Tom Hanks Portrait
Tom Hanks Portrait
Tom Hanks Portrait. Based on Munch's self-portrait

Funny Tom Hanks in Kiss Makeup

Tom Hanks in Kiss Makeup

Funny Tom Hanks Vampire

Tom Hanks Vampire
see large.

Funny Tom Hanks the Baby

Tom Hanks the Baby
Member reactions:
Nicely done . . . great Hanks face to use . . .

Funny Private Tom Hanks Caricature

Private Tom Hanks Caricature
Member reactions:
Very, very nicely done...but's VIEW...FULL VIEW.
Wonderful work. It's strange seeing Tom Hanks with a ciggie though, I'm not sure if his character in that movie smoked . . . Great job on the smoke though, as always

Funny Tom Hanks Mixed with Steven Spielberg

Tom Hanks Mixed with Steven Spielberg
Member reactions:
Great melding of the two men. It's a little too much Spielberg for this particular contest, but it's awesome.
Icy....I completely disagree with you wholeheartedly, but thanks anyway.
MORE TOM LESS SPIELBERG. All tom Hanks except hair, beard and glasses.

Funny Tom Hanks the Clown

Tom Hanks the Clown

Member reactions:
Great choice of source and design. Very well done.
very creative.... really like the colors and clown makeup
Good photoshop work very creative job done
well done, like the touches, and complementary roses were cute
well done, like the touches, and complementary roses were cute
I like the edit, how you turned him into mime. Maybe he should play in the silent films
Bronze congrats, Pree. Eerie but lovely at the same time.
this was my fave good, just love the way you made his hair...and good...congrats on the bronze girl...
Congratulations. Very appealingly-innovative concept.
Congrats Premiememe. A job I love a lot .
thanksss. everyone... and yes newsmaster i was so happy iwas able to submit it,, feed the kids ,,then finish up.
Congrats Pree, indeed, the ( Pree ) touch can't be mistaken
Congrats on the bronze, Tom looks so lovely with make up and red hair Beautiful work.

Funny Tom Hanks Apollo 13

Tom Hanks Apollo 13
Member reactions:
Great design. Looks like the illustration for a Science Fiction magazine.
nice, good one especially face texture like it
nice, good one especially face texture like it
Just curious...why do you have him smoking.
Awesome job Pix...Just love it...congrats on the woody mate...
Congrats PixJockey for this excellent job .
beautiful, the skin tuning is perfect. Congrats Pix-man.
Very good, like the old poster look. Congrats on the wood

Funny Beautiful Tom Hanks Portrait

Beautiful Tom Hanks Portrait
Member reactions:
hahahahaha, now im laughing...awesome work...
Spacing between words would help.He makes an ugly woman but, your artistry is good.

Funny Tom Hanks Toy Story Tribute

Tom Hanks Toy Story Tribute
Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson
Member reactions:
FREAKING GREAT. Now let me think...who could have done this. Bwahahahahah.
Perfection ... even Rita's hair. And the numbers. Great, great, great ...
This could be the one all the best its perfect
Beyond any compliments... freaking perfect.
Gold congrats, Mr. S. Well deserved, I might add. ...what a score.
Good stuff Salis..awesome gold gold...
Sometimes I get depressed when I see the high level of works on this site, especially yours, but that's what allows me to progress. Congratulations Salis .
thanx a lot folks for the votes and comments Paul, WoW Indeed .. BOULPIX, you said it your self, somehow we motivate each other to go up a level .. that's the beauty of FN
Looks perfect, it could be a great movie poster. Golden congrats, very beautiful
Nuttin' short of brilliance. Congrats on the gold, Salis.
the best of the best u're always my number one, salis congrats =)

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