Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe by Andy Warhol
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Thanks, Cos. Dang... I did 5 of these things. This was the first and the best out of the lot. Probably should have hijacked a gallery to hang them all in.
Classy Warhol tribute, Splats. Excellent choice of Danny Rad, very well done.
Great mix of colours and choice of subject..warhol would like it

Funny Prince Harry Macron

Prince Harry Macron
Prince Harry shaved better

Funny Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

Funny Royal Baby Harry

Royal Baby Harry

Funny Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry

Funny Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Funny Harry Houdini In Color

Harry Houdini In Color
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Great Houdini stare down and coloring, Gummy.

Funny Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

Funny The Happy Couple Harry and Hairy

The Happy Couple Harry and Hairy
I mean The Hairy Couple

Funny Harry's Bride to be Meghan Markle

Harry's Bride to be Meghan Markle

Funny Harry Houdini Tribute

Harry Houdini Tribute
Harry Houdini, born as Erik Weisz March 24, 1874 the sone of a rabbi, was the world’s most celebrated magician who enthralled audiences through his daring and unbelievable escape feats. Among his fantastic stunts, his underwater box escape was considered as one of his most remarkable tricks ever performed. A master of illusion, he could extricate himself form assorted locked containers, prison cells, and airtight coffins. His other prominent acts included Daily Mirror challenge, milk can escape, Chinese water torture cell, and buried alive stunt. Also a passionate aviator, he bought his own aircraft and became the first person to fly a plane in Australia. He died at age 52 from complications of a ruptured appendix. Houdini lived during the age of B&W photographs, and there are numerous B&W photos of him. To pay tribute to Harry, Houdini lived during the age of B&W photographs, and there are numerous B&W photos of him. To pay tribute to Harry, Take Any B&W Image of Harry Houdini and Colorize It. For more on his life, click this LINK

Funny Prince Harry "wanted out"

Prince Harry
Prince Harry was once so disillusioned with being part of the Royal Family that he decided he "wanted out". Having considered giving up his title, he finally decided he should remain and "work out a role for myself". Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the prince - who is fifth in line to the throne - said being in the Army was "the best escape I've ever had". And he said the royals "don't want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good". Let's give Prince Harry his wish! Create images showing Harry in jobs or doing things he might be found in if he ever did escape the bonds of Royalty. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer

Prince Harry Playing Soccer
Do you remember how years ago Prince Harry would shame Windsor Castle by his actions (wearing Nazi uniform, partying and drinking, hiring strippers)? Well, it's all a thing of the past now, Harry says, as a decade in the army made him a better man and kept him out of trouble. "Now I choose sports instead of parties, I am not a spoiled kid anymore", he said. Photoshop this image of Prince Harry playing soccer any way you wish.

Funny Emma Watson dating Prince Harry

Emma Watson dating Prince Harry
Hermione Granger has been secretly dating Harry after all... Prince Harry. Apparently the couple have been dating for a while, but so secretly that the news broke only now. Show any evidence that Prince Harry and Emma Watson are dating. Examples include: showing where they might be going on their secret dates, their romantic photos together, etc. Our weekly Freak Show contest (which should have run today) has been rescheduled for Monday :)

Funny Prince Harry's Next Scandal

Prince Harry's Next Scandal
Turns out what happens in Vegas doesn't really stay in Vegas for Prince Harry. Royal officials confirmed Wednesday that photos of a bare man cavorting with women in a Las Vegas hotel room were indeed Prince Harry, who was on "private holiday." Harry, who turns 28 next month, just wrapped up a successful stint as an Olympic ambassador, but it seems the royal wild child side of him has surfaced again. The royal family is furious, as years and years of his family's hard work are simply thrown out by a series of Harry's drunken mistakes. Here are the previously photographed scandals with Prince Harry that made the front pages of UK magazines: wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005; falling out of nightclubs, fighting with photographers or jumping in pools in 2004; smoking pot drunk, and being sent to a rehab in 2002. Seems that "dirty Harry" is unstoppable, no matter how angry the Royal family gets. Photoshop Prince Harry's next scandal. Please make sure your entries are Safe For Work.

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