Funny Snow In Hawaii

Snow In Hawaii
Member reactions:
Shocked this didn't finish higher, poster quality.
Shrugs. One got in and that made my day. Thanks

Funny Big Telescope in Hawaii

Big Telescope in Hawaii
Telescope Hawaii soon to get a new telescope
Member reactions:
Tried a new version of an old LIFE magazine style. Guess not. Thanks Gummy, Luciano, NM, eric, and Balodiya

Funny Barack Obama Surfing in Hawaii

Barack Obama Surfing in Hawaii
Obama once again vacations in Hawaii.
Member reactions:
I love the lights on the security guy's shoes, . also, very decent work on reflections.

Funny Barack Obama in Hawaii

Barack Obama in Hawaii
Obamas hit Hawaii for year-end vacation
Member reactions:
Awesome imaginative photo Obama's out for vacation after year long work Its a Christmas and New Year Holidays.... a Tough year ahead for more work
I like this chop, ful of crazyness and with cool merge
Thanks guys,,I think my brain was in overload mode,,ol
Congrats on the bronze pree. Your mom should be proud.
Colors and composition are stunning. Well done and congrats, Pree

Funny Polar Bear Floating To Hawaii

Polar Bear Floating To Hawaii
The Arctic ice is disappearing
Member reactions:
Amazing Very well executed Very well done
Love the whole chop; the water reflection is done especially nice. Congrats on the wood too, Paul.
Congrats, Paul. Another trophy, if you don't have enough space for them on your shelf feel free to use shelf on my Freakingnews desk.
Double-Congrats. This one is a Beauty. Colors are perfect.
Thanks, everyone...this was a lot of fun.
Okay, now that the voting is over I can't diminish the outcome of this chop. I will speak and critique on purely technical points. Opinions are useless fat because everybody has a different one. Two points I believe will improve your game and make me feel a whole lot better when you beat me in these things. 1st, Soft shadows are used in diffused light, sharp shadows are used in bright, stark, direct light. That is what I covered in my first class to students.I have watched you struggle with that so there is the basic rule 2nd, ice mass extends way below the surface and prior to adding surface reflection you have to add the layer of "under ice" as a gradual fade. Two little secrets to improve your score. If you need help, I'm here studiodowling msn .com. And it is a sweet and funny chop my friend -Edited by Moderator on 8/15/2013 7:30:35 AM
The ice came with SOFT shadows from the bear, Tim. I didn't extend the ice beneath the surface because the premise of the chop is that the Arctic ice is disappearing...hence, it would be a thin piece and not a chunk.
Well, those are two points of light for me to digest. Thanks guys-I'll try to remember those creative differences.
I realize I sound like a pompous azzho Doc.

Funny Polar Bear Surfing On Holiday in Hawaii

Polar Bear Surfing On Holiday in Hawaii
Member reactions:
Excellent holiday scene created using the source.... Where it going for a holiday . A desert

Funny Hawaii Jack Black as Elvis

Hawaii Jack Black as Elvis
Member reactions:
Wonderful idea but over-acted I like the way girls looking.

Funny Hillary Clnton in Hawaii

Hillary Clnton in Hawaii

Funny Tribute to Kono from Hawaii 5-0

Tribute to Kono from Hawaii 5-0

Funny Earthquake in Hawaii

Earthquake in Hawaii
[ Hawaii was shaken by a strong earthquake this Sunday. Even though there were no victims, the last Hawaiian earthquake this strong (magnitude of 6.5) struck more than 20 years ago. ] I've never been to Hawaii (nor have I been anywhere else), but it looks like it's not a good time to visit. There are several things to keep in mind though, if you want to live like a true Hawaiian: You measure the water for the rice by the knuckle of your index finger. Your only suit is a bathing suit. You are barefoot in most of your elementary school pictures. You drive barefoot too. You honk your horn only once a year during the safety check. You have a sister, cousin, auntie, or mom named "Honey Girl" or... You do not understand the concept of North, South, East, and West, but instead give directions as Mauka, Makai, Diamond Head, Ewa, and use landmarks instead of street names. Hawaii or Havaii? Havaii. Thanks! You're velcome! I'm almost done adjusting my lifestyle to the Hawaiian list above. Which means I am almost ready for a visit. Earthquakes got nothing on me - I survived the highway patrol catching me driving barefoot in my bathing suit, dammit. And I'll let you figure out what "barefoot" means as my bathing suit is my birthday suit. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to the earthquake in Hawaii. Examples could be new Hawaiian tourism adverts, magazine covers, creative ways and devices to cope with Hawaiian earthquake, etc.

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