Hannibal with Mask Painting
Hannibal with Mask Painting
Hannibal with Mask Painting. Member reactions:
Job well, done, - Congratulations, Keb. The mask in hands is a nice touch.

Funny Hannibal Lecter Playing a Meat Violin

Hannibal Lecter Playing a Meat Violin
I heard he plays the violin bloody good.

Funny Hannibal and the Red War Elephant

Hannibal and the Red War Elephant
Red War Elephant
Member reactions:
Well blended into the artwork. Love the reflections in the red plastic.
Great work. Beautiful assimilation into art.

Funny Hannibal vs Ghost Rider

Hannibal vs Ghost Rider
The latest and greatest in epic crossover movies. PLEASE VIEW THE FULL RES VERSION.
Member reactions:
Quality work - it looks professionally done like you would see in magazine

Funny Hannibal Lecter Valentine Card

Hannibal Lecter Valentine Card
Full view for more detail Even Psycho killers need a hug. Perhaps he wants her round for dinner fsssfssfsssfsssss.....

Funny Hannibal

My first entry...
Member reactions:
AAAAAAAAAAUUGGHHHH.. Now THAT's nightmare stuff. Looks like the result of some country bumpkin's romantic escapade with... oh, never mind. Ok, here's one for you: Mary had a little sheep, and with her sheep she went to sleep. The sheep turned out to be a ram... Mary had a little lamb. So... Mary had her little lamb, its fleece was white as snow, and everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go. But Mary found the cost of meat had soared, which didn't please her... Tonight she's having leg of lamb... the rest is in the freezer.

Funny Hannibal Tee

Hannibal Tee
And a fine chianti.
Member reactions:
This is just awesome- Love it.. Hannibal happens to be one of my all time favorite phsyco character's- Job well done on this one... Now I want a T-shirt of this.

Funny Hannibal Lecter with Putin and George W. Bush

Hannibal Lecter with Putin and George W. Bush
Putin travels to the US to meet with 2 important advisors: George W. and Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
Member reactions:
Oh, man. I LOVE that movie. Nice entry.
This was just a quickie. I've always wanted to do something with Dr. Lecter. .

Funny Jackson Hannibal

Jackson Hannibal
They put the mask on because he bites.
Member reactions:
"Do you dream much, Will. I think of you often..." ~Hannibal Lecter in "Red Dragon"

Funny Hannibal Tattoo

Hannibal Tattoo
it puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again ...

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