Woody Harrelson with Double Vision
Woody Harrelson with Double Vision
Woody Harrelson with Double Vision.

Funny Woody Harrelson Wearing Pink

Woody Harrelson Wearing Pink
Member reactions:
Nice one to see the Hat studded with pink color flowers he looks romantic

Funny Woody Harrelson the Scientific Instrument Maker

Woody Harrelson the Scientific Instrument  Maker
Member reactions:
Great idea. Love the birdie on wheels. How about a beam of light coming from the bike light.
Thx Paul , Yea , i thought i forgot something when i thought it was done . Thx for reminding me .
I was thinking more like a softened, cone-shaped beam shooting out to the left.
All fixed Paul , i had a moment there were i was'nt thinking .... . And thank you too D-man .
Okay, much better...but stretch it and make it go all the way to the edge of the frame because light doesn't stop. Be careful not to make it too wide from top to bottom as you do this.
Well, I see who everyone will vote for, so there is no reason for me to enter this one, since I don't use Photoshop and my skills aren't very good yet.
You can still enter into the Apprentice Contests, which is a very good start . My advise is to just photoshop what you want , use your imagination in each contest & always take constructive criticism as a plus , because you learn from it . You will get there , i believe in that for everyone .... Good luck pennsteve67
I don't use photoshop. Can't afford it. I use one of the free programs.
This is great. Pennsteve67, I only use one of the free programs also, but I love playing around, even if I cannot get the effects of Photoshop - give it a go.
Very cool. I like the added touch of the bird with wheels too.
A lot of surprises in this contest . Congrats Chili . Very good one .
Thx alot everyone , another fun Contest ...
Congrats on the Gold Chili . . . very cool chop, lot's of great detail.

Funny Woodey Harrelson Caricautre

Woodey Harrelson Caricautre
News Here Just brushing up my Skills again. Seems Not bad at all.
Member reactions:
Thanks Rajeshstar and Bietjehianca
Great job . . . it reminds me, what ever happened to that band called the "Gin Blossoms" . . .
Thank you very much guys for the votes and comments.

Funny Woody Harrelson The Guitarist

Woody Harrelson The Guitarist

Funny Woody Harrelson as Woody in Toy Story

Woody Harrelson as Woody in Toy Story
Member reactions:
Always a good way to go . . . can't miss. Well done . . .
Congrats Deaddog , I really thought this would come in 1st place ....
Job well done. Congrats on the bronze, DD.

Funny Woody Harrelson's Private Party

Woody Harrelson's Private Party
Woody & wife Laura enjoy a quiet day doing what Woody loves best ....
Member reactions:
Thats what smoking dope does to some people Krrish , ..... Thx for the comments everyone .
That's definitely Woody'd kind of party. Congrats on the woody too, Chili.

Funny Woody Harrelson the Dancer

Woody Harrelson the Dancer
thx to mjranum stock for this image
Member reactions:
Quality work. Love how you turned him into a freak.

Funny Woody Harrelson as a Woman

Woody Harrelson as a Woman

Funny Old Woody Harrelson

Old Woody Harrelson
Member reactions:
Decent job, but it's really hard to recognize Woody here

Funny Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson
Natural born actor Woody Harrelson is turning half a century old this Saturday. Best known for playing bartender Woody Boyd on "Cheers", Harrelson has gone on to play characters such as a serial killer, a country singer, and a zombie killer. He and his second wife have three daughters. In his spare time, Harrelson supports eco-friendly and pro-marijuana efforts. We wish him the happiest 50th birthday and many great roles ahead! To mark the upcoming 50th birthday of Woody Harrelson, photoshop him any way you wish.

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