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Funny Harry Pictures

OH Harry Funny OH Harry
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Suggest deleting of reference to "".

Harry PotterFunny Harry Potter
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Harry SmokkerFunny Harry Smokker
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Taking the last puff and the lighter away from the Habitable population

Prince Harry 2Funny Prince Harry 2
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Harry Whittington's RevengeFunny Harry Whittington's Revenge
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Harry Whittington finally gets revenge on Vice President Dick Cheney for shooting him.
Nice Sculpture.... Looks so peacefully stranded

Teeing Off of Harry TrumanFunny Teeing Off of Harry Truman
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Awesome view from the Top... an entire golf court is on the moving cruise great thought... Love the trees growing there well done
Genius and useful chop...this can be proposed to Obama

John Boehner Curses At Harry ReidFunny John Boehner Curses At Harry Reid
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John Boehner drops the F-Bomb on Harry Reid
Shoes on the wrong feet.....also priceless.
Good Caricature and the funny part is the pigeon stuff on her head Very funny
Awesome work, perfect shadow and facial expression is the Best. Amazing gesture lovely work.
Congrats pcr ... and I see you had to give MadamSpeaker the bird,
"Harry Reid needs a shoe-shine." Congratulations. Tough competition.
The pigeon pooping on the Pelosi's head made me laugh. Great political satire, Paul. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks, Newsy. Yeah, couldn't resist. You know me.

Prince Harry Is In Big TroubleFunny Prince Harry Is In Big Trouble
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Born Addicted.... The genes were transfered to the baby successfully....
Nice Begining for the babies Really royal baby picture good work done
Congratulations pcrdds... so their having a ginger baby...
Very clever innuendo and caption. WTG pcr.
Silver congrats, Paul. As a bonus you will get a postcard with royal baby's footprints
Thanks, Newsy. Looking forward to the postcard.

Prince Harry's Night outFunny Prince Harry's Night out
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I don't care who U R that's a funny looking sheep.
Had so many nightouts but this one is really a daring act.... What is for Vaseline doing there ... very funny thought and wicked pics displayed
Ha ha ha this is hilarious.. funny idea adopted very nicely
Well done Jim The sheep looks like an albino Shawn the sheep
Just another wild night for Harry. Congrats on the wood, D-man.

vegatable HarryFunny vegatable Harry
Member reactions:

Looks like something created by Monsanto...
Veg Harry Looks awesome... Like the leafy touch to his body and the beetles creeping over his body is amazing Like the Melon with Eye give a Halloween look
Halloween head is fantastic... and its a perfect chop Good luck
Freaking cool, Jer...well deserved. congrats
Jere Jere Jere. You rawk... Mighty great to see you again, and congrats on the gold.

Prince Harry's Next ScandalFunny Prince Harry's Next Scandal - Turns out what happens in Vegas doesn't really stay in Vegas for Prince Harry. Royal officials confirmed Wednesday that photos of a bare man cavorting with women in a Las Vegas hotel room were indeed Prince Harry, who was on "private holiday." Harry, who turns 28 next month, just wrapped up a successful stint as an Olympic ambassador, but it seems the royal wild child side of him has surfaced again. The royal family is furious, as years and years of his family's hard work are simply thrown out by a series of Harry's drunken mistakes. Here are the previously photographed scandals with Prince Harry that made the front pages of UK magazines: wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005; falling out of nightclubs, fighting with photographers or jumping in pools in 2004; smoking pot drunk, and being sent to a rehab in 2002. Seems that "dirty Harry" is unstoppable, no matter how angry the Royal family gets. Photoshop Prince Harry's next scandal. Please make sure your entries are Safe For Work.

Harry Potter MoviesFunny Harry Potter Movies - Harry Potter has cast his biggest opening-weekend spell yet, thanks largely to fans who rushed to midnight screenings late Thursday. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" sold $125.2 million of tickets this weekend. That's 23% higher than the previous biggest first weekend for a "Potter" film. Potter fans are both excited and sad since "Deathly Hallows, part 1" marks the beginning of the end for the Harry Potter story and movies - the second and last part ("Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2") will be released next July. "It will be quite strange, and Iíll be devastated. I feel very very sad because Harry Potter has been an important part of my life," said Daniel Radcliffe. "Since we started filming 10 years ago, I have worn out several pairs of glasses," he adds. Rupert Grint (Ron) said he chose to "steal" the number on the house where Harry Potter lived, as his trophy of the Harry Potter movie saga... Merge any Harry Potter movie with other movies.

Harry ReidFunny Harry Reid - Lots of buzz in the news this week about Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's racist remarks he did on Obama back in 2008. Reid, a noted champion of civil rights, has publicly apologized for referring to President Barack Obama as "light-skinned" with no "Negro dialect" during the 2008 presidential campaign. Democrats want this scandal over as soon as possible and seemed to forgive Harry, but Republicans say the racist-speaking senator should resign as soon as possible. It's funny how the Reid's racist remarks created the scandal two years after they were spoken. Does Harry have more skeletons in his closet? What other things he will say "I am sorry for..." ? Photoshop what things Harry Reid could be sorry for in his past, present, or future life.

Prince Harry of Wales: ScandalsFunny Prince Harry of Wales: Scandals - Prince Harry of Wales turned 25 yesterday, becoming an even more eligible bachelor as he gained access to part of his inheritance from his mother, Princess Diana. Prince Harry really likes parties and some of Harry's photos in not so favorable light got on the front pages of UK tabloids in the past. Photoshop Prince Harry into some hoax photos, incidents , and scandals on the front pages of magazines or newspapers. Note: despite the infamous past incident with Prince Harry, please don't make any chops related to Nazis, as this is against the Freaking News submission rules.

Harry Potter MoviesFunny Harry Potter Movies - "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" managed to charmed the box offices worldwide - since last Wednesday it collected $396.7 million in ticket receipts, which is about 13% better that its prequel "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". No other movie in US, UK, or Canada dared to challenge the box office domination of "Half-Blood Prince" this weekend. "The same kids who were begging their parents to let them see the first 'Potter' movie are now teenagers driving themselves to the midnight shows," said Dan Fellman, president of domestic distribution for Warner Bros. This Thursday also happens to be the 20th birthday for Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe. Merge any Harry Potter movie with other movies.

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