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Funny Hannibal Pictures

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"Starring Justin Bieber as 'Hanny J', the story continues when Clarice discovers she is pregnant with Hannibals love seed. See if nature or nurture will win with the new thriller this Summer..."

HannibalFunny Hannibal
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Great look of a Hannibal well done on the blood spills and the knife holding tight Scary look
Brilliant work, bloody and scary theme this suits him.. nicely placed the mast and knife and vein on his head is the Best part...
Great work once again, funkenstein I love the tonal quality and the dramatic lighting Congrats on the Silver.
Congrats on the silver, funkster. Great show of Dr. Lecter's spirit here.

Hannibal Lecter Caricature Holding a HeartFunny Hannibal Lecter Caricature Holding a Heart
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Dedicated to you my star, my love
Crazy lover. Must be some heart surgeon or Scientist, Freaking intelligent and good work of mirroring.
Excellent work in putting the slice of heart in his hand and the head in a Glass jar, Wonderful creation "Hidden" good job done here
Nice Message orientation. Love is forever. Excellent concept selection and very well executed. gr88888888
Thanks, ericnorthend, rajeshstar , balodiya.
Thanks Jim. Sunshin. pcrdds. Geriatric.
congrats PSM, no one knows the real meaning of Love like Dr: Lecter
Wonderful work, PSM. Congrats on the bronze.
Thank you. AS, Dnunciate. salis206 teacher. and super thanks to newsy. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Hannibal Lecter TV ShowFunny Hannibal Lecter TV Show
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The Munsters Ready to Return to Television NBC is officially moving forward on a reboot of The Munsters. Deadline reports the network has ordered up a pilot from Bryan Fuller, the man behind NBC's other horror-themed show Hannibal based on Hannibal Lecter. Fuller has been developing the show for quite a while, envisioning a series of one-hour episodes. NBC is now considering the show for a summer debut. Let the casting speculation begin here... Who should play Herman, Grandpa, Lily, Marilyn and Eddie. Hey, Herman. What do you think of this news. Herman.
Personally I don't see what this chop has to do with the Munsters.
DD it is the same story of monsters .. Realizer also the director of Hannibal version
NBC has bought a new hourlong drama based on Thomas Harris' famed Hannibal Lecter character. Bryan Fuller of "Pushing Daisies" fame is reportedly writing the script, and then the network will decide if the series will be picked up.

Hannibal Lecter with Head in Cell PhoneFunny Hannibal Lecter with Head in Cell Phone
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Little Girl Looking at Hannibal LecterFunny Little Girl Looking at Hannibal Lecter
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Hello Clarice
The reflection is off it seems to be of her back side.
Thanks, I kept thinking the shadow was wrong, late at night here, brain not working.....
great stuff, yeah leave it to eagle eye DDB to notice a flaw, but still a great chop.

Hannibal Lecter Easy Bake Toy MicrowaveFunny Hannibal Lecter Easy Bake Toy Microwave
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This easy bake oven didn't go over too well with parents.

Hannibal on a  BenchFunny Hannibal on a Bench
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Dr. Hannibal Lecter Upside Down FaceFunny Dr. Hannibal Lecter Upside Down Face
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Hannibal Lector Mission ImpossibleFunny Hannibal Lector Mission Impossible
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Tom Cruise is dinner, so bring your own fork and knife.

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