Mugabe Hannibal
Mugabe Hannibal
Mugabe Hannibal. Member reactions:
Could do without the blood over his head.
Could do without the blood over his head.

Funny Hannibal Lecter Movie

Hannibal Lecter Movie

Funny Hannibal Lecter the Puma

Hannibal Lecter the Puma
Member reactions:
nice color mix and great finish with well illuminated lights
Really thought this was going to be a winner.
Thanks Steve, Rajesh, Luciano and Hobbit. Me too Hobbit. I thought technically it was a top finisher as lots of skills and effects employed that took a lot more time than it looks. But, can't win them all It was a good field this time

Funny Justin Bieber Hannibal Lecters Child

Justin Bieber Hannibal Lecters Child
"Starring Justin Bieber as 'Hanny J', the story continues when Clarice discovers she is pregnant with Hannibals love seed. See if nature or nurture will win with the new thriller this Summer..."

Funny Lone Wolf with Hannibal Lecter

Lone Wolf with Hannibal Lecter
Member reactions:
Newsy obviously has an edge for this type of contest. Works for me.
One Wolf and Many Lambs Now the countdown begins.....

Funny Hannibal Lecter Gives Clarice a Valentine Heart

Hannibal Lecter Gives Clarice a Valentine Heart
Be Mine, Clarice
Member reactions:
Nice art work... Giving a live heart is a nice way of expressing one's love
Me likes this one a lot. With fava beans too.

Funny Hannibal and Clarice Starling

Hannibal and Clarice Starling
Member reactions:
Awesome Caricature and the way he celebrates his birthday with candle lit on the Heart Piece is freaky The cut open brain is the favourite dish i presume . Ghastly look
MIND blowing yes I mean it, see that man with head chopped that is mind blowing Awesome concept
Very well done, vicspa Congrats on the Wood. I like the composition and the background you used though, I feel his likeness was compromised by flopping the face.
Eye feast for Silence of The Lambs fans like myself. Congrats on the wood, vic. and great to see you again.

Funny Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Dinner

Anthony Hopkins Hannibal Dinner
Fresh liver and fava beans with a fine chianti BEST VIEW stocks (the drawings on the wall, I drew in college)
Member reactions:
Scary place and the Scary Dinner on the Liver and fava beans amazing job done on the stocks
What a creepy look, his plate is with hot meal Hmmm thats the secret of his fitness
Congrats,on the Gold......Billy. Awesome work,my friend.
Thank You Kindly, Everyone it was a bloody good time making this chop Sir Anthony Hopkins=Actor Extraordinaire Happy 75th.
Freaktastic work, Bill. Methinks it's one of your best ones yet. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Hannibal in Prison Cell

Hannibal in Prison Cell
Member reactions:
Great look of a Hannibal well done on the blood spills and the knife holding tight Scary look
Brilliant work, bloody and scary theme this suits him.. nicely placed the mast and knife and vein on his head is the Best part...
Great work once again, funkenstein I love the tonal quality and the dramatic lighting Congrats on the Silver.
Congrats on the silver, funkster. Great show of Dr. Lecter's spirit here.

Funny Hannibal Lecter Eating Lunch with a Beer

Hannibal Lecter Eating Lunch with a Beer
Member reactions:
Excellent work, he looks fat and full
Yea..1 full of meat (which meat) .... and glass of Red Wine (which wine) ... Well covered Jason's Mask... good job done
You won a trophy in my book-love demented chops.
Luv it, but I see some rough edges on Lecter's hair masking

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