Hanging out in New York!!!
Hanging out in New York!!!
Hanging out in New York!!!. Hanging out in New York. Member reactions:
Hilarious like the small hot lady in its hand

Funny Hanging with Snoop Dogg

Hanging with Snoop Dogg
. Member reactions:
or as they say in the Pacific NW: "Keep Clam." ( Ivar Haglund...)
That's a big party. But what about girls .
Lol. Girls cook. These 2 are baking. Lol
That Dogg don't hunt...but he does smoke. Nice work Toledo

Funny Still Hung Up On Bill

Still Hung Up On Bill
. Member reactions:
Monica looks in-fat-uated hahahahah Great job hidden.
Doc.. You deserve the win. I got too many repairs. Congrats on a funny one and the cup
Great work on this, that's a lot of Lewinsky and congrats on the win.

Funny Hanging With Steadman & Tom

Hanging With Steadman & Tom
. Member reactions:
Great comedy. Tom looks like an evil elf here
Her freaky white hair and fatty looks is so real, and crazy freak buddies are so comic
Love the low angle view---and lots to look at. Congrats JS.
Excellent work, congratulations for the bronze.

Funny Hang Ten

Hang Ten
. Member reactions:
I added Plum Island to the board ,,its an Island of of long Island ,N.Y.,, that is government owned ,, PPl say they do experiments there :o...
Nice hodgepodge Pree Congrats on the bronze
Remind me to stay out of the water when this guy is catching a wave..... Very Cool Pree.

Funny Hang Over IV

Hang Over IV
. Member reactions:
Great job... Todd Philips would love to see this .... a great idea and an awesome makeover of Hangover Part 4 and a wonderful Quote used in the title well done
Out-freaking-standing.The frozen angry monkey here seals the deal for me
This is FABULOUS, I gave it top marks and am not surprised it won .. great work.. CONGRATULATIONS..
Thanks, Doc, Geriatric and Icy.
Congrats on the gold, Mr. X.How nice to see you again.
Hi teacher Xaos. Excellent chop.... Very happy to see ... Congratulations.
Thanks. Newsy, PSMandrake, JimShorts and Luna.

Funny The Hanging Tree

The Hanging Tree
Hang'em High. A Corn Thief, He Was..Props to Ron MueckBest Enlarged View Stock Images. Member reactions:
Magnificent blending - looks like an authentic painting, reminds me of Dali.
Thanx NM. You Nailed my Intent.
ha ha very nice thinking very well executed..
Creative... And u like ur concept.perfect
Thank YouBalo... Glad U like it.Thanks very much Silver-conical-tooth...
Gee I want so much to chop a pot of dumplings, just in case the rope breaks.
Thanks Gummy....I'm off work early and lurking. Thought I'd harass...a...err I mean..chat with some of the other contestants. Sounds Like your ready for a Thanksgiving meal...
You nailed Dali all right... without the insanity Very nice creation and well done on the cup
Thanks Hits.Insanity.....knew I was forgetting something.I'll work on that.
Congratulations. have a nice Dead-Bird-Day.
Thanks Geri..and to you the same.....Thanks Paul..Happy Turkey-Day....
Congrats on the bronze, SS.Gobble Goggle.
This is fantastic work, SS. I like it, and love it. Greaaat jooob.
Thanks News'em...Thanx much KTO...Thanks Everyone for all your great comments and Votes....****I Wish You A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day...
Loved this chop... Im a Dali lover, well Dali liker.. Congrats mate...
....Thanks Goat....Dali may have been a lunatic, but that abstraction conveyed so well, is probably what's so alluring about his works.

Funny Bears n Cougars Hanging out

Bears n Cougars Hanging out
Why be enemies. Lets hang out, get a shake and some fries maaan..A bit sloppy- as it was made with online photo editor.http://pixlr.com/editorEverything looked okay but I can see a bunch of "issues" that appeared when saving the file.. distortion and smudges. Ill leave it as is however.. Member reactions:
Quality work with online photo editor, but why not use normal software like Photoshop.
NewsMaster; I do use Photoshop, but I happened to be at....work... during a quiet day and got bored.. haha.Online editors certainly is not my first choice... but this one does pretty good.
Great job.... well done in putting the animals as they are hangout in weekend with their stuff
Nice work for a "slack-time" endeavor. Your link would work if you follow the News contest instructions. I have a headache every time I attempt to create a link but, I'm getting better at it.
Grea job considering basic software. I am in the same boat. I had photoshop but no more
Thank you all for your feedback- Always fun

Funny Waiting To Be Hung

Waiting To Be Hung
. Member reactions:
A Magnificent job. Full view is a must see.
Silver congrats, hobbit. You always nail these.
Congratulations Hobbit. Once again super Out Of Bounds work.
Another beauty from the master of OOB paintings.Congrats on the silver, hobbit.

Funny Waiting To Be Hanged

Waiting To Be Hanged
Please View Full. Member reactions:
Really amazing.... all the out of bound jobs really amazed to see the sweeping lady and Mirror Girl

Funny Hanging Out

Hanging Out
Photoshop this hanging out image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: making this hanging out boy perform some stunts, showing creative ways to use this hanging out image in advertisements, art, putting this boy into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Tom Denham and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny William Hung

William Hung
Design William Hung Album CD cover, or photoshop him singing with famous artists.

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