Fred Flinstone on a Prehistoric Harley
Fred Flinstone on a Prehistoric Harley
Fred Flinstone on a Prehistoric Harley. Feets don't fail me now...
Member reactions:
BRILLIANT..... Dirty up his foot and you'll have a 10.
Okay Tim. You owe me a 10. Pay up. (Just kidding).
oh man,, he stepped in something, if you wash that foot you'd have a 10.
Mindblowing Awesome. Well done hidden. Liked it very much.
Fantastic Fred. Take time to recreate all Flinstones caracters.
Perfect composition and great title... well suited to the motor company HD
Congrats on the gold Luna,This was an amazing jaw dropping chop
Couldn't miss hahahah Congrats on the gold. Nit easy to top the next fellow. Better frame this one
Fantastic work LunaC. Congrats on the win.
Choppin excellence. Congratz on the Gold, Lunacy
Thanks for all the "luv". It's especially rewarding to win one with the funkmeister lurking about.
Congrats LunaC. Very creative chop. Glad I made your victory feel special. You got my highest vote.
Congrats on the gold, Luna. Stunning work bringing the cartoon character to life. I know candles were not yet invented in the caveman era, but I really like the burning candle for the head light here.

Funny Little Man with a Harley

Little Man with a Harley
Member reactions:
If you have hands you could have ride the bike
Great job geriatric, my fav, love the Sportster..

Funny The Pope's Harley Davidson

The Pope's Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson sends motorcycles, leather jacket to Pope Francis
Member reactions:
A Blessing from the Pope has to be good for business-eh. Another interesting News clip.
Excellent Very well executed Nice to see saint holding dealership
hidden, next week maybe do one on the Pope and the Vatican gay lobby. ; ) Could be hilarious. Lol.
So Pope got some chance to fulfill his inner desires well decorated Pope as a Biker Gang member
Thank you for support new saint dealership.
Great Job Wanderer. Are the reflections in the Popes sun-shades florescent fixtures.

Funny HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON

HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON
Honda wishes it could be a Harley-Davidson
Member reactions:
What a design.... Love the logo making it look similar to HD
Almost last place...I did good with this one...

Funny Denim Harley

Denim Harley
Member reactions:
I guess those are Buttons

Funny Wooden Harley

Wooden Harley
Member reactions:
Harley with Ferrari wheels. That is blasphemes.
Great job done.. Excellent work seen while crafting this vehicle, looks so real with wonderful work on wheels

Funny Vladimir Putin Rides a Massive Harley

Vladimir Putin Rides a Massive Harley
Vladimir Putin rides a massive motorcycle for some reason
Member reactions:
very NICE. but his bike had traing wheels ( three wheeler )
maybe it helps his personal manhood image.
Again, it's always a pseudo manhood thing. Nice work.

Funny Jessica Alba Riding a Harley

Jessica Alba Riding a Harley
Member reactions:
really awesome .. the colors looks so cool ..
No Sun, It's not me
Definitely a very cool pic....... congrats.
Great stuff Salis. Love how you picked up the Gold in this. And the lens flare is kind of steppin out isn't it.
thanx guys for your votes and comments, Oldman: you got that right my Friend
Congrats on the win, Salis. As a bonus you get free ride with Jessica on her Harley.

Funny Harley Calendar

Harley Calendar
This was a 2011 calendar cover for a vintage Harley restoration company I did. Shows best full.

Funny Demon Riding a Harley

Demon Riding a Harley
This took 10 billion hours. It is not a 1,2,3,4,5,or 6 okay.
Member reactions:
If it's not a 1 thru 6 then it's a 6.5...just kidding nice job
DDB, at least a 6.1 huh. So far the first two voters, no names mentionted, have graded it a C+. They must not be riders, I know Renegade will vote 10, 50 times if he can But ain't seen him in a while. Wonder where he went off to. Anbody know.
I'm back, love the chop faved it ITS FREAKIN SWEET, I got called back to work they are rying to get people use to working 12 hours again we have to get a tunnel up and running and get 10-02 furnace fired up so we can make glass. Xpensive it cost over 5 mill to get the furnace up and running alone.
There you are.. Man, that is a lot of scratchola... $5 mil furnace. You should be able to burn planets in that one
This looks like the bike I ran into a Semi-Truck. Thanks for the flashback and 'NICE JOB.' by the way.
Nope no planet burning just a lot of raw materials being melted down into fiberglass some where in the neighborhood of 26500kg per hr per furnace
Owner comment now I see it 8 ok .. or 9 ..
I'm glad to know it took 10 million hours. Been thinking of adding something like that myself. . Great Piece. Oh wait a minute.........that was 10 billion. Definitely should win then.
Heheehe thanks. I meant to say 10 trillion. Actually, I started it at 6 in the evening and finished it when the sun came up. Not a marathon chop like some of the 40+ hours I have put into some in the past but I'm also at least twice as fast as I used to be thanks to pointers from some great choppers. Looking at this now and man, I can sure make that handsome mug of mine look ugly
Ditto what FW said. Interesting votes you got, too. A #3 vote.. A #4 vote..
Congrats HiT. Top Notch job here with some amazing effects. Looks like you got hit with some low votes as well.
Congrats Spinner now I know why I dont get too many firsties I dot spend that much time on these chops maybe I'll start, then I would have one entry per year. Is agreat chop love it
doxi : i see 3-4-5-6 votes here ... they are not effect any more Congrats on the silver hitman ... keep up top works
Hey, like I say, I'm just hapopy when I can entertain enough to grab a cup. It means I'm treating you all right with visual goodies. It does suk when you know you really delivered and the applause is a or 6. something. But if everybody gets lowballed evenly it's nuthing. The only time I think it matters other that the insult of it, is if the two or three top chops are real close; within slight percentage of each other. That's when a mosquito can take down a polar bear with that disrespectful and juvenile practicce . But we have the jurrors and admins to keep that to a minimum. And if that fails, we'll just sic HoHouse and Jerry Lambert on them Hahahahahahahahaa. That'll leave a wet spot on their pants....

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