The Real Hank Hill
The Real Hank Hill
The Real Hank Hill. Here he is in real life. This won't mean much to you if you've never seen the animated show KING OF THE HILL. Google Hank Hill to see what he looks like in cartoon form.
Member reactions:
Great conversion and build..... It is marvelous. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.
Fantastic job of transforming Hank to real life.
I never have watched King Of The Hill, but have known a few guys that look like this, nice job.
Lots of work bringing the character to real life. Making this a POTD

Funny Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Cool guy Tom Hanks helps sell Girl Scout cookies
Member reactions:
Brilliant colors, depth, and caricature. One Nicely Constructed Image, with a refreshing attention to detail.
I'll take two boxes of Samoas
Just to darn adorable, fantastic chop, congrats on the win.

Funny Miss Hanks

Miss Hanks
Member reactions:
Oh my, he makes a funny looking women, good job.
He looks like some rocker dude from the 80s.

Funny Hanks Spacey

Hanks Spacey
Member reactions:
Excellent edit

Funny Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Member reactions:
Not a good source picture as it's too blurry. But it's interesting to have the beard abruptly stop. Looks somewhat natural. Good choice.

Funny Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Funny Hanks And Bullock Recreate the Piano Dance

Hanks And Bullock Recreate the Piano Dance
Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreate the "Piano Dance" from "Big" on a British television show.
Member reactions:
Love the colorful and musical chop.... crazy hanks dancing with sandra... Its Piano Dance again rocks the night clubs in Britain
You played this chop by the notes, so to say. And the doggie is singing, everyone is so happy.
Thanks raj. Thanks, eric. Thanks, Newsy. Yes, music soothes everyone.

Funny No More Junk Food For Tom Hanks

No More Junk Food For Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and was told to watch his diet.
Member reactions:
If you have Diabetes you can watch all kind of food but can't eat it really crazy
No more Twinkies for him. Love the food tables you have in the background. He said he had diabetes since he was 36 I think... so he waited all these years to tell us.
Thanks, everyone. Yeah, he kept it a secret, Newsy.
Great chop Doc., Yeah, I'm type two as well. Just found out last year but suspected I might have a tendency for quite some time. I still eat crap that is bad for me but a lot of better foods as well. Congrats on the bronzie cup.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, the diet. Thanks, Andrew.

Funny Tom Hanks Mixed with Bashar Assad

Tom Hanks Mixed with Bashar Assad

Funny Tom Hanks and Bashar Assad Mixed Together

Tom Hanks and Bashar Assad Mixed Together
Run, Assad, Run.

Funny Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks, or simply "Hanx" as he's known to his over 2 million Twitter followers celebrated his 55th birthday past Saturday. Hanx has given dozens of great performances over his career from his Oscar-winning turns in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump to his voice work in the ridiculously successful Toy Story franchise. It hasn't been the best of Julys for Tom - after all, "Larry Crowne" fizzled with both critics and audiences - but that should change now that he's turned 55 which is a lucky number. To celebrate the 55th birthday of Tom Hanks, photoshop him any way you wish.

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