanna Hawaiian Style
Member reactions:
Like the Hawaiian look.... a good destination to celebrate a birthday party good one

Funny Hawaiian Mama Obama

Hawaiian Mama Obama
Looks as if she was left standing at the alter.
Member reactions:
Colorful mamma Obama :-O Looks like he is not happy with her
at least the wedding would have been someplace tropical.
I love the pink dress its too crazy and freaky to see his face Poor Obama, but nice lips with pink lipstick--- Sure Michael will like this image
Love the colours and depth of this image.
This is awesome and the best one so far. Congrats.
All you need is some music to compliment this chop.

Funny the Obama's Hawaiian Vacation

the Obama's Hawaiian Vacation
No Sumo wrestlers were severely hurt in the filming of this chop as Obama tries out his new Bachmann board. Obama arrives in Hawaii
Member reactions:
Funny concept. I hope little chubby gets eaten by a Shark.
I'm kind of late commenting but i really liked this one Deaddog ...

Funny Sean Connery's Hawaiian Vacation

Sean Connery's Hawaiian Vacation
New postcards featuring Sean Connery, who always keeps his cool. Full View is Better.
Member reactions:
BEFORE he was Agent Double-0h-seven, he was Agent Double-oh-six-point-five.
Nice twist of Bond phrase Earthquakes watched too many James Bond movies

Funny Man at an Hawaiian Wedding

Man at an Hawaiian Wedding
So you are getting married in Hawaii. Add a bit of color to your Hawaiian wedding by inviting these fellas. Just keep an eye on the clown in the tinfoil suit.
Member reactions:
Some familiar faces here Who's the tinfoil suit guy.
man alive, that must have been one helluva reception, I don't even recall the grass skirts...
they are not laughing at him, they are laughing with him
i do not see any diference , nice work on some freaking users.
Keb looks a bit like Santa too. Check out his cheeks

Funny Hawaiian Chirac

Hawaiian Chirac
Strummin' some Nanakuli Blues

Funny David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell the Hawaiian Dancers

David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell the Hawaiian Dancers
Member reactions:
Very funny a holiday is a good decision to make after the job
Laughing my arse off... this is so funny posture...

Funny Hawaiian Tea Party

Hawaiian Tea Party
free shaved ice while supplies last

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